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A glass of old wine, soulful poetry, soothing music and hands full of dream— a person with a class craves for all, but, entertainment is still incomplete without a classic movie. And since it’s the digital world, we all crave for that experience in the comfort of our living rooms. In this fast pacing world, cinema has become accessible through all digital channels and gadgets, but we still need that place where we can quench our thirst for class. is that very platform where you can discover your peace of mind which can be obtained through that piece of celluloid recreated on a digital medium.



A curated platform for Cult, Classic and Independent Cinema, is the most genuine community of silver screen lovers. The website bestows you with sheer entertainment in the coziness of their couch. It amalgamates all the top-notch movies that are appreciated with great critics under one roof to give you the pleasure of a worthy storyline. partners with experts from the film-fraternity who sincerely recommend it to any and everyone who craves for entertainment.


How it works?      

MuvizzYou can surf the website according to the according to the awesome-threesome mediums of the movie, genre an actor. The films are available in an array of languages ranging from Hindi and English to even regional. has been categories with a drop down menu into 5 different sections.

MuvizzFrom the national award winning movies and short films to some of the best documentary films (including history documentaries and music documentaries) and regional ones in languages like [highlight]Bhojpuri, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali and Marwadi[/highlight] to the evergreen movies of all-times featured on their website, you have cinema from a whole lot of extraordinary genres to explore.

Usage Slots:-

Free Trial: provides a one week trial to the new users. You receive an unlimited access to the subscription catalog for a week that too with minimal advertisements. And the cherry on the cake is that everything is seamlessly accessible on all devices. All you gotta do is apply the promo code “[highlight]MUVIZZ30[/highlight]” here.

Subscription: After the 1 week of free trial, you will have unlimited access to the site in just [highlight]Rs. 299 per month[/highlight] that is just approximate to the monthly cable bill of an average household. That reasonable is the deal in your comfort zone which wouldn’t need you to spend those big bucks in theatre.

Pay per View: If you are someone who likes to seal the deal then you should opt for the Pay Per View movies option of All it takes is to simply pay for the movie you want to see that too at just [highlight]Rs 62/- per film[/highlight]. It’s just a one-time payment and you can watch the movie anytime within the next 3 days.


So, sit back Symphonites, and just logon to through your web server to delve into that unlimited dose of classic entertainment. 🙂


Picture Courtesy: All images have been taken from the official website of !

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  • Saru

    Looks pretty cool for movie buffs. Will try and check if it works here in US.

  • Quite interesting, this one 🙂

  • Interesting! Thank you for introducing.

  • This is actually kinda neat. Something like putlocker where you can watch online I presume. It is really good that these sort of sites are coming up. I shall check it out 🙂

    • Indeed, this is a great concept for movie buffs Vinay. 🙂 Thanks!

  • sounds so cool… I must try this site 🙂

  • Sounds like a great site for movie buffs. Will check it out…the friend list is really enviable!

  • Purba Chakraborty

    Wow! This sounds so cool. Will definitely check out the website. Thanks for sharing sweetie 🙂

  • Seems to be a good deal. The cost per month is just buying one cinema ticket for the whole family for a month. Pay per ticket is also cool. Thanks for the info.

    • Very aptly understood Fayaz. I’m glad you liked the concept. 🙂