Look up Story: My journey of being Positive amidst negativities!

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Who says that optimism only begins with positivity? My Look up story began from the dark and cruel realities of the world where I didn’t have even a single ray of hope but was surrounded with negativities all over. As nobody can camouflage fire, lightening cannot be stopped no matter how dense and dark the clouds are. And, my look up story evolves out of pessimism to optimum optimism.

How I began with my Look up story!

I was born in an orthodox family where girls were compelled to marry in their teens. I too, had to tie the knot at a tender age of 18 and my wishes of getting higher education were shattered. But here’s how I fought with the stereotypes of society to fulfill my dreams.

The struggles behind my Look up story!

It was kind of an unwanted pregnancy for me because I was preparing for my graduation and was too young to take the responsibilities. I requested or rather begged my in-laws to help me avoid that unavoidable situation. But my mom-in-law strictly refused saying that being a mother is hundred times more important than my education. I used to literally pray God to help me get rid of that baby.

The weird side of my Look up story!

Then on that fateful day, my mom-in-law took me to the gynecologist for a city scan. They were talking something secretly and the doctor said during the scan— “It’s a girl.” Mom-n-law immediately told me— “You wanted to avoid it, so go ahead and terminate her.” But the moment I saw those two little hands moving on that monitor, I yelled aloud— ‘NO’. I stood against female foeticide as well as hypocrisy and thanked God for my unanswered prayers. I was ‘born again’ that day, when I gathered the strength of motherhood as well as womanhood.

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How the life changed in my Look up story!

The color that changed my life for good forever was a ray of hope, a luminescent light coming out of that ultrasound monitor during my city scan. At that very moment, the light and the vision of that monitor turned out into a spectrum for me. I found all the colors of my life in that spectrum, those seven colors of rainbow (VIBGYOR) filled my life with strength, courage, determination, wisdom, thoughtfulness, truth and love. I got the power to say ‘No’ and recognized my inner strength to stand against female foeticide, gender inequality and hypocrisy.

How I took stand to create my Look up story!

I fought against my family to bring that innocent life in this world and struggled harder and harder to achieve my dreams despite their noncooperation. Today, I’m a proud and educated mother of 2 grownup and successful daughters whose achievements give me a reason to smile. Being a successful journalist, now I fight for the rights of women and moreover make my daughters realize, the power of education. It was neither white nor black side of life, I realized that day while fighting with my own family that the color grey had filled my life with those vivid hues giving me a new lease of life!

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The change in me through my Look up story!

That day, I encountered a moment of optimism where my life began with a ray of hope! Though I was not sure, yet the day brought in immense positive energy where I was willing to snatch stars for my daughters’ glory and fetch the moon to enlighten the dark around me. It was indeed a mere start of my ‘Look Up story’ which was filled with optimism and positivity and I yet have ‘miles to go before I sleep’.   :’)

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