My Inspiration, my Mother & her Impact on my life!

Team The Style Symphony

Everyone needs an inspiration whose impact changes their life from ordinary to extraordinaire. In my life, there are many people to whom I owe my life. Teachers, friends, parents, relatives, siblings, all of them influence me less or more, but the person whose impact is the most on my life is definitely my Mom who has shaped me from rugged to fine and from rotten to ripe. All the mothers in this world create an impact on their kids, but what my Mom has done to me is indeed special. I have expressed her impact on my life in the form of a poem.

Team The Style Symphony impact

She has the most powerful impact on my life;
My Backbone, my Support, my ultimate Strength.
She’s the one who has lead me from darkness to light,
It’s time to cherish with the world, those memories spent!
Can’t ever forget those valuable lessons that she shares
My Doctor, Teacher, she’s my Supervisor for whom I care.
She is the one, who’s loving and kind.
And often she knows what’s going in my mind.
She’s someone who listens, suggests and defends,
Yes, she falls in the category of my best friends!
She’s proud of my triumphs, but when things go wrong
She acts patiently, she’s helpful and strong.
She earns through love, the more endearing name
And I find womanhood, just the same.
In all that I do, her love plays the part
There’s always a place for her deep in my heart <3
Yes, she is none other than my caring ‘MOTHER’.
She is an epitome of attitude and grace,
In her presence, I don’t ever have to bother!
I can still sacrifice anything for that smile on her face
Every moment becomes ecstatic when she is around,
No mother, better than her could be found
She is the woman with a pure soul, my dearest mother,
She is the one who provides wings to my resting feathers.
As they say, ‘Beauty is skin deep’, so is my Mother’s,
Whose words of wisdom, portray her inner grace
Her tender touch of care, love and compassion
Are enough to bring a smile on a millions faces
Now that’s called the Real Beauty;
One that could make other’s happy with its existence
She’s one woman who still looks so pretty
Her intelligence exhibit her inner Aura and Radiance
My Mother’s beauty is in the way she smiles,
Her charm could be seen in her gleaming eyes
She is the woman of substance, Suave and Sophisticated.
She embodies feminism with confidence regenerated
Her persona still emits a divine fire
That ignites my mind and illuminates my soul
Yes! Empathy is what true beauty desires
Charismatic is her personality as a whole.
A successful Daughter, a benevolent Mom, she is a great wife
Thus, I would like her to be crowned as the ‘person of most impact’ in my life!


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  • And that is an awesome tribute 🙂

  • Avinash Mishra

    This is the best poem cum dedication. I loved it a lot and it touched deeper core of my heart. Bravoo…zabardast…shandar…zindabad

    Best dedication ever. MAA tujhe salam.

    I dedicate this poem to my mothers too.

    Good one Maitreni.

    Best wishes

    • Hehe..Thank you so much for the oodles of appreciation Avinash 🙂

  • what a wonderful tribute from a beautiful daughter to her ever loving mother… 🙂

  • Purba Chakraborty

    Aww such a beautiful and heart warming poem dear that’s brimming with the purest emotions 🙂 Lovely.

  • And what could a mother need more than this! I read on, keep on reading this twice and thrice. This is the best way to respect mother in this entire world, no gift would replace this and nothing can be compared to a mother’s love. Sangeeta ji is one of those lucky persons on earth, who receives the love from a child and her children is the reason to rejoice. God gave humans the gift of speaking, we praise, express our gratitude and love in the form of words, animals and plants have the same life, but only humans can connect with words. And using those words, making a mother happy is the best and blessed thing in the entire world. Maybe generations change, mother’s love will be stable for ages and ages. This is superb poem to tell the world how much you are inspired by your mother. Great Post Maitreni :)):))

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Prasanna. 🙂 It’s a bliss to read your entire comment and makes me confess that as a Symphonite, you’re an asset for TSS. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being an inevitable part of TSS. 🙂