My Ode To Platinum Won Me The Precious Metal!

Hi friends,

Here I’m sharing my joy of winning a Platinum Pendant and moreover my story being published in the esteemed magazine, Femina. The contest was organized by Femina and sponsored by Platinum Day of Love.

Here’s the contest question & my Platinum story as an entry to it! 🙂


 “Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality!”~ Rightly said by Emily Dickinson. Love is everlasting yet ethereal, so is Platinum, as, time cannot fade or tarnish the lustre of platinum, the purest of all metals. Love is the strongest bond which is pure, dainty and impetuous and platinum perfectly compliments its timeless spirits as its delicate appearance contradicts its tough strength. Even a lifetime of wear, does not cause any harm to the precious metal. Platinum’s rarity is what makes it distinctive and exclusive, just as love, which resides in the heart’s of all yet is unusual and one-of-a-kind. 
Platinum holds diamonds in its cluster, as if immense love subsists in my heart ; but how do I retain it in this fast compelling world without getting lost in the crowd ? The purity and intensity of love is there, but where do I stand with someone or even alone ? I feel, platinum is the metal that can be elegantly designed, styled and crafted to suit each occasion which defines my personality and relates me to my identity, even with that special someone in my life. Sophisticated yet simple, a jewel crafted in the purest platinum denotes expression of oneness celebrating the relationship which is enigmatic yet strong. A jewel studded with diamonds provides the comfort and class which is eternal to me. This feeling of a sustained relationship and identity is what platinum endows me with. 
Precious platinum is the perfect choice to celebrate impetuous love as it is beautiful, versatile and elegant. It does not get worn out and holds precious stones firmly and securely as love that is inviolable which withstands all hurdles, survives against all odds and prevails till eternity. 
May love survive till death do us part, and beyond that for my platinum should pass on to generations to come ! 


My dedication to platinum is :-  “Style, poise, posture and sophistication, that’s the adaptation of a true platinum woman” !
Here’s the Femina 25th Dec, 2013 issue in which my story was published. 😀

ode to platinum

A few glimpses of the breathtakingly beautiful pendant from Platinum Day of Love! 🙂 Cheers!


platinum pendant

Last but not the least, a ME for my Platinum Day of Love ^_^


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  • gunavathy ghun jain

    very nice sweet words 🙂

  • Vineeta

    Very well written. No wonder you nailed it!:-)

    • Thanks a bunch Vineeta. 🙂 Glad you gave a read. Cheers!