#MyFilmyMom as Classy, as Nagging, as Maya Sarabhai

Maya Sarabhai mothers day #MyFilmyMom

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“Faster than a sugar amped toddler, more powerful than any tantrum and able to read the thoughts of sneaky children everywhere”— that’s how the world perceives a filmy mom. And mine is no less with the very characteristics possessed by the posh and urban Maya Sarabhai from [highlight]Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai[/highlight]. 😬

Clothes, shoes and accessories might make them look pretty, but what makes my mom an extraordinarily simple, sophisticated yet stylish one is her dressing sense that too alike Maya Sarabhai. The way she can carry a silk sari with a pair of diamond studs or a chiffon saree with chunks of pearls, she can give complex to all those fashionistas adorning designer wear. From those happening sleeveless collared blouses to the classy three quarter ones, she can carry anything and everything with sheer aplomb the way Maya Sarabhai does. At the age of 48, #MyFilmyMom can outshine the younger brigade with her understated elegance that conquers their over-the-top opulence.

Maya Sarabhai mothers day #MyFilmyMom

Ironically, not just my mom but both my parents are a perrrfect example of the Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai couple. 😈 And look at this, while my dad doesn’t give a damn and is not at all sheepish of showing his clumsy persona to the world like Indravadan Sarabhai, my ‘over-sophisticated’ Maya-like mom even conceals herself so that the crowd cannot ‘lip-read’ her telephonic conversations. 😛

Maya Sarabhai mothers day #MyFilmyMom
PS: Hope dad is not watching this! 😂

Maya Sarabhai mothers day #MyFilmyMom

And even my Mom’s witty digs are akin to Maya Sarabhai! 😉 While she utters with exasperation, it’s that starter which ultimately turns into the dessert— I can neither swallow it nor spit it, rather bound to live with it! 😛 On this Mother’s Day eve, here’s a sneak peak of how her care and concern for me reflects in her sardonic lectures…

  • “Keep your sweet tooth at bay! You’re not a chocolate chewing baby anymore! And, stop drinking ‘this’ much soft-drinks that it starts running in your veins instead of blood.”— That’s gastronomically middle class! 😂
  • “Omg! You’ve put on so much of perfume. Wanna break the ozone layer or what?” Nice perfume but seems you’ve marinated yourself in it”— That’s olfactorily middle class! 😂
  • “Why are you scared of weighing scale? Come let’s try together!” :-p All because of those potatoes, stop eating them… or else you’ll start looking like a potato someday and would fit only in your Dad’s clothes.” — That’s flabbily middle class! 😂
  • “Don’t forget that you’re my daughter. For God’s sake, stop behaving like your Grand Ma”— That’s anciently middle class! 😂
  • “Don’t act so dumb as if your IQ level and shoe size are the same! Looks like I overestimated the number of your brain cells!” 😛 — That’s infinitesimally middleclass! 😂
  • “I’ve bigger things on my mind than to think about your petty pimple, you see!” 😛 — That’s dermatologically middle class! 😂
  • “After all she is my daughter (when I do something nice). Have you learnt all this from your Dad? (When I do a mistake)— that’s genetically middle class! 😂
  • “I am proud that you are intelligent, but when you’d become wise?” 😀 — That’s mentally middle class! 😂
  • “Your hair resemble a broom… go and oil them immediately and don’t dare to shampoo until tomorrow!” — That’s tricologically middle class! 😂
  • “In our times, there was no internet. That’s why we turned out to be better people than you all.” 😛 — That’s periodically middle class! 😂

And to sum them all w.r.t. Maya Sarabhai …

“Let’s fight! You’ll take the grenade, I’ll take the pin;- then also you wouldn’t win! After all, I’m your mom stupid!” 😉


PS: Even our convos on social media portray her ‘Maya’ish personality! 😛

—  And those lethal sarcasms of hers actually give us need for that burnol tube right after! 🔥 Well just like Maya Sarabhai, #MyFilmyMom would never mince her words but definitely make all of us at home feel so middle class. And yes, she does break the stereotypes by making the mom-daughter saga absolutely hilarious. 😉

However, setting aside all her mockery, #MyFilmyMom is a classic case of a ‘coconut’. No matter how much she refrains from expressing her emotions, she loves me to bits. At times, she may get really stern about the way I lead my life, but nevertheless, she does understand me to the core if we communicate. 😇

mothers day #MyFilmyMom

Alas! These ‘Maya-made’ Side-Effects of [highlight]#MyFilmyMom[/highlight] along with a million more after-effects are those sweet and sour flavors that spice up our relation despite the generation gap making it a full-on 10/10 drama brimming with chaotic experiences and above all the catharsis of having the sweetest mother-daughter bond. 😀

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    Loved the “middle class” euphenisms you injected in this article! Congrats on the win!!

  • It gave me good laugh that I needed the most this time. Perfect sense of humour. That lip-reading line… Thanks for this light, entertaining, and yet full-of-emotions post. Have a happy mother’s day to three of you, including your sister. 🙂

    • hehe thanks a lot Ravish.. I’m glad the post could tickle down your funny bones 🙂

  • Sabyasachi Patra

    Enjoyed reading it. You seem to love and admire your mom a great deal. There is always much to learn from parents. The faster we can glean wisdom from them, better it is for us.

    • Thank you Sabyasachi 🙂 You summed it up so well. Welcome to TSS blog. 🙂

  • Trayee

    It was a pleasure read..You have presented it so beautifully..Sangeeta Ma’am is looking outstanding in red saree.

    • Thanks a lot Trayee and she’s be ‘aww’ed by your compliment. 😉

  • Nice read. Can’t say otherwise, but together you two look alike.

  • 🙂
    You look like sisters.
    Happy Mother’s Day to your mom, Maitreni. 🙂

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    I have never watched Sarabhai vs Sarabhai but through your writing so far i have come to know about the character Maya Sarabhai and the way you have depicted your Mom’s similarities with the character through words is really awesome, the presentation is very nice, specially loved the way you have presented “her sardonic lectures”.
    so far i knew about Sangeeta Ji is….she is really a very nice poetess and today i have come to know so many non-poetic sides of her.
    It was really a very nice read.

    • Haha thank u so much Jyotirmoy. So happy you liked it. Really it feels so glad to have some loyal readers like you who are sincere on our blog, read the posts thoroughly and comment so religiously. You are an asset for TSS. 🙂

  • Loved to read your post.

  • Purba Chakraborty

    Wow I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post dear. Witty and entertaining 🙂
    And Sangeeta Ma’am looks gorgeous in the pics <3

  • Abhijit Ray

    I love Maya Sarabhai of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai.