My Chip ‘n’ Dale & the mystery behind the stolen Terra Chips!

terra chips the style symphony

It was a slightly cold morning of 14th November and my Chip ‘n’ dale, (my nephews) were demanding for a kids’ party as it was International Children’s day. I call my two naughty nephews with the names of various cartoon characters, sometimes ‘Tom and Jerry’ and at times, Chip ‘n’ Dale. Though they fight with each other most of the time, yet it’s difficult to keep them apart. So, to please them, I planned a theme kids’ party for my naughty nephew duo with TERRA Chips along with some terrific dips.

Believe on me, this Children’s day was made the most memorable event for the kids and their friends, but turned out to be kind of unpleasant for me. I experienced the funniest theft ever in my house. While I was planning for the kids’ party in the morning and called all the parents to bring their kids along: all of them requested me for just one thing which was healthy snacking. Being a concerned parent and a health conscious person, I too try to initiate healthy eating habits in my kids and real vegetable chips are indeed the best choice for a kids’ party where the invitees are health conscious parents coming along with pampered naughty angels.

My Unique Terra Chips Experience!

We received a hamper of TERRA Chips containing three exquisite flavors— Original, Blue and Mediterranean. Made with exclusively sourced route vegetables and seasoned with sea salts, rich in essential minerals, Terra Chips incorporate all the health benefits of veggies. Apart from the distinct taste of the vegetables in each bite, these chips amalgamate the flavors of the veggies, the goodness of nutrients, and the richness of texture in each and every chip.

And not to forget, the vibrancy contained inside the pack, it’s indeed surprising that the vegetables have retained their original color despite being cooked. Each and every chip looks so colorful that the gourmet experience gets enhanced. The cherry on the cake is the fact is that these chips are not fried but roasted so, free of trans-fat. Since, Terra Chips are seasoned with sea salts, so doesn’t contain MSG. Naturally grown vegetables are used to develop these chips rather than using GMO veggies.

To enhance the Terra Adventure of the kids, I prepared some healthy, home-made dips to serve along with the chips as the party starters. I assembled vibrant looking tri-color dips made with skimmed curd that is quite healthy for kids as well as their parents.

Divine Dips for the Terrific Terra Chips!

DIP 1: The Sultry Saffron Dip              

Curd blended with blanched tomatoes, some red chilli powder and salt to taste!

DIP 2: The Wholesome White Dip                     

Curd blended along with coconut powder, sauted cauliflower and salt!

DIP 3: The Glossy Green Dip

Curd again blended with curry leaves, green chillies, raisins and some salt.

While I was preparing these healthy homemade dips to serve along with Terra Chips for the kids, I wanted a complete gourmet snacking experience for their parents too. So, it was quite mandatory for me to maintain the health quotient in the whole Terra Experience.

But my culinary experience turned out to be a chaotic one, when I discovered a pathetic theft while arranging the platter for the party. 2 out of the 3 packs of Terra Chips were missing. Gosh!… I was panicky and was thinking what to do. All was I left with was the flavor Original and the Terra packs of Mediterranean and Blue were stolen away.

Well, I served the only pack I was left with as starters and the kids’ party was quite a hit with my healthy dips and the healthier Terra Chips. But my Chip ‘n’ Dale came to my rescue in ‘Catch the thief of the Chip’ Mission. The mission is still going on as the ‘toons are turned into 007 kinda detectives to dig out the mystery behind the stolen chips packs. But, I’m happy to find a snack with optimum health benefits, that’s Terra Chips— the explosion of colors, textures, flavors and tastes, and that too, made out of real vegetables. 🙂

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