Oriflame Nature Secret Shower Gel with Invigorating Ginseng & Passion Fruit Review

Gone are the days when my washroom shelf had always a corner reserved for an air freshener. But it’s not needed at all now as after having a bath with Oriflame Nature Secrets Shower Gel with invigorating Ginseng and Passion Fruit, the lingering smell refuses to leave the washroom for long.


The Heavenly Fragrance of Passion Fruit

Where ever I go, the refreshing and energizing aroma of passion fruit follows me and that’s the key factor of this shower gel— it’s invigorating, sweet yet mood enhancing fragrance. Though, peripheral, the fragrance of passion fruit simply overpowers the essential ingredient, i.e. ginseng. Well, ginseng, known for its therapeutic properties does the job well and the results are showing on my skin.

gel bottle with loofa

Touch & Feel

My skin looks as supple and soft as it was never before. Oriflame Nature Secrets Shower Gel produces mild and moderate lather and my loofah dipped in it glides smoothly and works wonders on my skin. And what’s left behind that refreshing bath? An energized me with awakened olfactory and tactile senses with utmost pleasing feel and presence.

oriflame nature secrets shower gel



After using it just for a week, I’m able to see clear and visible results. When in haste, I sometimes forget to use the body lotions or moisturizers and don’t even feel any dryness, so no urge to use one. The texture of my skin also seems improved with adequate moisturization. This pH balanced, soap-free formula is quite skin-friendly and leaves no dryness, stretches, itchiness or irritation and I’m left with wondrous hydrated skin that looks and feels simply wow. And the results? Bathing time becomes a spa session and a rejuvenated me comes out of the dry shell. So if you really wanna pamper yourself, simply dive into sheer luxury, i.e., Oriflame Nature Secrets Shower Gel with invigorating Ginseng and Passion Fruit

back bottle gel

Pros & Cons of Oriflame Nature Secrets Shower Gel

Priced at Rs.379/-, Oriflame Nature Secrets Shower Gel is slightly pricey but seeing the results, I won’t mind going for another bottle. With all its great properties, I found it difficult to dig out demerits from the Oriflame Nature Secrets Shower Gel. According to me where it lacks, is it’s over moisturizing due to which it might be sticky for monsoons. What I feel is that it would be the best to beat the winter dryness.

So, girlies! Grab it here!

Overall ratings: 4.5/5

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