Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream SPF 20 Review

It was my transition period from becoming patchy to pretty! As every other girl-next-door, I too was fed up of those unwanted blemishes caused by harsh sun. Courtesy to those roaming sessions with college friends and later job hunting, my journey to even out those marks and get that oh-so-desirable skin ended up when I ordered this Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream with SPF 20 from Shopclues.

During those job hunting days, ‘twas unavoidable to step out in sun, so the only option left with me was to switch over to a cream with a decent sun protection factor, no less than 20.

Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream worked wonders on me and the results were clearly being seen when I got my appointment mail. A glowing me, brimming with joy and gleaming with clear skin, was happy to attain that lost confidence. 🙂

oriflame optimals even out day cream

  • Fast Results

Just after 45 days of usages, I realized about 50% reduction in my sun-tan. Not only the pigmentation, but also, the dryness of my facial skin was a forbidden story after using Oriflame Even Out for 4-6 months.

open cream bottle

  • Content & Texture

The beautiful glass jar contains 50 ml of white cream that is very smooth in texture and easily dissolves on the skin and gets absorbed in minutes leaving a fresh ultra-soft feel. The amount needed for a full face coverage is just double the ‘pee’ size portion for normal skin. So, a single jar lasts about 3 months if used by one person.

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  • I recommended Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream to my 15 year old teenage school going sis because she was facing extreme sun exposure resulting in heavily tanned forehead. She used it for 10 days and found it soothing but slowly, her skin burst out with pimples. So, I’d not suggest it for young skin, though no doubt, it performs best on mature skin.
  • Though, Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream has 3 years shelf life from the manufacturing date, it needs to be taken care during storage. When I was using it, I simply left it inside my washroom shelf and later I realized that it started smelling fowl because of the hot and humid atmosphere. So, I suggest you to store it inside the refrigerator after use.

Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream Comparisons

Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream meets all the quality norms and standards set by other brand biggies. However, I feel it’s slightly overpriced at Rs 790/- per 50 ml.

bottle back

Overall ratings: 4/5

Being a satisfied consumer, I am highly contented with the cream as I’m able enough to even out my flaws and regain my aplomb. 😀

Cheers to Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream! Check it out here: http://in.oriflame.com/products/product-detail.jhtml?prodCode=18826

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  • Stuti Tiwari

    Very well written. Never seen such an interesting and informative review on beauty products. Way to go! 🙂