Thursday , 25 May 2017
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Brillare Balancing Essentials Kit Review: The Science of MIXOLOGY

brillare skincare products

Recently we have received this balancing essentials kit by Brillare India, the skincare hamper containing cleanser, toner and sun-protection moisturizer. This kit provides a complete solution to my skincare regimen as it cleanses, hydrates, and protects our skin from morning till evening. We are using all of these 3 products since last 1 month and there are certainly clear and positive results visible on our facial skin. Recently, I received this balancing essential kit from @brillareindia a complete skin-care hamper ... Read More »

Mumbai Varanasi Express: 30 minutes of self-reflection

Mumbai Varanasi Express

Royal Stag Barrel Select has been providing opportunities to budding Movie Directors to express their creativity through short films on their YouTube channel. It has become a highly credible and viewed YouTube Channel with a niche audience who enjoy insightful and different cinematic works. After some amazing short-films like ‘Ahalya’, ‘Nayantra’s necklace’, ‘Interior Cafe’, ‘Ouch’, ‘Chutney’, ‘That Gusty Morning’, they have another inspiring cinematic piece of work by the name ‘Mumbai Varanasi Express’. Gorgeous actor and model and the winner ... Read More »

Abandoned: Haiku

~ Haiku ~                                                                       ~ Haiku ~ Forlorn summer nights, My heart sinks deep for banished callow mangoes! — Sangeeta Mishra Shared with Haiku Horizons, Prompt: ‘sink’ A Haiku is a Japanese poem traditionally comprising of seventeen syllables, in three lines of ‘five’, ‘seven’, and ‘five’, which evokes ... Read More »

Door: Haiku

door haiku

~ Haiku ~                                                                    ~ Haiku ~ I soothed my anger in a tranquil plunge to set free from enclosed doors! Free from enclosed doors, my soul rose from ignorance, and I resurrected! — Sangeeta Mishra A Haiku is a Japanese poem traditionally comprising of seventeen syllables, in three lines ... Read More »

My Sartorial Affair with #TigorStyleback: Tata Tigor Car Review

Tata Tigor Car Review #tigorStyleback the style symphony

Style is an inseparable part of a woman’s life. It reflects in her attitude and personality! That’s why she incorporates style in all her walks of life, be it, her home, workplace, outfit, food or any other aspect. Call her a fashionista, she will smile, but if you call her a style-icon she’ll make you smile. So when it comes to revamping her lifestyle, her car comes the first which adds to her flaunt factor. And what could be better ... Read More »

VLCC DNA Slim: A DNA based Weight-Loss Program for Smart Weight Watchers


Suffering from stubborn fat or reluctant to lose weight? Don’t feel guilty of yourself simply blame it to your DNA. Yes! Your DNA— Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid, the cell that makes you unique on this planet. This results in your body reacting differently than others despite living in the same atmosphere and habitat. Your DNA is the reason behind your putting on weight differently than others, who reside in the same climatic condition and have similar food. That’s why some people ... Read More »

Search: A Haiku Poem

search haiku

~ Haiku ~                                                                     ~ Haiku ~ Distressed, she crumbled herself into rash fragments A woman de-stressed! She assembled her broken bits with artistry, A woman survived! He broke her into pieces, she fixed all her bits, A woman reborn ! Amidst her split self, she searched ... Read More »

Online Consultation: Finding a solution for your physical problems!

online consultation

We live in an era where we are always rushing by the deadline. One of the biggest concerns of this timeline-bound generation is a lack of time for proper healthcare. Whether we fall sick or something may be bothering our health for a while, it is often ignored considering the entire hassle of physically consulting a doctor. Getting an appointment with a specialist can often be difficult, not to forget that they may not be available at all times. Fortunately, ... Read More »

Handloom Sarees: A tasteful choice for the classy woman!

handloom sarees banarasi sarees

9 yards of unstitched fabric draped with optimum finesse, resulting in that added elegance to the wearer— that’s saree, a complete sartorial experience! A saree brings out the best of a woman’s beauty regardless of her age, shape, height or weight. It’s such a garment that camouflages a woman’s flaws and enhances her fabulousness as well. India has a rich culture and heritage of sarees, exclusively hand-woven by master-craftsmen from all over the country. These exquisite masterpieces were conceived eras ... Read More »

The Space Crusader: #ColgateMagicalStories

Children are natural flyers and they live in their own zero gravity zones of creativity and nothing can weigh them down from soaring high. Their creativity propels them to the zenith’s height, from where they refuse to get back to the ground reality. These qualities make them the astronauts in true sense, light in weight but grave with potential. My 3 and a half years old nephew Adwik is a story-teller, a chatter-box! He floats in his own space but ... Read More »

ये कैसी होली? : A Tanka on Holi


ये कैसी होली? मैंने रंगेपुते चेहरों की हर भाषा पढ़ ली सत्ता के दम्भ में रंगी होली, बस उनकी हो ली |   रंगरूटों ने फिर पहने, अजनबी चेहरे ये कैसी होली? हमने अपने अरमानों की होलिका जला ली |   हरे, पीले और लाल ऑर्गेनिक उनके गुलाल कृत्रिम रंगों से जलकर लाल होगये हमारे गाल उफ़! ये कैसी होली !   This poem is a satirical portrayal of the current political scenario where the new recruits are changing their ... Read More »

Pause, Unplug and Plug To Unblock Your Writer’s Block

Golfer's shot whiskey

Thanks to the widespread use of technology, we are exposed to a loooooht of information. There is so much information that it boggles the mind, especially as a writer, and sometimes it becomes the main reason behind a writer’s block. Shocking isn’t it? You thought that there is nothing more perfect than a well-researched article because you have access to inexhaustible resources, but then how do you pick what fits the bill of your article when there is a world ... Read More »

तिनकों के सहारे: A Woman on Women’s Day!

raja ravi verma painting

A very happy Women’s Day to all of you! To all the daughters, sisters, mothers, my post is dedicated to all those women who are unsung, unheard. Hope you all have received wishes of Women’s Day from all over by now. 8th of March comes and goes every year. We receive appreciations, applause, wishes and gifts every year, celebrate the day like any other festival, and then go back to our shackled routine lives. We feel great being women. We ... Read More »

Buying your dream car before turning 25 isn’t a Holy grail anymore!

SIP the style symphony maitreni mishra with dream car

“Wish I could buy my dream car before I turn 25”— many youngsters, today, have more or less similar dreams. Be it, the car of your choice or house or world tour, you always want to fulfill your dreams within a time-frame and mindset, as some dreams lose their charm if you cross the time limit. So, it’s better to save and invest regularly before it’s too late. But, is it enough to invest in haste? Certainly, not! If you’re ... Read More »

Exclusively Designed Salwar Kameez Suits to suit your Ethnicity!

bridal salwar kameez craftsvilla

Indian women love traditional attires, and salwar kameez is one of the most popular Indian dresses that is also favourite among women of other Asian countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. But now this women’s wear has gained more adoration in the recent decades and both young and old women now like to wear this comfortable dress in their daily life. At Craftsvilla, you can find numerous designs of this convenient attire that you can wear on various occasions. ... Read More »

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