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The 4 A’s of Happiness and Contentment through Meditation!


Human life is all about seeking love, success, power, happiness and much more. It’s an endless search that yields little except constant dissatisfaction. There is, of course, a simple solution that has been reiterated over centuries, but it requires an effort that very few of us seem willing to make. The answer to my continuous quest for happiness lies in finding the Almighty and I find Him through meditation. DIVINE CONNECTION Meditation holds the key because it is the way ... Read More »

Hospitals in Delhi: Scenario of Health Care in Private Sector

private hospitals in delhi

The Hospitals in Delhi are designed for supplying highest quality treatment with the very best infrastructure. Some of the best nursing homes in Delhi are recognized due to their immense skilled expertise specializing in a multitude of medical genres like cardiology, paediatrics, orthopedics, cardiology, gynecology, neurology and what not. Healthcare in India is a boom when it comes to private hospitals in Delhi. The division of leading private hospitals in Delhi are well-coordinated by a massive group of senior experts. ... Read More »

DOWRY: A Social Issue to Worry, be Sorry and to Bury!

Despite all the restrains, dowry system still exists in our society no matter how educated the men and women are. We wonder why money matters in an impetuous bond called marriage! If we would be given a chance to make a change, we’d like to change the age-old social scenario which is prevalent in the ‘mindset of Indian male’ where men treat themselves as commodities in the market of marriage. Here’s the expression of a woman being dragged to this ... Read More »

Together we did it on that fateful day…

together with pet dog

‘Twas a dark gloomy night and only the four ladies were together at home as the man of the house was on his trip to Singapore. We, the mom daughter trio along with our darling baby Bambi, the two years old ‘she’ German Shepherd, were though at our comfort zones yet feeling a bit scared as it was a complete blackout in our colony. It was even drizzling that day with a little lightening too. Seemed, the news of ours ... Read More »

Style reinvented with Lakme School of Style Videos!

lakme school of style

Gone are the days of royalties when the girls had to spend years in finishing schools and rigorous hours in grooming classes to get that suave style and sophisticated edge. Now, it’s the era of the modern woman who has multiple tasks to perform, million goals to achieve and even more ways to fulfill her dreams. The generation ‘X’ (next) woman, whether riches or rags has no much time to spend on learning style while she knows it’s vital for ... Read More »

The Denim Dare: Reviving 70’s Denim Trends in Spring Summer 2015

brand factory denim trends

Denim does it because fashion makers are going all out to redefine casual dressing for the spring summers 2015 with the classic favorites. The Style Symphony suggests a new revival of jeans in the denim trends this time with a 70’s spin along with some contemporary twists and turns. It’s not that people are chucking out their khakis and formals, chiffons and georgettes, brocades and silks but attention has definitely shifted to denim styles from the cool 70’s. Though this ... Read More »

The Journey of being Steer-Clear of Smoking to #StartANewLife!

anti smoking

“Aah… Daddy it’s not at all good for you! Why don’t you leave it forever? Can’t Mom, sis and me become your companions? Yes Dad! Throw that deep inside the rivers! Daddy please!, please, please… :'( followed by countless teardrops with those innumerable requests! Dreams are dreams but if you dare to dream them, they really do come true! Quite similar was a little dream prevailing deep within a ‘toddler me’ who always lived with that tiny question in her mind— “Will ... Read More »

Tête-à-Tête with a Woman: From a Woman to a Woman!

Team TSS Woman

The Style Symphony is all about speaking a woman’s heart. What could be less than the Women’s Day to share a woman’s sorrows, happiness, agonies and ecstasies! On the eve of this Women’s Day, we at  TSS  express our heartfelt decorous emotions of being women and celebrate womanhood. Even our logo evokes a woman’s intrinsic desire of looking beautiful while possessing a soul that is more than beautiful. Hope each of our women readers could associate with it! 🙂 Here’s how ... Read More »

Happy Baby Dry Baby and No more a Cry Baby!

happy baby

She was a happy baby, always loved to be drenched. Whether it was everyone’s love for her or the showers for hours long, then only she was quenched. A few days back I shared my baby’s bedtime rituals with you, now is the time to go with happy baby moments! 😀 Yes! Most of the babies love their shower time but no one likes that moist feel of those all the more wet diapers. And, the biggest after-effect— Cry baby ... Read More »

Look up Story: My journey of being Positive amidst negativities!

Look Up stories Housing

Who says that optimism only begins with positivity? My Look up story began from the dark and cruel realities of the world where I didn’t have even a single ray of hope but was surrounded with negativities all over. As nobody can camouflage fire, lightening cannot be stopped no matter how dense and dark the clouds are. And, my look up story evolves out of pessimism to optimum optimism. How I began with my Look up story! I was born ... Read More »

ASUS Zenfone: Best gift to express your unconditional love!

ASUS Zenfone unconditional love

To all those gadget geeks cum fashion freaks out there, here’s an ethereal bliss you can’t say no to! When it comes to gifting our loved ones be it, on special occasions or otherwise, we often get so confused. Isn’t it? But in today’s Hi-tech era where the world needs to always be on the move all the way on the go, nothing could be your savior in disguise than a smartphone from ASUS. Ever thought a gadget could buy ... Read More »

Radiant by All Good Scents to Bring out the Radiance in You!

All Good Scents Radiant Review

“You shouldn’t have to have money, to have a luxury fragrance”— Lady Gaga said it right and All Good Scents have added significance to it. Radiant— an affordable Eu-De-Toilette, that is formulated to suit every pocket with a fragrance that smells Heaven, proves the scented facts all the more true. RADIANT: A scent with a sense! Radiant is a perfume which is created for the diva in you who lives inside every girl-next-door. An EDT which combines all the three ... Read More »

My Dream Ride through the Eyes of a Friend, Philosopher & Guide!


A warm hello to all dreamers out there! Lets begin our Sunday on a thoughtful note. Each of us has some or the other really special people in our life who guide us selflessly in our steps to make us better individuals. Undoubtedly, that very Friend, Philosopher and Guide to me is my Mom who has given wings to my imagination inspiring me at every single stage of my life just so that I never ever settle down.  This post ... Read More »

Garnier Triple Nutrition Happy Hair Challenge: Rapunzel Story Revealed

Rapunzel Hair

This post was among the top 10 winning posts in #HappyHairChallenge by Garnier India! Garnier, Take care — And, I was taken care of! It was a month long journey of care, concern, pampering and nourishment and the Rapunzel in me was sorted. Garnier Triple Nutrition range was that fairy God mother who bestowed upon me a problem-free flair in my dark-lustrous hair. Mine was a Rapunzel story where my prince-charming begged to grab my braid [Though, in my imagination]. “Rapunzel, ... Read More »

Swap your car with the one better far on Quikr NXT!

online car classifieds

Hola ‘App’tastic Symphonites! Its not too late since when I discussed about the most hip-happening feature of one of the biggest esteemed Social Classifieds Networking Platform, Quikr. By the time, I’m sure you’re already aware of what all fantastic offerings Quikr NXT has in store for its online classifieds users. Today, Indiblogger through its Happy Hours, has given me a ‘wow’some opportunity to highlight one of the very prominent aspects of Indian classifieds that has to deal with cars. Well ... Read More »

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