Sunday , 25 June 2017
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Style File: Explore The Real Fashion Online

online fashion shopping

Fashion is always something that people are so obsessed with. Irrespective of age and gender, people love to look the most stylish all the time. They look for more colors; add more life and fun in their life, all which helps them in understanding the true color of fashion. To get dressed up in the most stylish way and to look the most beautiful among the many gathered is all what every girl/woman wish. Exploring new trends and the latest ... Read More »

Boroplus Antiseptic Cream & Total Results Body Lotion Review

boroplus cosmetics hamper

Spring is come with refreshing breeze of change! Though we all love everything about spring, those new leaves, fresh flowers, fragrance in the air, but what bothers us much is the change in our skin tone—Dry flakes, chapped lips, irritating red patches that resemble those dry leaves that are the by-product of spring. Boroplus healthy skin range is indeed a blessing in disguise to fight the signs of dryness during deadly season changes. Kudos to the house of Himani for ... Read More »

Inveda Products: Dare to care the natural way! Part 2

inveda products

Hola lovelies! In our last post we let you peek-a-boo with the latest addition in our natural beauty kitty, a lovely Inveda products hamper. For those who missed the blog post, here‘s the review of Inveda BB Cream Matt Colour and Inveda Glow face pack. Now time to have a sneak-peek of the remaining two in the Inveda products hamper with TSS’s exclusive experiences with Inveda Face Wash and Vedic Line Lip Salve. Not to let you confuse between the ... Read More »

Inveda Products: Dare to care the natural way! Part 1

inveda products

Gone are the days when the secrets of great beauty resided in our kitchen shelves and developed by Granny’s handy hints. It’s the era of Ayurvedic products created out of quality natural ingredients and developed in the state of the art labs with optimum care. Inveda products belong to the same genre of natural cosmetics that are produced to suit the sensitive Indians skin. The day I received this Inveda products hamper, I was quite curious to know whether it ... Read More »

Voucher Cloud: Your Chaperone to Coupons Paradise!

Voucher Cloud

Hola Shopaholics! In this fast pacing world where we all want to shop, shop and shop, until we drop, the globe has gone digital by now. I’m sure most of you are hard-core shopping freaks out there just like us who love to splurge on the finery of life. To all of us, Voucher Cloud is that blessing in disguise which is conceptualized to play our ultimate coupons guide. From online coupons to print coupons, Voucher Cloud bestows you with the ... Read More »

Bedtime Rituals for my Hush Baby and her Angelic Sleep!

pampers bedtime rituals

They say, “Sleep like a baby”, but it’s really disheartening when even babies have to face restless days and sleepless nights. No matter how more or less demanding the babies are but for that peaceful tight sleep they ask for your concern that is no less than a legacy. Here I want to share my bedtime rituals which were though very generic, but useful for my fussy baby. She was quite demanding so making her sleep quietly was quite a ... Read More »

Befikar Umar Bhar I am to Live Life Queen Size!

Befikar Umar Bhar

To me, life is a flowing spring, it shouldn’t be restrained for I want to be unstoppable, unsettled. But, responsibilities, commitments, restrictions (and what not) stop me to achieve my goals and are restrains in my happiness. Why not plan my life in such a way that I need no wings to fly in my sky-high aspirations. So what if my goals are not touching the zenith’s height, but why should I allow this dark devil world to drag me to ... Read More »

ASUS Zenfone: My Perfect Valentine to express Unconditional Love!

ASUS Zenfone

Hola lovelies! How many of you fall under the *exceptional* category of smart divas who’re “Single & L’ovin it”? 😉 Well, lemme tell you I’m smarter than you, mingled (with my smartphone) and then loving it! Courtesy to ASUS Zenfone; an adorable Valentine like never before! 😀 Well, well, well! If your mouths are mammoth open just to ask me for why the Heaven’s sake I don’t need a boyfriend, I’d still say when you own ASUS Zenfone, who cares ... Read More »

Prom Dresses Online to Pamper the Party Princess in You!

Hola fashionistas! Today, we’re gonna let you peek-a-boo with an uber-chic online fashion portal that offers a breathtakingly beautiful range of bridesmaid dresses in a vivid array of styles and colors. Their extensive collection satiates all your style sensibilities be they Prom Dresses: Long Prom Dresses or Short Prom Dresses. Their cocktail dresses are deemed to leave you dumbstruck! 🙂 We, at The Style Symphony, are here to let you dig into the ideal place to shoo away your prom party ... Read More »

RiteBite Max Protein Bars: A Wholesome Meal in a Nutshell!

RiteBite Max Protein Bars

Being a fitness freak, I’m always conscious about the fact that whether I’m stocking in the right nutrients or simply loading myself with useless stuff. When I was given a chance to review RiteBite Max Protein Bars, I was quite curious to know whether they would work for me or not. Well, my quest for adequate nutrients in my diet after that intense and exerting workout session seems ended here.  Because what I found in these RiteBite Max Protein Bars ... Read More »

Peek-a-boo with the Apptastic Quikr NXT to Sell anything Quicker!

quikr nxt

Sunday calls for something super sassy and nothing could quench your thirst for transactions  better than Quickr. Lets step ‘out of the box’ to explore a quintessential platform of buying and selling that strives to revamp the overall outlook of Indian classifieds. As authentic as the name calls for, I’m sure most of you would be already aware of one of the biggest esteemed Social Classifieds Networking Platform, Quikr that has been successfully serving a hassle-free ‘buy, sell, find’ experience ... Read More »

My Red Letter Day of Love in a Heartfelt Way with Cupid Games 2015!

letters of love

The most daring way to pronounce love is speaking the words of Love through heart which could pierce the clouds. It is believed that girls are quite subtle and understated in their way of expressing love. With the Love Month approaching near, I pledge to be a part of the Closeup Cupid Games 2015. Here, I step ‘out-of-the-box’  and paint the town RED to convey my feelings through a poem using the red gel close-up as my ink! 😀  I’d take ... Read More »

My Happy Hair Challenge with Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Range!

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition

This post was among the top 10 winning posts in #HappyHairChallenge by Garnier India! Hair, hair, everywhere, but not a single strand in my comb! 😉 Hair loss? Not at all! I’m talking about my crowning glory that covers my world with its luster, length and volume. Thanks to Garnier Fructis for being there at my rescue in my bad hair days with your nutritional properties and soothing solutions. Here I’m all set to have the ‘Happy Hair Challenge’ with ... Read More »

The Little Hills of Despair…

Indiblogger contests

She left her childhood tantrums behind and entered in her teens of traumas! Her puberty brought in lots of pleasure as well as pressure and those sudden blisters were the thorns that came free with that bouquet of roses. That was the first spring of her fifteens when she discovered what first love was. He used to stare at her when she used to study on her terrace and her cheeks turned warm red with each of his gaze. One ... Read More »

How to get that svelte figure with basic workout!

back to basics workout

Is your weighing scale heaving and groaning its way to the truth? Perhaps you need to do a bit of a re-think about your workout routine then. And if you’ve been there and done that with all the fitness fads and latest equipment, how about giving a back-to-basics program a try? What’s that? Well, simply put, you don’t use any fancy or not so fancy gadgets or machines to glamorize or add ‘muscle’ to your workout. Heck! Before you sock ... Read More »

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