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In this fast-pacing era of commercialization, well-equipped transportation system acts as a harbinger to connect lives. is one such startup online logistics company that is conceptualized to revolutionize the courier industry with the help of their standard delivery partners. They are meant to endow you with a plethora of innovative services that are deemed to make logistics lovable like never before!

Parcelled.inNow, you can save a fortune by restraining yourself from bearing those heavy petrol charges on your automobiles or public transport to go to the far-away postal offices. is here to begin its operation right from your doorstep! This way you will not only be saving so much of your valuable time and energy, but money as well.

Role of in the fashion industry! is indeed a boon for all those fashion enthusiasts who already have or are planning to set up their own brand, say your very clothing line. You could save your precious money on all extra luggage on travel related to fashion with hassle-free delivery to your customers across the country.

handbag stuffingIt’s indeed vital to pack and deliver your goods with utmost safety as your delicate articles such as jewellery, expensive embroidery and exclusive fabrics should be packed with proper care. If an expensive handbag is folded and simply wrapped, it might get destroyed on the way. Rather, if it is stuffed and packed the way it is used no matter what volume it takes, it reaches safely to the destination.

jewellery packingThe same applies to your shoes, clothes and accessories which need different packaging according to their shape sizes and delicacy and fragility. ensures custom-packaging for all your fashion needs and gives you value for money.

Why should you be deprived of gifting and receiving to or by your loved ones’ on special days (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). So what if they fall on Sundays or on holiday! You could look fabulous and fashionable 365*24/7, thanks to for being a blessing in disguise.

With expert packaging on valuable fashion products, you should know they are in safe hands and would be delivered to the destination with all the more safety. And, if you’re a fashion blogger and into organizing giveaways, what could be better than for safe and timely delivery of the prizes to your winners!

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Features of!

parcelled.inThrough the robust tracking mechanism of, you can continuously monitor the status of your parcel right after being shipped.  An on-demand pickup system would work right from your exact location within half-n-hour.

From bubbles wraps to custom cartons, holds an expertise in bespoke packaging and handling with the most up-to-date techniques that too, free of cost. is at your service even on Sundays and you can make the most of them like a boss!

In case of dire needs, [highlight]Parcelled Rush[/highlight] makes deliveries happen on the same day within the city.

Note: Currently, is serviceable in [highlight]Bangalore[/highlight] and [highlight]Mumbai[/highlight], however they would be operating in Delhi, Jaipur & Pune very soon.

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