Peppy Pixie & her Zica-licious Fantastico Fashion: Tata Tiago Car Review


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She walks in beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies;

And all that’s best of dark and bright

Meet in her aspect and her eyes;” 💃🏻

Lord Byron

Walking with grace and beauty, she entered into little Pixie’s life, like a fairy Godmother. Then our Pixie’s monotonous life turned into a peppy one like VIBGYOR, with fairy’s fantastico fashion tips. That day, the infuriated Pixie had to attend the gala dinner at the prince’s-charming palace and she was annoyed with her monotonous wardrobe. She started shouting at her mom,—

Mom, I have nothing to wear!!!” 😠😬😡😫😣👿😤😭😠😬😡😫😣👿😤

Just keep quiet and take a look! There are four wardrobes full of clothes and accessories. And still you say, ‘you have nothing to wear’?” — Mom scolded.

The bratty Pixie threw all the clothes suggested by mom on the bed and started crying.

God! Someone please save me from this foolish girl’s ‘what-to-wear’ commotion.”— Mom murmured.

Suddenly, the door bell rang. Mom peeped out of the door and she saw a bright angelic aura at the gate. She was none other than the fairy Godmother with a new Avatar called ‘Zica’ 👼🏻 to turn the perplexed Pixie into a peppy princess.


Please help me sorting her dressing dilemma. I have heard a lot about your fantastico fashion tips, and I can see, too, right now what a peppy look you are adorning! Fairy Zica! Can you add some zing-thing to her already existing wardrobe with your navigation skills?”— Mom said.

Fairy Zica smiled mischievously and said—

Why not! Let’s go and check whether her wardrobe can match my peppy colorama or not!

Zica’s Coloroma

Fairy Zica waved her magic wand over Pixie’s wardrobe (like a remote) and her closet opened up with all its exquisiteness— myriad colors, various styles and lots of glam and glitz. Zica’s eyes started twinkling.

Wake up Pixie! Let’s start getting ready for the gala dinner.”— Zica said.

I am fed up of my collection. I want a novice touch too my wardrobe.”— Pixie yelled.

Worry not! Together we can create a beautiful look out of this old stuff.”— Zica said.

Zica then started her navigation skills to transform Pixie’s old stuff into new ones.

  • Old silk kurtas were cut and stitched into a beautiful new sassy and peppy dress to compliment Sunburst Orange Zica.

zica copy1

  • Two lipsticks were mixed and smudged to find a new lustrous and peppy lip color, in the shade of Berry Red Zica.

zica3 copy

  • A dull and boring handbag was decorated with a vibrant, colorful and fantastico scarf to match Espresso Brown Zica.

IMG_3092 copy

  • Pixie’s tips and toes were given a fantastico nail art with the amalgam of peppy and cheerful colors similar to Striker Blue Zika.

zica1 copy2

  • Her boring boots got a new life with some exciting fantastico accessories to complement Espresso Brown Zica.

IMG_2857 copy

  • Pearls and platinum jewellery were mixed and matched to get that ‘wow’ fantastico bejeweled look so they could match Pearlescent White and Platinum Silver Zicas.

zica3 copy3

And voila! Pixie got a new fantastico makeover that was as peppy and vibrant like Zica herself! 🙂

zica copy

Now Pixie was ready to stun the show, all color-coordinated with Zica. The ‘Cinderella’ was all set but………where was her magic carriage? The pumpkin coach? There were no pumpkins around, and God ! Who needs ‘pumpkin coaches’ these days, when Zica is around. Rather than turning some vegetables or fruits into a carriage, fairy Godmother Zica herself transformed into a car…….. She simply spread her wings, the doors popped, opened up and she was all set for her navigation towards the prince’s-charming palace.


Pixie stepped inside. Aah! What a blissful feeling it was! Cozy fantastico interiors, melodious music, smooth navigation— Zica’s impact on Pixie, woah! Sheer awesomeness! 😀

No mice were there to ride the ‘Avant Garde’ carriage, the new era ‘Pushpak Vimaan’, which flew in the air spreading her newly grown wings, taking Pixie to her dream destination.

Zica stood tall, beautiful and graceful amidst all the global car hatchbacks and matched her international counterparts’ quality and design to suit the preferences of all Indian princes and princesses. Zica— the name was enough to symbolize the zippy and peppy chariot of Pixie. Her zippy shape and peppy looks were accentuated by her compact proportion and fantastico performance.

Fairy Zica’s glowing complexion (vibrant Sunburst Orange color) was quite alike Pixie’s dusky skin-tone and her glittering eyes (chrome finished head-lamps) even matched Pixie’s smokey eye-makeup. So, Pixie didn’t have to try too hard to compliment and coordinate Zica’s look, as it was effortless for her to look as fantastico as her.

She even adorned a super net veil to match Zica’s wide mesh grill. Both of them had a great side-profile!

zica4 (2)

When Pixie entered into her chariot Zica, she got mesmerized with her fantastico interiors, classy inside ambiance made her heart skip a beat. Zica was fully equipped with quality cabin that was roomy enough to make Pixie feel at home.


zica #fantastico GoaPixie, being a great music lover, couldn’t resist her temptation when she discovered the “[highlight]Connectnext Infotainment System[/highlight]” in Zica. She immediately connected her iPhone with it and Viola! Her favorite peppy music was at the access of her finger tips. This highly futuristic, feature-loaded car was no less than magic to her when she easily started her navigation on ‘ConnectNext’ towards the prince’s-charming house. Throughout her ride, her heart went on and on with the romantic music being played on “[highlight]8 speakers[/highlight]” of the hatchback of great impact.

Zip… Zap… Zoom… Zica flew in the air with her “[highlight]1.2 Ltr Revotron Engine[/highlight]” (which didn’t even needed a turbo charger) with the help of a “[highlight]5 speed manual gear box[/highlight]’ for the smooth navigation towards the Prince’s palace.


Pixie forgot the whole world, even the prince, as she was completely got adrift into the peppy music playing through ‘Connectnext’ synchronized with her multimedia devices. She even forgot the right roadway.

Where to go? Now what to do?”— She murmured.

Fairy Zica said—

Try my touch screen, the GPS system is at your rescue right there on your finger tips. Just see its impact. You’ll surely find your path with the right navigation.

Pixie got sorted. She flew her chariot towards glory!And suddenly she saw some harsh, eye-piercing lights!

It’s 10 o’ clock and this is heights of laziness!”— Her mom was shouting at her while raising all the window curtains of her room and the bright sunlight pierced Pixie’s eyes.

Get up you Kumbhakarn’s daughter (taunt to dad)!. I’ve just received a call from Tata Motors that they are coming at our place with the new Zica within an hour for your test drive. Get up, get ready and be fast!

Maitreni jumped from the bed, freshened up and got ready with her ‘WOW’ look following fairy’s fantastico fashion tips. And then—

“She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes;” 💃🏻

The test drive with the Zippy Zica got started! ‘Twas neither a nightmare nor a day dream… Though there was no prince charming around, but her dream came true— a peppy dream with a long-lasting impact and the test drive? It was a musical navigation oh-so-fantasico! 🙂


Article: Sangeeta Mishra

Graphics: Maitreni Mishra

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    Btw, initial story-line was a reminder of a girl’s daily routine 😀

    • Thank you so much and yes that’s ironically every girl’s story 😛

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    • Aww… thanks a lot dearie.. 😀 i’m so glad you liked it! Your appreciation really means a lot to me! :*

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    • Thank you so much Prasanna. I am so glad you liked the post and appreciated our efforts. This really means a lot 🙂