Peppy Ways of Rearranging your Home

peppy home decor

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Who doesn’t want to live in a space suited to one’s taste and personal preferences? But we often end up splurging on a heap of money on interior designers to bring out that Avant Garde feel to our homes. Why not try some peppy designing ideas ourselves to revamp our interior space into designer homes. Here’s The Style Symphony coming up with four peppy path-breaking interior design ideas which can revolutionize Indian homes.

peppy home decor

Personalized Art

We suggest you to give your personal touch while donning your home. Cheekily pair opposites in your home— a baroque dining table coupled with new age crockery or sleek Jaisalmer bathroom accessories on vintage basins and bathtubs. The entire vibe of your home should be a combination of cutting-edge designs and sophistication for that artistic look. In short, you should sport a minimalistic trend that is pleasing to your eyes and comfortable in stocking up.

  • Mix opposites— you will be surprised how stunning a contrast can look.
  • Help you express your personal taste and style.
  • Draw inspiration from everywhere— from the colors in a local market to the ideas picked up on travels.

Maximal Design

Bring alive spaces that fables are made of, skillfully arrange style sense into various elements of designs. Infuse your personalized taste with a luxe effect— grand and larger than life— the look is maximal, the opposite of minimal. It has a contemporary fashion feel that relies heavily on embellishments. Draw inspirations not only from art but also from fashion, exotic destinations and just about any sensory experience.

  • Decorate and design it for you and your family, rather than according to the dictates and trends.
  • Create a kind of refuge and sanctum sanctorum— a place where you can relax and unwind.
  • Surround you with sensory experiences, especially visual pleasures.

Spiritual Vibes

Add plenty of warmth and calm to your interiors besides being high-gloss and sophisticated. Create spaces with a positive and happy vibe. Spirituality within the interiors embodies the science and knowledge of conceptualizing, designing and implementing designs that bring about harmony within the spaces, without diluting personalities. Asserting that spirituality is a separate entity from religion so create a space that is harmonious, not too religious without compromising on aesthetics and style.

  • Harmonize and diligently follow principles of interior design so that they are in sync with your energy.
  • Balance your energies with the elements in the space to create peaceful interiors.
  • Synchronize the energies of your spirit with the surrounding to achieve harmony.

Spatial Reconstruction

It’s all about creating larger than life and stylish spaces. You can create this tailor-made design space with an illusion of bigger out of not-so-big space. Break the rules and shake the myth that design needs to follow convention and tradition. ‘Spatial reconstruction’ is actually about structural change that is successfully implemented in your house such as— converting a two-bedroom flat into a three-bedroom one.

For example, you can include a walk-in wardrobe in a master-bedroom if you have a spare balcony attached to it as well as adding space to the poky bedroom with some clever jugglery. Another clever feature of ‘space reconstruction’ is a labyrinth of loft space that is hidden from the untrained eye and stretches through the entrance corridor of the flat.

  • Break the visual myth surrounding any space.
  • Paint the walls in a neutral shade. Not too bright as it can get overbearing and could make the room look tiny.
  • Break all the rules… it’s a personal space after all.

So Symphonites, let’s try our hands-on these peppy interior designing ideas to turn our homes into a place which welcomes you for a happy and classy retreat.

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