How to do perfect winged liner for hooded eyes

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Blake lively, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, Anne Hathaway and a long list of other celebrities have hooded eyes. Yet they can apply the perfect winger eyeliner. I actually love the one Swift applies and her cat eye makeup is something you’d love to follow. It’s not a tragedy if you are born with hooded eyes and you are not a celebrity.

I know you put an effort to apply makeup that doesn’t make you look drowsy. I know it’s hard to apply the proper winged eyeliner. And I know you are determined enough to do anything to look pretty and confident. Today I’ll be teaching you as to how to do the perfect winged eyeliner for hooded eyes!

winged eyeliner

Beginning with the basics, you should figure out if your eyes are hooded or not.  Just look into the mirror and see if your eyelids are neatly covered by skin and it seems invisible when your eyes are open. Your creases are obscured and there is excess skin folding. If you cannot see the entire shape of your eyes, most probably you have hooded eyes. Don’t worry, you are not ugly.

winged eyelinerNow that it’s decided that you have hooded eyes, apply primer over your eyelids. You really don’t want your eyeliner to smudge your brow line. Applying eyeliner on hooded eyes can be frustrating because it’s messy and not very neat. It is essential that you apply liner very carefully and slowly while looking directly straight forward. Apply the eyeliner, keeping your eyes open. You need to bring the liner out just past the hooded area at an outward angle unlike the usual rule of following your lower lash line as a guide to the wing. This helps in elongating the natural shape of your eye.

You can use the scotch tape method to attain the perfect straight winged eyeliner but if you have enough practice you need not use this method. All you do is that you place a piece a tape at the outer angle of your eye extending outwards the outer part of your eyebrow. Then you apply the perfect flick!

I know it’s quite challenging to create nice winged eyeliner, therefore I suggest that apply the eyeliner when your eyes are either in a relaxed state or they are partially open. If the skin is pulled taut, and the liner is applied, the end result after releasing the skin would be unsmooth rugged eyeliner. Stay as closer to the lash line as possible. Use a fine brush, which is thin and sharp.

winged eyeliner

A good way to apply liner on hooded eyes is that you just line ½ or 1/3 of the upper lid. Beginning from the outer corner, go towards the center and end it gradually. This way you are able to create the wing too without the need to line entire lid.

winged eyelinerOne of the best ways to line hooded eyes is ‘tight lining’. Use this method if all other techniques fail. Basically, you line the upper waterline. Using gel line is suitable for this method. It helps you make your lashes look longer, thicker and fuller.

No doubt the techniques are important, but let’s not forget how important the products that you should be using are. The first that you need is the perfect eyeliner. Any product that works best for you helps you in speeding up the process and giving you a flawless look. You can use either of the three products, eye pencil, gel eyeliner, or a liquid eyeliner. If you are unaware as to which one suits you the best, try them for free at the cosmetic stands in malls etc.

Though liquid eyeliner gives you a sleek look, but the entire look can get quite messy if you open your eyes before the eyeliner dries out, smudging your entire eye. Gel liners are quite difficult to use initially but once you get used to them they are one of the friendliest items you can use on your eye! Plus gel liner also lasts longer so you don’t need to retouch your makeup.

I hope you will be following these techniques to apply winged eyeliner on your pretty hooded eyes! Ensure that you look the best and confident!

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