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Pet Paradise Heads Up For Tales

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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat could be as adorable as the priceless moments spent with our pet? Who says you need a guy/girl to pick you up when you’re down in the dumps? When there is a creature who can love you as selflessly as any of your loved ones would, animals are your best friends. 🙂

Heads up for tails The Style Symphony

I am deeply indebted to my [highlight]She-German Shepherd Bambi[/highlight] who has never given up on me even in my worst days of gloom! Be it, she cutely rubbing her nose over mine or licking my cheeks early morning when my alarm clock is pissed off me or hugging me tight all rolled over my body when I come back home, her innocent face and loving gestures have always turned my agony into smile and frown into giggles.

After having oodles of ostentatious essentials in my wardrobe, I always wondered if there could be a portal that could fill my pet’s closet with equally exciting stuff. And there I came across this website Heads Up For Tails where pampering my pet couldn’t get any better! Heads Up For Tails is an online shopping e-commerce store which exclusively handpicks cool stuffs, your pet direly needs and deserves.

Pet Paradise Heads Up For TalesPet Paradise Heads Up For Tales

Be it, food items, collars and leashes, clothes, grooming products, toys, accessories, bedding, bowls and feeders or even personalized pet lover products, you just name it, and they offer a whole lot of uber-cool tailor made stuff for your dog to bang on! It’s time to play that perfectionist parent for your pet with their extensive range of pet products from esteemed brands like Royal Canin, Chomp, Twistix, etc. along with their very own innovative in-house brand.

Pet Paradise Heads Up For TalesPet Paradise Heads Up For TalesPet Paradise Heads Up For Tales

And the cherry on the cake is their super concept of [highlight]Wag Box[/highlight]! With tons of tantalizing treats in their warehouse, choosing the apt goodies for your dog might be a little tedious affair. With Heads Up For Tails well-versed with the specific needs of dogs of varied breeds and sizes, their team puts across the perfect gift box for pets on the basis of the info customers provide about them.

Pet Paradise Heads Up For TalesPet Paradise Heads Up For Tales

Another interesting and unique feature attributed to Heads Up For Tails is their [highlight]Birthday Club[/highlight]. Making your pet feel special on its special day was never this easy! After joining the club, they would send you a discount voucher that can be availed on the website to buy desired products for your pet. They would also send a free birthday gift for your pet if you use that coupon.

Pet Paradise Heads Up For Tales

And here’s the hamper I received for my Bambi from HUFT!

Heads Up For Tails Pet Hamper



Also, do check out their store in Delhi.


Select Citywalk
Second Floor (Across HomeStop)
A3 District Centre, Saket
New Delhi-110017
Phone: +91-11-41016444, +91-9717175707

So to all those pet loving Symphonites, must go for Heads Up For Tails because ‘[highlight]Pets are Precious[/highlight]’! ^_^

  • Bambi is such an adorable name Maitreni ! And its a cute and informative post about this online portal which seems to ensure hassle free pet care and pampering 🙂
    Pets ARE Precious !

    • Thank you so much Kokila. I’m so glad you liked it 🙂

  • Pet Post for the Pretty People who own Pets.

  • Really good stuff. Bambi is such a cutesy name 🙂 and the pics. you shared are super cute too. Birthday club is a great idea… never came across that. I do not own a pet, but I would love to, if not anything, at least these products will make one pleased enough to step ahead.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by Tara and such kind words. I’m so glad you liked Bambi and the idea of HUFT. I’m sure it’s worthy enough for you to own one <3 Cheers!

  • This is such a cute post on pets. Love the idea. 🙂

  • Today is Simona birthday; or the Simona Discovery Day to be exact; and she loves this post 😀 She wishes to meet Bambi – she is good friends with the neighborhood dog here 😀

  • Purba Chakraborty

    aww….this is such a sweet post dear. Super cute pictures 🙂
    A great post for people who have pets.

  • Nice post those who love pets.

  • richasingh

    The pictures are adorable <3

  • Anjali Sengar

    Aww! After reading your wonderful post I am missing my Titan (He is a Saint Bernard)..

  • Very well penned.
    You have great bonding with your pet.

  • Hats off to the “Heads up for tails” as every pets’ need is here. There is a famous saying that one who doesn’t own a dog, he/she misses the special moments in their life. We’ve to agree with it and these are the only loyal and royal beings who roam in homes. I also have to agree with you that we don’t need any person to hangout with when we are willing to, these pets are always ready to have a walk besides providing us enough security and time. Thank you for sharing the information about the HUFT Maitreni 🙂 I have been expecting a post on Bambie, you made it here along with appreciated work.

    • Very well said proverb about pets Prasanna. Indeed we create some memories with our pets that are worth cherishing for a lifetime. I’m sure HUFT would do justice to your Simbo too. Thanks much for the appreciation! 🙂

  • Bambi is so so so cute and adorable!

    Also, I had no idea that such a website exclusively for pets, is there…:-) Thanks for sharing.

    • Hehehe… she thanks you dear! ^_^ Glad that you came across! 🙂