Pixie’s Magical Moments to Ward off Indoor Pollutants

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“I girded up my lions to ward him off,
But the hellion was reluctant to leave my house”

He played hide and seek with me. When I swept the floor, he hid himself in the broom, when I expunged the grime away he concealed himself in the wet mop. While I was dusting the furniture, he stuck himself in the dust rag and sprinkled his star-dust (dust mites) around, leaving a sneezing me its aftermath. There was a method in his madness— he was in love with my home. I hated him, yet I nurtured him, though unknowingly. I so wanted to get rid of him, but was coddling him unintentionally. His presence was evident in each and every fragment of my house, no matter how hard I tried to make it squeaky clean.

The tiny brat, the well nursed hellion was no other than ‘Air Pollutant’— whom I hated the most but couldn’t kick him out of my house. That day I was all screwed up, my little daughter was ill. She was wheezing, complaining of difficult-breathing.

“Dust mites! I tell you mom!
Don’t you think you should clean my room?
My books, toys, pillows and curtains
Though sparkle clean, yet emit gloom!”

Curtains, cushions, pillows mattresses— all contained dust mites,
Beds, recliners, sofas, tables, all took a toll on my cleanliness rites.
Refrigerators exhaling stale food’s smell, cook-tops oozing fume and gas,
My kitchen was though super clean, the invading hellion took a bypass.

He resided in the dishwasher, collided with the cleaners,
Then popped out from the grinders and grain containers!
Stuck on the walls of chimney, he made my kitchen smell fowl.
I used to clean my kitchen for hours, waking up like a night-owl.

From living rooms to washrooms, from bedrooms to my kids’ room.
I snooped the whole house with a loupe, to see him zoom.

But to my utter dismay,
I couldn’t sweep him away! 🙁

“God please help me!” — I screamed.

I needed to keep my home hygienic.
I hovered over with my mop, all in panic!

Suddenly, a celestial announcement gushed into my ears—

“Don’t be scared of this Pollutant, he’s mere a li’l brat.
I’ll send an armor to safeguard thou art!”

Then popped some cute yet functional anti-pollution masks!

“Don’t panic lady!
The solution is super easy!
All you need, is to wear an anti-pollution mask.
Staying unaffected from dust, grime and mites
would be then, a super-easy task!”

I stared at those masks grotesquely and murmured—

“Gosh! Now my family is bestowed with new armours and shields,
Now I needn’t worry about the wayward Pollutant, so what if he isn’t killed.”

We all wore those anti-pollution masks 24*7
Our daily chores then turned into mayhem,
And my house transformed into Hell, from Heaven.

We all were super alert people, all geared up like cosmonauts,
The Hellion Pollutant ruled over us, like a true bigot!
Caged into #MaskedLife, our respiratory system was suffocating,
Looking like Ninja warriors, our activities were deteriorating.

Oh! What to do? I cried so bitterly!
All I wished to stay away from pollution, utterly.
An invigorating fresh breeze was needed in my house.
Sans those anti-pollution masks, irritating, short and stout.

Then I invoked my little pixie, my true friend in need.
She appeared with answers to all my queries, indeed!
She waved her magic wand, came up with the ultimate solution,
‘Twas Royal Atmos from Asian Paints, the king of all emulsions!


My house was then filled with the fresh breeze of gardens,
As Royal Atmos was able to absorb fowl smells in abundance.
The stale indoor air of my home was all gone away!
And finally I managed to keep the hellion pollutant at bay!

I procured my target of #CleanAirBeautifulHomes
As my house was whiffing fresh from all zones.
I thanked little Pixie, for my walls’ newly found gloss.
But the real applaud goes to Asian Paints for Royal Atmos! 😀


  • Lovely Poem ! I always love look forward to reading your poems.

  • Kashifah Shaikh

    One of the best poems I’ve read till now! 😍 I loved the way you played with the words… This wondrous poem has really appealed to my senses and has created a lasting impression on my mind 💖💖 You are blessed with beautiful writing skills Sangeeta ma’am.

  • Pooja Vasani

    Its indeed creative and very well written and described everything in a poetic manner..
    Loved the video too.😊
    Great effort and work done by you.

  • Kirti Bhati

    Imagination of Poet is awesome. An inhygenic situation is presented beautifully. It’s called presenting the negation of negation that is positive. The poem is so dramatic that it generates the excitement in the reader. And poem is team up with the perfect video of Deepika. Asian paints has come up with a product which is going to resolve many health issue which are unresolved till date due to inhygenic elements which are present in the house and unseen.

  • Shivani Kunal Gupta

    Wow….. Its awsm.. Truly loved d Rhythmic Lyrics.. Can imagine myself in dis situation.. U rawsm Maitreni Mishra G.. Truly impressed… Loved the way u describe.. Nyc Royale Atmos….. Thnks for this… Enjoyed a lot.. Also recommended

  • Sujata Bansod

    nice poem maitreni I like most waking up like night owl…. hahaha

  • Usha jain

    Absolute amazingly written👌

  • Krishna Maharana

    Awww such a cute way to express through poems and video ..Both are so refreshing …Will ensure to use royale atmos for fresh and clean air at my home too 😊

  • Pooja B Gupta

    Wow very well written.. it’s a great description by Poet. Love the way poem unhiding all the cleaning aspects.
    Nice video complementing the Poem. Viseversa..😊
    Go Royal🤗

  • Sonali Sonawane

    Very nice written, video is too good. 💗💗

  • Sonali Sonawane

    Very nicely written, video is also too good

  • Rasika Jain

    Beautifully defined. The way it is written is speechless.


    Beautifully written! Loved reading it ! The video is amazing

  • Kavita Negandhi

    Wow this is actually an amazing review and I absolutely love the way that you have presented it. Great job 🙂

  • Navdeep Inder Bamrah

    Very well written poem and u did justice to the video… Loved the video…. Its awesome

  • Bang on post for the contest, creative as well as informative both together. You touched almost every aspect of indoor pollutants with quite a rhyming, even Royale Atmos in sync. Kudos, Sangeeta Ji. And that Maitreni’s video is icing on the cake. All the best to you both!

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Awesome introduction.
    Very nice write up.
    Your performance in the video is fantastic, you are very camera friendly…which is not an easy job.