Flintobox – Jr. Colour Scientist: An Experimental Kit of the Month for Preschoolers


Recently, Flintobox has launched its preschooler kit for kids called ‘Jr. Colour Scientist’ for April. Designed to introduce 3-4 year old toddlers, this box contains 6 art activities according to the science of colours and patterns in an innovative manner.

‘Jr. Colour Scientist’ is a child-friendly kit which is loaded with activities and experiments to enhance a child’s interests to discover the manner in which patterns are created and colours are amalgamated! Flintobox reinforces the belief in which each child discovers through play. The box comprises of learning activities that make for cool and exciting games, fingerprint artwork, experiments with pattern reflections, along with a storybook that caters as an amazing way to spend some quality time indoors during the scorching summers!

Each experiment has been tactfully designed in such a manner which serves to the 12 developmental spheres of a child which includes cognitive and gross motor, creativity, coordination, language, exploration and social skills. While the child is engrossed in the creative play activities the box comprises of, he/she adapts the meaningful content thereby staying away from TV/Smartphone.


Subscription activity kits are designed by Flintobox for children falling under the category of 2 to 8 years. 90% of brain development is deemed to happen by the age of six. The more early experiences occur and the more positive the interactions during the age of 2-8 years the better is the overall development of children likely to happen in the years to come. Depending on the following premise of Early Child Development, Flintobox aids to make the most of these years with fun learning play tools!

Packed with creative play activities, the boxes are meant to teach kids meaningful concepts over a period of time. Through such explorative puzzles and kickass games, Flintobox is designed to feed the curious mind of a child in order to foster independent growth. And voila! The theme-based activity kits of Flintobox are meant for 2-3 year olds (also known as, Colour Carnival) and 4-8 year olds (called Wildlife Safari). Moroever these products are handpicked by pro game designers, child psychologists as well as montessori and pedagogy experts. These are completely designed with child-friendlymaterials and the box could be shipped across the entire country with COD service available in selected areas.


For further information, call them at: 91-7695857799

You can also write to them at: care@flinto.in

Complete information about Junior colour scientist is available here:


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