PronGo Bags by PLUSS: A new way to carry your vaccines and medicines

PronGo bags by PLUSS

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My sister had to undergo a fatal surgery while she visited a remote place. She didn’€™t have time to be shifted to a well-equipped hospital in a nearby city. She had been operated with fewer facilities, thanks to the medical help provided by a noted hospital which urgently sent all the necessary medicines, vaccines and blood bags for emergency transfusion. But sadly, many of them got corrupted due to extreme hot temperature and humid atmosphere. Though the hospital took all the precautions and primitive care by sending them in insulated bags and ice-boxes, yet the long travel time made most of the medicines contaminated. We somehow managed to arrange another set of medicines and finally, my sister’€™s life was saved.

That incident made me wander and worried how our medical facilities are still inappropriate and inefficient when it comes to right equipment in small towns and villages. But gone are those days, as I’€™ve come to know about a newly launched product which is much ahead of those insulated bags, flasks and ice-buckets. This innovative product PronGo bags is launched by PLUSS, a research and innovation company. PLUSS has come up with this revolutionary product, the first ever refrigerator-on-the-go, PronGo bags.

PronGo bags by PLUSS

The ethos behind the brand is to make consumer’s life easy with this one-of-a-kind technological marvel €˜PronGo bags. It’€™s specially designed to understand the specific needs of common people like us who need to carry their medicines, vaccines, food, etc, in required temperature control and transport them safely while maintaining their quality. Unlike normal insulated bottles and bags, PronGo uses savE®, an advanced technology that amalgamates phase-change materials (PCMs) with thermally insulating ones. This combination enables required and specific temperature control.
As I stated in my above mentioned story, medicines, vaccines and even edible content like frozen food, dairy products and other chilled eatables need to be stored in specific temperature.

Allowing them to reach beyond that required storage temperature, often lead them to bacterial growth, quality degradation and spoilt taste. This unique savE® feature in PronGo bags allows your food and medicines to maintain a constant temperature of +2 to +8 deg C or at -10 to 12 deg C for up to 5 hours. Available in 3 ltrs. capacity, PronGo bags are available on and on several other shopping portals in the comfort of your living room and over the convenience of a click of your PC or smartphone.

PCM technology based PronGO is the only option to ensure precise temperature control for long durations. Pluss has pioneered the PCM technology in India with PronGo bags. In today’€™s scenario, mere an insulated cover or box cannot maintain temperature! So, PronGo bags are indeed a revolution for a modern-day customer who doesn’t want the goodness of life get vitiated due to improper temperature and inadequate equipment.

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    A very unique product having several utility!

  • This is cool…should be a must have for the physicians and paramedics in the ambulance/mobile hospitals

    • Thank you Bushra. The product is really worthy for everyone. 🙂

  • Awesome product when in need…

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