Rendezvous with Rajgir: Drive, Design & Connect with Bihar!

“It runs in my veins, I am proud to be born here,

It’s my state with my state-of-mind, where I can live without fear!”

Rajgir: Drive, Design, Connect

I am a proud Bihari, born and brought up in the great Patliputra— Magadha, which was one of the most developed civilizations of ancient India. I feel utmost pride to be connected to the great Maurya dynasty which was considered prominent due to its extraordinary emperors, Chandragupta Maurya,  Ashoka, the Great and above all, the most influential teacher, philosopher, diplomat and politician of ancient India— Chanakya.

Rajgir: Drive, Design, ConnectMy state, my birth place runs in my blood as I feel, a lot of responsibilities towards my culture and heritage, for not to defame what I have earned from my roots. Being a Bihari makes me connected to those notable #madeofgreat politicos like Dr. Rajendra Prasad (our first president) and Jai Prakash Narayan (the great reformer) and the #madeofgreat literary geniuses Ramdhari Singh Dinkar (our Rashtra Kavi) and Phanishwar Nath Renu (the greatest story teller) and many more such eminent personalities.



My Bihar resides in my breath as I belong to the soil where Maharshi Dadhichi sacrificed his life and bones for the sake of humanity. I’m a proud Bihari for my belongingness to the land of Gautam Buddha, so, through this post, I want to DRIVE my country towards my state, Bihar (East Zone) which is DESIGNed to excel and to CONNECT my individuality with the whole world through the roads of love, compassion and sacrifice which Buddha taught to the mankind.

Though, I live and love Bihar to the core and to it’s whole, my choicest one is the Rajgir city, the land of Lord Buddha which I would like to introduce to the blogosphere with its DESIGN, DRIVE & CONNECT campaign. Rajgir is prevalent in the Nalanda district of Bihar and is the city that has been residing in a valley which was surrounded by seven hills: Vaibhara, Udaya, Vipula, Ratna, Saila, Sona, and Chhatha.  Dating back to those epics and historical scripts; Rajgir has been adding dollops to its historical worth.

Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Rajgir
Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Rajgir: PC- Wikipedia

To let you know, Rajgir, (originally called Rajgrih) used to be the very first capital of the Magadha kingdom, the state which gradually originated into the Mauryan Empire. Rajgir has also been idealized in most of the Buddhist and Jain scriptures. This place is renowned for being associated with Kings Bimbisara and Ajatashatru where Bimbisara was kept captivated by his son Ajatashatru while being credited for moving towards the capital to Pataliputra which is now known as modern Patna.

PC: Wikipedia
PC: Wikipedia

With Rajgir being a city specializing in tea, it is ideal to savor on it while they use blunt charcoal in the milk during preparation. Not only could you relish your taste buds on the tea but could also freshen up with the typical Indian breakfast with Kachaori, Alu Sabji and Jalebi. Among the multitude of interesting places to visit in Bihar, Rajgir is the one that you can’t afford to skip. Most of the other major cities of the country aptly CONNECT to this place via quite a neat DRIVE.

Rajgir food

And in the midst of those delectable DESIGNS this place is attributed to, you’d come across various jaw-dropping architecture. This includes Maniyar math, a cylindrical brick shrine, which has been dedicated to Mani Nag, as the presiding deity of Rajagriha.

Maniyar Math · Veeraytan Museum.

Furthermore, you’d find Bimbisara’s Jail that was made by Ajatashatru to imprison his father, Bimbisara. However, Bimbisara continued watching both Gridhakuta and the Buddha through a window. The jail is almost vanished by now, but the ruins of that circular structure are still visible with turrets at each corner.

Bibisara's Jail
Bibisara’s Jail

On the way, you can even treat your eyes with the Holi site of Pind Daan from the falgu river bank. I hope this beautiful place of Bihar which excels as a travelers’ paradise of East zone and is DESIGNed in a way to DRIVE the whole country with its historical relevance, would CONNECT the entire India with Gautam Buddha’s pronounced lessons of love and sacrifice. 🙂


— Sangeeta Mishra

  • Bihar is truly beautiful. Having spent many a summer holiday there as a kid, i have such fond memories. Time to travel there again…

  • wow… that’s such fab information… loved it sweetie… 🙂

  • It’s wonderful to know and read about your city and state.
    I have never been in Bihar. I will definitely go and visit those historical places there.
    Great post!

    • Thank you so much Mr. Parashar. Glad that you liked the post, my state & a great city of historical importance from Bihar. 🙂

  • I regret catching up very late with your posts Maitreni, but readimg them all at once gave me a new experience too 🙂 Happy to see your city Rajgrah here, indeed i have to agree with it’s history and the inspiration which one can absorb from it. I wish you all the best for the contest :))

    • Thank you so much Mr. Dasari that you finally managed to visit TSS, as we missed our most valuable reader the most. Your comments the prized possession for us. Well, Rajgir is not my city, but a place of great historical importance from my state Bihar.
      Thanks once again for stopping by and appreciating the post. 🙂