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Peacock Rangoli

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[dropcap]R[/dropcap]angoli— as the name suggests is an arena of myriad colors! Normally, we associate a rangoli with Diwali, but in India it is the celebration of happiness and colors, so it could be associated with almost all festivals, celebrations and occasions. It’s a form of art that needs skillful techniques but if you have that streak of style, you can even create plethora of designs without being perfected in the art.

I am not a skilled Rangoli artist but every year during Diwali, I create different designs with my imagination, dedication and a little extra time. Here are some of my self-created Rangoli designs which I made in the last few years and all of them evoke Indian tradition, color and spirit.

  1. The Lakshmi Rangoli Design

I have designed a Rangoli with my interpretation of Goddess Lakshmi sitting on a pious lotus with her wide Nimbus & her auspicious Charan Padukas. The Diyas lightened around the nimbus accentuate the motif and the glowing hallow of the Goddess bestows bliss upon us by enlightening our mind and illuminating our souls.

Lakshmi Rangoli

2. The Ganesh Rangoli Design

Ganesha, being the Lord of wisdom and knowledge, is considered the most auspicious when it comes to Rangoli designs. The cutest of them all, creating a Ganesha is very simple. A neat outline with any kind of white powder (you can use rice powder or marigold petals) is enough to bring out the beauty of elephant god.

Ganesh Rangoli
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3. The Peacock Rangoli Design

Peacock is a celebration of colors and the cynosure of all designers and artists when it comes to exploring hues. I created this peacock rangoli during Diwali by using whatever colors I was having and accentuated its feathers with painted pistachio shells.

Peacock Rangoli

4. The Flower Rangoli Design

Floral rangoli designs are the most common, the simplest, the easiest and the eye-catching ones. You can experiment with whatever colors available with you creating either free style or geometric patterns. I have added the touch of festivity and auspiciousness by creating Lakshmi paduka and Swastiks.

Flower Rangoli

5. The Krishna Rangoli Design

The Krishna Rangolis are made to celebrate Janmashtmi. I have mixed blue color in white zinc powder to bring out the skin tone of Bal-Krishna. To accentuate the design, I have used mirror, sequins, etc, along with a genuine peacock feather to enliven the design.

Krishna Rangoli

So Symphonites, if you love to create your own rangoli designs like we do, try your hands on the above or else you can explore Ethnico to find ethnic design inspirations. You could discover beautiful Rangoli designs, Mehndi designs, makeup tutorials, recipes, wallpapers, jewellery, traditional wear and much more on their website.

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