Redi-Steady-GO to the Datsunation!

datsun redi-GO

I crash drove my car and they said “Stop it! You can’t drive it as women are bad drivers.” While learning driving, I almost destroyed ‘mere dad ki maruti’, when I was 18 and even later did the same with my husband’s car. Though I had almost learnt driving, yet everyone blamed me for those irksome accidents, which happened just because I was not able to maneuver my Maruti 800 in narrow lanes. Reason? The turning radius of the car! Also, it used to jump a lot on the damaged, uneven and bumpy roads (read the recurred speed breakers on the busy urban roads).

I always condemned Maruti 800 for my being a bad driver. So, when my husband bought other cars later (Premier Padmini in 1990, Maruti Zen in 1998, Zen Estilo in 2008 and Hyundai i20 in 2012), the problems remained the same with me. I was never declared a competent driver. A small car for a small family is cool enough but the features restrict me from exploring my driving skills. I’m in need of a car which suits the preferences of a middle class family, along with the features of a top notch hatchback in my budget. When recently I got to know about the ultimate Urban Cross [highlight]’Datsun Redi-GO'[/highlight] from Nissan, the about-to-launch hatchback, it seemed quite appealing to me. While going through its features, I was amazed to find all the luring ones I was longing for.

The all new attractive Datsun Redi-GO was unveiled to Indian consumer recently in April 2016. I was indeed awestruck reading about the launch event and the attractive features of this hatchback car. I am seriously willing to see the car when it comes to the showrooms near my place. What appeals to me the most about this car is that it’s perfectly designed to suit the urban roads and to fit the budget of the middle class family. The 3 most appealing features about it which satiates my driving needs are:-

  1. Ground Clearance- 185 mm.
  2. Fuel Efficiency- 25.17 km/ltr/hr.
  3. Turning radius- 4.73 mtr.

datsun redi-GO

  1. Ground Clearance:-

For an amateur driver like me (yet to be a skilled one), ground clearance is the foremost feature for the jolted Indian roads. Being a city dweller and a woman driver, my destinations are mostly being shopping streets (for a shopaholic like me) , schools (to drop and pick kids), office (in busy locality), etc. So, my biggest concern, rather a health concern is to avoid that back pain due to the bumpy drive— blame it to the speed breakers and pathetic Indian roads. Datsun Redi-GO comes with a fantastic 185 mm ground clearance that is simply unparalleled. The Zen Estilo I’m currently driving offers me a mere 165 mm.

  1. Fuel Efficiency:-

The biggest problem a middle class family faces now-a-days is the continuous hike in fuel prices. So, this feature of Datsun Redi-GO appeals me a lot. The 25.17 km/ltr/hr is quite an attractive figure and would surely help me in saving to splurge in some luxury. Currently I am killing 11 km/ltr/hr in summers when my car A.C. is always on. So, a huge amount gets vanished away on petrol pumps with my oldie Zen Estilo.

  1. Turning Radius:-

The biggest hindrance in my smooth driving with my current car is the inefficient turning radius, i.e. a huge 5 mtr radius with my Zen Estilo. While picking up my kids from school, this obstacle frustrates me a lot because of heavy rush and less parking space. So, a turning radius of 4.73 mtr of Datsun Redi-GO is surely gonna be my life savior during those peak hours and congested lanes.

Not only these 3 but also many more fascinating features of Datsun Redi-GO allured me to insist my husband for a booking. I’d like to mention the attractive Ex-showroom price, 2.56 lacks that’s surely not going to bang upon my budget. And it’s looks, aah! What a bliss for an aesthetic person like me, the neon green Datsun Redi-GO is truly a stunner.

I am eagerly waiting for a test-drive of Datsun Redi-GO in my hometown Patna. I’d like to explore all the roads, market place, congested streets and even the nearby small towns to find whether it could help me traversing my ways or not. I’d definitely try my hands-on Datsun Redi-GO to bring out the hidden skilled driver in me who is being blamed as a bad one. I’m waiting for Datsun Redi-GO because I am yet to find a perfect car for me to fit into my preferences, to suit my class, to hit my budget and to live up to my dreams. So, I’m all Redi(ready)-to-GO towards my datsunation (destination) of perfection 🙂

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

Sangeeta Mishra

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