Rhapsody of Romance: A New Love Story πŸ’‘

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Love is like a seed which can sprout even on the rocks! This is the story of a girl who is betrayed and heartbroken and doesn’t believe in the recurrence of love, but the beauty of romance knocks the doors of her heart and she again wants to believe in love, though it’s not love, but sheer, aesthetic romance! I have written my style of poetic fiction after so long with my own graphics and soundcloud song in my voice. πŸ™‚

love story romance

Sustains on a gaze while it starts with a glance,
Eyes have a treat on the rhapsody of romance!

Two imperfect people make up for a perfect life!
Two souls meet for what they strive,
Two lovers delight on the overtures of repercussions,
They peep into a new life with a beautiful stance.

She has trust that it would happen again,
An alliance would flourish and feelings would ripen.
Intimacy greets them and emotions enrich,
Compassion crops to zenith as she gives it a chance.

He lifts her high, enough to touch the moonlit sky,
The fragrance sustains even if the rose gets dry.
Her heart skips a beat on the tunes of love,
Which begins with Goosebumps and ends up in trance

The beauty of the bond and the language of love,
They speak together with the purity of dove.
She dreams open eyed, as her sleep vanishes,
Her mind turns musical while body does the dance.

Distances diminish while passions enhance,
Unison of souls on the rhapsody of romance!Β πŸ’‘

β€” Maitreni

  • Hats off to your creativity Maitreni! πŸ™‚

  • Thank you so much Sir. Means a lot when it comes from you πŸ™‚

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    First i must say, the poem is lovely.
    listened ur voice,u have maintained the two things very nicely those matters most after voice, those are “Loy” and “TAAL” . but i think u kept the microphone very close to ur mouth thats why in some places the voice appeared shrilled.
    a good voice can be recognized when it sounds in high pitch and yes u have a good voice.
    when sounding “pe” , it seemed u r throwing the word,
    “pe” ko thoda simat lijiye.

    Emotions ki thodi kami hai.

    overall u r a skilled singer.

    • Thank you so much for your critical analysis. I will definitely keep your suggestions in mind and riyaz for betterment next time. This was a spontaneous recording without any rehearsals and practices, I myself was not satisfied but was in a hurry to publish the post in my voice. πŸ™‚

  • Simran

    Ah! I love this poem <3
    You have a melodious voice πŸ™‚ Stay musical

  • Purba Chakraborty

    Such a soulful poem…some of the lines are exceptionally romantic. And the song perfectly matched the poem <3
    Lovely post dear :*

  • Beautiful poem Maitreni. You should write more.

  • Whoa!…you a singer too….the poem is beautifully penned πŸ™‚

  • You’re pretty good in this style of poetry writing. Liked it. You also sang well. Kudos πŸ™‚

  • Jyothi D’mello

    Maitreni… you have outdone yourself. Such a beautiful poem and I loved your voice. You have sung the song beautifully xx