Right Bottom Fashion Tips For Back-Heavy Girls!

fashion tips

Looking for those right fashion tips to taper your bottom line? Well, being blessed with an hourglass figure by nature, most Indian girls desire to keep it lean. But unfortunately, we Indians have a tendency to put on weight on our backside. Blame thy diet or lethargy, the wrong fashion tips you follow or simply God for that matter, but the fact is that Indian girls are mostly bottom heavy and here, our hour-glass myth cracks.

The  best way to flatter a great backside is to pick just the right wardrobe. Here are some fabulous fashion tips for those bottom heavy girls (like me 😉 ) to fake that flab with that of a leaner hour-glass shape.


Fashion Tips 1 : Frill Thrill 


The outfit chosen must give fullness where the butt starts or ends. Try out a black wraparound mini skirt or a little black frilly number. It flatters the whole butt and then starts the frill.


Check out how Katrina Kaif camouflages her heavy butt with frills and turns out to be a flirty figurine! 🙂


fashion tips


Fashion Tips 2 : Solid Sense


You can carry off any color but brighter solid tones of red, electric blue, undisturbed black or pure virgin white make your backside feel real special. One solid color is best. Prints or combination colors will distract from what you want to flaunt.


Look how Aishwarya Rai Bachchan fought with her post baby flabs with her solid white gown at Cannes and tapered her butt!


 solid sense1


Fashion Tips 3 : Mean Jeans 


If you want to go on a great bum trip in jeans, find a pair that fit real tight. But don’t go for hipsters. Jeans which start off at a high waist give the best shape to your backside.


The way our very own Kat flaunts her heavy butt in snug fit denims is commendable! 😀


mean jeans

Fashion Tips 4 : Kick ‘n’ Cling 


If you can carry it off, you can kick ass all around in a short, clingy skirt or dress. For best results, go for one undisturbed color and opt for a clingy fabric like lycra. Trumpet skirts (gawk again at the black creation with transparent patches) and skin-fit-sheath skirts are great for bottoms-up.


Try teaming them with your ruffles and puffs, the way I did in my previous post for a more balanced look and see the change!
Well known for her heavy butts, Parineeti Chopra clings on clingy fashion and kicks off all fads to look fab!




Fashion Tips 5 : Jacket Racket


Long jackets tend to cover the butt-line. So, wear jackets that are cut a little above the waist. It balances your upper with your heavy bot for that perfect 10/10 figure and creates the impression of a slimmer waistline.


Sonakshi Singa does the balancing job well with a crop jacket along with heavy bumps!


jacket racket


Fashion Tips 6:  Sassy Sari


Firstly, wear a tight-fitting petticoat. Instead of the conventional same color for petticoat preferably in lycra. If you can carry off a la Sridevi a difficult fabric like sheer chiffon, go for it. Otherwise, stick to sarees in slimmer material like crepe de chine, lycra and thinner silks. Avoid heavy silks and organzas.




Lastly, drape that great shape right. The material on both sides of the pleats should be taken tightly around both sides of the waist to form a ‘V’ at the navel. The tight drape will accentuate the fullness of the butt and have everybody at your ‘back’ and call.


Fashion Tips 7 : Posterior Posture


Last but foremost, yet another tip and it’s got nothing to do with your clothes. Improve your posture. Don’t ever let your shoulders and body sag —- stand erect and stick it all out to face the damn glam world with sheer elan. 😀


Psst ! Feel like a bum over your lousy rump ? Revert the fashion tips above and hide that sag today! 🙂