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RiteBite Max Protein Bars: A Wholesome Meal in a Nutshell!

Being a fitness freak, I’m always conscious about the fact that whether I’m stocking in the right nutrients or simply loading myself with useless stuff. When I was given a chance to review RiteBite Max Protein Bars, I was quite curious to know whether they would work for me or not. Well, my quest for adequate nutrients in my diet after that intense and exerting workout session seems ended here.  Because what I found in these RiteBite Max Protein Bars is a ‘wholesome meal in a nutshell’.

RiteBite Max Protein Bars

Gone are the days when ‘Rustam e Zaman’ used to have liters of milk, dozens of eggs and kilos of almonds to supplement their requirement of nutrients after their rigorous workouts. But today, the scenario has been changed and the biggest concern of a fitness freak is not only having a fit and well-built physique but also the balanced calorie intake that keeps the body weight in control. And I feel, RiteBite Max Protein Bars serve the very purpose.

RiteBite Max Protein Bars

  • RiteBite Max Protein Bars— the best post exercise meal

It’s a proven fact that a complete meal (with well-balanced nutrients such as, protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals) plays the vital role in one’s fitness regime. And if taken within 30 minutes after an exhaustive workout, works wonders for you by rebuilding your lost muscle mass. RiteBite Max Protein Bars, being fortified with high protein (20 gm) and enriched with high fiber (5 gm), Vitamins (21), Omega3, Electrolytes, Prebiotic, minerals and amino-acid; are those very food supplements which I was looking for quite some time. In today’ busy life, what more convenience one can get than having a small bar of meal supplement always in hand for your post exercise snacking that is, sumptuous yet effective.

RiteBite Max Protein Bars

  • RiteBite Max Protein Bars and their 3 yummy flavors

Apart from the health benefits, what is more appealing about RiteBite Max Protein Bars is their mouth-watering varied flavors that are not only suitable for your binge-on habits but also to satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings. RiteBite Max Protein Bars come in 3 yummy flavors:-

  1. Choco Slim
  2. Choco Fudge
  3. Honey Lemon

RiteBite Max Protein Bars

  1. RiteBite Max Protein Bars: Choco-Slim

Being a sugar-free bar, choco-slim is a delightful delicacy specially created for damsels who desire a delicate waistline. Yes, RiteBite Max Protein Bar Choco Slim has a candid chocolate taste that caters to the flavors of a chocolate brownie and its crunch as well, that too, topped up with high protein and low carbs.  It’s my favorite among the three as I wish I could achieve my weight-loss soon with it being sugar-free.

RiteBite Max Protein Bars

RiteBite Max Protein Bars choco slim

  1. RiteBite Max Protein Bars: Choco-Fudge

Full of dominating nutty flavors and rich cocoa taste, RiteBite Max Protein Bar Choco Fudge is full with bites and crunch with distinct tastes. If you’re a chocolate lover and you find it difficult to resist it despite your diet plans, simply go for it.  It is not only yummy but loaded with nutrient benefits.

RiteBite Max Protein Bars

RiteBite Max Protein Bars  choco fudge

  1. RiteBite Max Protein Bars: Honey-Lemon

Being the most nutritive and enriched with weight reducing properties provided by nature to our benefit, honey and lemon are bliss to fitness freaks.  RiteBite Max Protein Bars Honey Lemon possesses the same flavors and fervor of them. Quite tangy in taste, its best for all those who’re addicted towards that honey-and-lemon-with-warm-water fitness syndrome!

RiteBite Max Protein Bars

IMG_20150201_131209 copy

In short, I can still state that these RiteBite Max Protein Bars are a wholesome meal in a nutshell. I’m quite satisfied with the results as being a low-eater (on the verge of being an anorexic :p ), I feel the fullness only after eating half a bar and that feeling of fullness sustains for hours.

RiteBite Max Protein Bars

The cherry on the cake is that these RiteBite Max Protein Bars are convenient enough to be kept in your pocket and sufficient enough to keep you full for hours. So, it’s time to be ‘on-the-move all-the-way on-the-go’ with RiteBite Max Protein Bars! 🙂

RiteBite Max Protein Bars are an innovation par excellence conceptualized by Naturell (India) Pvt. Ltd., a visionary healthy lifestyle company which provides the finest nature-based products that will help consumers adopt a healthy lifestyle.   

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