Water Purifiers: A Must-Have Home Appliance for the New Parents

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It is poor civic hygiene to install technologies that could someday facilitate a police state.”— Truly said by Bruce Schneier! It costs you more to be healthy if you don’t maintain your personal hygiene or don’t take a good care of your health. It’s always better to install technologies rather than being a prey to the poor hygienic conditions, whether you’re responsible for it or not. I remember how difficult it was for me to maintain a proper hygiene for my infants when I was a new mom. I was a concerned mom and was way too conscious about my kids’ health. Most of my time used to be killed in taking care of their personal cleanliness, thereby boiling water the whole day being my main job and sterilizing, my prime concern, be it, utensils, clothes or even toys. Moreover, boiling, straining and storing drinking water had become my magnum-opus until I installed  water purifiers at my home.

Seeing my fussy-baby-routine, one of my experienced friends suggested me to buy a water purifier. I simply refused her saying I cannot compromise on my baby’s health as I couldn’t rely on mere technology. My age-old belief on traditional method of boiling water was firm but it shook the day I discovered the best water purifier and its benefits which had enabled my friend to manage her duties well while taking care of her baby’s health and hygiene. I opted for an RO water purifier and lived the rest of my life with a sigh of relief.

Here I’d like to share my experience with all the new parents among my readers on how I followed the best healthcare regimen for my babies simply by installing a water purifier.

Benefits of Water Purifiers for Babies as well as Neo-Parents!

  • Safe & Hygienic: Just by installing a water purifier, especially if it’s a RO UV water purifier, you are rest assured that your babies are in safe hands. Every drop of water they are drinking is treated with ultra-violet rays using reverse-osmosis technology and is free from all harmful bacteria, chemicals and safe enough to avoid all water-borne diseases in your babies and you.
  • Time Saver: You save lots of time spent on boiling water and sterilization and other disease prevention methods. The best part in my experience was that I used to simply wash her belongings (toys, clothes, etc.) in purified water before and after usage instead of boiling them for ours. And this idea worked perfectly well!
  • Allows to Multitask: Not only your babies but your entire family along with you, keep on good health as you are safe from water-borne diseases throughout the year. It automatically enables you having more time for your new-borns and for all your other creative spheres, just because you have installed an RO water purifier.
  • Cost Effective: It’s like— ‘Install it, get habituated with it and forget the rest of the troubles!’. Yes, it’s a one -time investment! Buy a water purifier and you would save a lot of money in the long run— money spent on doctors, medicines and even fuel (for boiling water). This ritual, ultimately, is beneficial for your children as you can save more for their future.

So Symphonites, if you too are a new parent like I was (though currently I’m not a new one, but experienced enough of having 2 grown-up daughters), take a good care of your babies like I did. Install a water-purifier at your home. You can buy one of the best water purifiers which proves to the most suited for the wholesome health and hygiene of your family.

  • Purba Chakraborty

    water purifiers are definitely a must for every home 🙂

  • Well, with the amount of water pollution we’re creating, water purifiers have become a necessity. And, even it seems inadequate at times.