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Safe from Words: Haiku Poem

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Safe from words: haiku poem

Ink art by Vineeta

If my words could blaze,
Would I need fire to burn
trash from existence

If my tears could stain
Would I need ink to write tale
of fathomless pain

If my sigh could sing
Would I need symphonies to
tune dissonant souls

If my curse could kill
Would I need benedictions
or better be safe

Its better be safe
and burn the litter of life
before it’s too late.

Sangeeta Mishra

Shared with Haiku Horizons, Prompt: ‘safe

Haiku is a Japanese poem traditionally comprising of seventeen syllables, in three lines of ‘five’, ‘seven’, and ‘five’, which evokes natural images.

  • Speechless… 🙂

  • Saru

    ‘Free yourself and find purpose in writing.’ I would say that if it was not fiction.

    Beautiful verses.

  • beautiful

  • Very well written.

  • Amit Agarwal

    The first and last ones are awesome!!

  • ektakhetan
  • That was an intense piece. Nicely written!

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    as usual nice, loved the second stanza most.

  • sunita

    Trash the unwanted and save the goodness! Beautiful verses ..

  • Nicely captured…the essence of our feelings

  • Atulmaharaj

    Wonderful ! Better to be safe and burn the litter of life, loved it 🙂

  • The last one is a cracker, ma’am!

  • Beautifully done. I especially loved the second stanza… 🙂

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