A Scar on Face V/S Scar on Soul………



Ever since childhood, I had always been a self-proclaimed princess and I was crowned as one too in those fancy-dress competitions at school. I loved posing in front of the cameras and mirrors whenever and wherever I would get one. Life was much like a fairy tale for me until I had a peek-a-boo with the dark deadly hidden realities of life.

Recently I met with a minor accident at home and got a bruise on my left cheekbone. The bruise has almost healed but has left behind a much noticeable 3 cm long scar on my face. For initial days I was strictly instructed by the doctor not to apply any chemical treatments on my face until my bruise gets healed completely.

However, feelings of sheer embarrassment and despair deep within me forced me to hide my recently grown facial flaw with concealers, makeups and what not. My pain and disgust excruciated me down so deeply that I restrained myself under the walls of my home evading from all social contacts for more than a week.

Finally I have been given an ointment for daily application in order to get rid of that horrible scar and I hope it could do justice to my face in sometime. But the irony is how I realize the sorrows that have been granted to me by those people in my life whom I considered special.

Such sorrows not only carve an indelible imprint on our hearts but also leave behind scars that are even more painful that those bruises. While penning this down I introspect from my very own experiences in the past how I say some scars are beyond attenuation.

The best way to overcome such pragmatic circumstances is to make your own willpower strong enough to forgive and let go.

“Self is the most powerful healer, count on none other than your own being”.  Amen :’)

Feel free to share your thoughts on how a scar has impacted your life!


— Maitreni

  • Purba Chakraborty

    I have experienced scars on my face and soul as well. And Time, the greatest healer heals both of them, most of the times.
    A scar on the face is obviously less painful than the scars of the soul. However, since the scar on the face is visible, it allows people to judge and comment. But, physical beauty is transient. Even if not scars, we all will be having wrinkles and lines later.
    But, preserving the beauty of the soul is something we should always try. And I believe that the beauty of a soul becomes more prominent after surviving the scars.

    A wonderful write up dear. And don’t worry about the scar. You have a beautiful soul that reflects in your beautiful face. Stay the magic you are.Hugs <3

  • Nice write-up. I wish that those scars on heart and soul were easy to get rid of 🙂

    • Thank you Teny. Well, yes you said it right… all that we can do is hope for the best. :’)

  • We agree with Deeshani comments.
    Sriram & Krithiga

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  • Chaitali Bhattacharjee

    Inspiration from daily life. Good to read.

  • Leena Walawalkar

    Very touching post! Yep the scar is noticeable yes it will make you angry, but time heals everything dear, it will heal your scars too..keep smiling always 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your good wishes Leena. I’m glad you liked it. :’)

  • Anjali Sengar

    Very emotional post Maitreni.. For me scars on soul are much painful than on face.. I want you not to worry much about this scar, it will fade away soon 🙂

    • Thank you so much Anjali. You said it right, scars on soul are way more painful. Thanks for your good wishes dear 🙂

  • A lovely read… and a 3 cm scar on the face can leave one feeling really horrible…
    I met with an accident when I was in Class 1 and I had a fracture on my right leg… the big ugly scar is still there on my right ankle… and now it has become part of me… I always tease everyone at home… that if I get lost somewhere you can find me through my scar… LOL

    take care baby xx

    • Thanks dear. I’m glad you liked the post. Well, I am really sorry to hear about that accident of yours and the scar. But the only good is that you’re brace enough to learnt to live with it. God bless 🙂

  • scars on heart are the ones very difficult to erase! You will be well soon and the scar too will disappear, give yourself some time. 🙂

    • Very true that Indrani. Thank you so much for your good wishes :’)

  • So beautiful, no words can ever be as comforting as the ones that you say to yourself… loved the quote towards the end. Letting go is truly the best choice we ever make for our own self.

    • Thanks a lot dear. I am glad you agree with me. 🙂 It definitely takes courage to let go and if we conquer that, we are way out of it. Welcome to TSS Arti

  • I agree with Deeshani’s comment here.

  • So very true. One can’t depend on any body else other than oneself to recover from internal bruises. ..and for that a strong willpower is a must.

    • Very beautifully and rightfully summed up Somali. At the end it’s our willpower that helps us to face and overpower obstacles in life. 🙂


    A much thought provoking post dear.. honestly speaking, you can hide a scar on soul but same is not the case with the scar on face.. but the people who care for you will never leave a scar on your soul and will never notice the scar on your face.. you’ll always be the most beautiful soul to your parents and loved ones… My dear.. there many people out there who may not be as beautiful as others who may not even be average.. but they have to build up the confidence to face the world.. so don’t ever feel embarrassed of such scars.. because the thing that’s important is, how you feel about yourself and not what others do.. A happy face is always the prettiest one. 🙂
    PS: you’re the cutest and your scar is really enigmatic because I’ve never noticed it and I wish no one ever does. Much love<3

    • You weaved it so beautifully my girl. Every line of yours has so much inspiration and depth to it. I am brimming with positive energy ever since I read your lovely thoughts here. No matter how we look but we should certainly master the art of facing the world with sheer elan. Loads of love to you my dearie :*

  • I have experienced a scar on face as well as scars on my soul.
    A scar on face shall heal sooner or later, but a scar on soul may or may not heal.
    Self counseling, positive attitude and sharing woes with dear ones is always helpful.

    • Very truly said Swati. All the key points yo incorporated are absolutely worth it. Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts. And I sincerely wish your scars too fade away with time.

  • SCAR : Everyone is afraid of this.

    Everyone wants a fair complexion – a scarfree skin. I feel those people are lucky who never got a pimple on their face.
    I have been in a hell life due to those pimples all around my face. My oily skin that goes dark in sun.
    Those are lucky who never had pimples. But no one is that lucky who never got a scar on soul.
    Every scar is learning. Every bruise makes you mature.
    I have seen many friends who have zig zag teeth. And some look cute because of that only.
    My 3 year old nephew has little gap in his teeth but that makes him cute.
    Everyone has their strength and weeknesses.
    And by the time you will start learning like how to make your weeknesses their strength.
    For those who says they have scar on soul or heart, I have one deep line.
    दिल ही ऐसी चीज है जो टूट के खूबसूरत होता है।
    Look at the brighter side.
    Try to find goodness.
    In life, we don’t hate every scar.
    Add so much beauty to your life that even scars look beautiful.
    We make a beautiful house and then we hang a black pot to keep it away from evil eyes.
    It reminds me of a Punjabi song “Kaale Rang Da Yaar” you must listen it where lyricist writes how dark people feels bad among those fairy ones.
    I have too much to say but cutting it short.
    Enjoy every part of life. If you got a scar probably its just to protect you from evil eyes.

    • Hey Yogesh, well I am seriously ‘awwwed’ by your comment. Your thoughts are brimming with so much optimism. I’m sure if one develops this kind of attitude to every bruise in life, the scars would be way more easy to be dealt with. It reminds me of the phrase ‘Flawed yet Fabulous’ where even your weaknesses seem to be strengths. Thank you so much for instilling such positive vibes in me about my scars. Now I know they have happened for a reason, a reason unsaid but worth their existence on my body, mind and soul. Cheers! :’)

  • A very meaningful post Maitreni, scars are part of our lives. We have no switch to control them, they are the sudden change. Before i share my experience let me write down a quote on scar. “Never be ashamed of a scar, it simply means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you” Life is a battle, no person can be offered a life guaranteed without a pain/scar, we all have to go through it. I have number of scar which can be seen on my body and many on my heart which are invisible. When am in second standard, i was into a fierce road accident, it broke my bone and left a big vertical scar above my nose, this scar became the reason for bullying. I got bullied because of this scar in many ways by many people. I cried a lot, suffered a lot with both the physical and emotional pain.Then after the end of the school life, this scar slowly left it’s tiny mark on my face forever and left. But, the lessons it taught me are appreciated. Scars on heart are more hurtful than the physical ones. They are the gaps filled in our heart, which are not filled and never have a cure, we only know the pain and only we have to handle them. Finally, scars are teachers, they teach us Which thing is harmful and who are toxic. And am sorry for the scar on your cheek, i pray it will disappear soon:) Amen!

    • Hi Prasanna, first of all thanks a bunch from the bottom of my heart for sharing such valuable life lessons and personal experiences with us. I really appreciate the enigmatic way you have expressed your heart out in your comment. Every line of yours is a true energizer and one of the most important lessons of life. Indeed you rightly said that the path of life is not at all flawless, we do come across pebbles and stones in the midst and we should have that firm determination to conquer every obstacle we face in life. I am really sorry to hear about road accident and petty the mindsets of those shrewd people who heartlessly tried to bully you. However, I am glad that you have learnt to overcome that terrible phase of your life. All I wish is a really happy and blessed life for you. Amen 🙂

  • Avinash Mishra

    Madam jee,

    Someone said, Time fills or heals any kind of Scars. I have scar mark on my left eyebrow. I have scar mark on right thumb, I have scar mark on my leg, etc. Among those scar marks- the most painful scar mark that I got on my heart. This scar mark is not visible. This is an imaginary one. Only such person can feel who got it. It is quite painful. It neither let me live or die. It always made me cry. Let my soul to cry. It always let me felt alone in huge rush. It forcefully allowed my face to act like a smiley face but truth is not like smiley one. I always feel painful of this heartily scar when I close my eyes in loneliness. Things become like subtle body due this this scar. Deadly volcano starts coming inside the heart and mind due to this scar. It made me insomniac. I wanna take deep, relax and pain less- scar less sleep.

    I have lots more to speak on my scar that I got on my heart but I feel scarcity of words as PAIN can’t be expressed over here in content form, indeed it can only be feel.


    Avinash M.

    • Hey Avinash, you seem to have expressed a lot of despair in your thoughts. I am equally feeling pain in reading that, however not as painful of course as it might have seemed to you. In such a crucial phase life, I have only one thing to say “Not all scars are bad and some are even lifetime lessons.” Do read the continuance of this topic with a broader approach here http://www.thestylesymphony.com/scars-are-good/ when you get time. I am sure you would be relieved to some extent and will feel good. Amen.