You are my Shade & I am your Shadow Mom 👯

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“Wish on a star, say a prayer…
Sometimes miracles come in pair!” 😇

Be it the rising mercury or the fading twilight
We’ve always desired for miracles, ain’t I right?

But I never really encountered the urge to wish for any such miracle in my life probably because it had already happened to me the day I was born. And that angel is none other than the one who granted me those wings to fly in the sky-high spirits of my aspirations! Now since the feeling is mutual, the title of this post “[highlight]You are my shade, I am your Shadow[/highlight]” succinctly manifests its might. I had never been as excited to write about Mom as much as I turned after being part of the ‘twinning’ challenge by ‘Fashion at Big Bazaar’. 😀

fbb blogstar mother's day

Ever since childhood, I used to blush when our family, friends and relatives would call me her reflection forecasting that I’d turn up to be as pretty as Mom in future . Today, that I’ve gradually grown up, I feel Mom is not gracefully growing but ever young and beautiful. In fact I am growing with age while her age is diminishing with time as even those wrinkles exhibit her inner aura and radiance.

When the mother-daughter duo walks together on the streets of style, people seldom say ‘The 2 SISTERS look perfect together’. On another jocular front, when dad’s friends ring up home and mum picks the call, she is apparently addressed as “Beta, is Papa there?” and when I do, I get embarrassed by a “Namastey Bhabhi!” tag… Thanks to our homogenous vocal chords! Duh! Most of the time I feel proud but (to be honest) at other times I do envy her! 😛

mother's day twinning fbb blogstar

On every year with Mother’s day, Mum has evolved with me, be it, me twinning her or the vice versa. During childhood, I always longed to look as pretty as her by dressing like mum. And she would seemingly deck me up in attires complimenting hers. Now that the era has changed, she bedecks herself by emulating my looks so that she can flaunt herself with fain in the next-gen fashionista squad. 😉

fbb blogstar mother's day
She was the pretty, I was a poser! 😝

Be it, about my first crush, my best friend, current affair or past break-ups, there’s no stone unturned with my mother. No matter how much my closest of friends have sensed me but mom is the one who has known me, each and every aspect of mine, thereby playing as my pillar of support in life’s ups and downs. Not every mother in this world is as cool and gutsy enough to talk to her daughter’s *male friends* as well, not like a strict guardian, but as a fellow friend. What for? Well, just to judge those boys and remain assured whether her daughter is in the right company! Henceforth, we definitely share ideologies hard to differentiate!

Once again, what could be more fun than to replicate mum on the occasion of the upcoming Mother’s day that too in a Big Bazaar outlet this time! I took her to the nearest fbb showroom in [highlight]P.N.M mall located at P.P. colony, Patna[/highlight]. And trust me, we were totally stumped by the stupendous range of new women’s collection (especially for mommies) they had in store for us. Teaming up with each other turned out to be all the more fun with the trendiest pieces of clothing and accessories offered by them at the store. Here’s a magnificent mirror selfie of our monochrome look that revamped our casual Mother’s day celebrations into a magical one. Thank you fbb! 💝

fbb blogstar big bazaar mother's day

fbb blogstar big bazaar mother's day

Undoubtedly, while thinking about those compliments from people around who stated that I am her *mirror image*, still makes me go awed. 🙊  Viola! We think a-like, we look alike, we dress a-like! So, are we alike! 😀

  • Such a cute pair… looks like both of you are best friends!

  • Beautifully written, Maitreni, with splashes of witty lines in between. Enjoyed reading it. May your bond continues forever & ever! 🙂

  • Patty Johnson

    You’re both so beautiful. Your admiration of your mother is touching. Blessings to you both and happy Mother’s Day to your mom.

  • OMG….you are a splitting image of your mom!

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Good to know about your feelings and bonding about and with your Mom.
    Very nicely expressed.

  • Jayanthi Parthasarathy

    so beautiful <3