She, The Beautiful

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She draped the cloak of darkly sky
Embellished with sequins of her sigh
She honed the art of looking good
Snubbed dissonance as much she could
All she dolled up to sheathe her soul
And she looked so beautiful.

She wrapped a cashmere of memories
Warps from caskets, wefts from dairies
Spun on the looms of dreadful days
Woven in the nights in murky ways
Her chilled carcass turned fanciful
Ah! She looked so beautiful.

She put ill-lit sky in her eyes
And hid those puffs under disguise
She dared to dream that pierced him
She made her eyes up with his whim
Her peepers turned deeper with that kohl
And she looked so beautiful.

She graced her face with tiny stars
Then smiled and said, “These aren’t scars
Adorning them as ‘beauty-spots’
She filled her face’s deserted slots
Her allure flushed with tears plentiful
But she looked so beautiful.

She sought hues for desired lip-shade
By sipping his wrath, her lips turned red
Then she flaunted her fuller lips
The blush of her cheeks were rosy deep
Though the ‘coy mistress’ wasn’t playful
Yet she looked so beautiful

She gazed her glow in blurred mirror
Muffled her soul with ‘vanity fair’
But couldn’t stop her conscience peep
Her own words pierced her soul deep
Then spelled her dreams with paper, pen
She was beautiful she felt again.




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DOMESTIC VIOLENCE — Statistics say that 30% of women in India are beaten badly by their partners, 59% have been traumatized mentally and psychologically but only 1% of them reported to police about the abuses they had to face. Recently, I talked to a lady who accepted that her husband beats her blatantly. But she simply refused him to be confronted. She didn’t want to let anyone know about her agony as she was ashamed of herself being a victim of domestic violence. The irony of that woman made me write this poem. This poem is dedicated to all those women who are suffering because of the people whom they consider their own. I wish all of us, someday, develop intolerance towards domestic violence.

Sangeeta Mishra

  • upasna sethi

    Shaking….But I agree with Rakesh Sangeeta Ji. Fighting back is the only solution otherwise those people won’t stop. Beautifully penned poem but the truth is its painful.

    • Yes, you are right Upasana. I, too agree with Rakeshji for what he means that violence shouldn’t be tolerated. Only I disagreed for taking this on a more violent level. It looks valiant on a woman’s part if she answers back with violence, And it’s helps too. But it’s not at all easy for every one. All a woman needs is proper support and security when she takes a stand, not the shame, disgust rejection and mockery which she normally faces after the revelation of the crime.
      The truth is indeed painful and I hope, talking about it would surely make a change.
      Thank you so much for your valuable comment. 🙂

      • As i observed so many people, I understand this now that speaking out and doing tit for tat is not easy for everyone. I think people facing this should discuss the things more rather than hiding.

  • Rakesh Pandey

    Domestic violence deserves violence. Why can’t you hit back? You are anyway not hitting a man. You are hitting a creature, who’s worse than a man. Who’s worse than a human!

    We all hate to fight with people who fight back and we love to hit them, who readily take the punishment. So, why can’t we get up and hit back for a change?

    Kaun kahta hai aasmaan me surakh ho nahi sakta?
    Ek patthar to tabiyat se ucchalo yaaron!

    -Allama Iqbal Butt

    The point here is, start hitting back. You won’t hit a man. 🙂

    Because, a man never hits a lady.

    • Ask a lady and she’ll tell you how difficult it is to answer violence with violence. It ends up in chaos and destruction. Not every woman is fortunate enough to get support from her family, society and surroundings. Being a woman I can tell you that for us the scenario is exactly opposite as you can see from your end. It’s like if you hit a sack full of bricks and stones, you end of hurting yourself. Sorry, but you can’t understand. 🙁
      Thank you so much Rakeshji for reading and commenting. It’s a morale booster, and your words are so encouraging. Means a lot. 🙂

      • Rakesh Pandey

        Yes, I agree to what you say. Violence doesn’t come naturally to most of us, and this is the truth on which most of the bullies in the world operate. It’s a pity, in fact, as at times, only violence is a solution to such a situation. You can’t reason with a Bengal tiger just as with a bully. They are so used to people accepting their might that they have forgotten about logic and principles. And, like all cowards they select small targets, who can’t hit back.

        It’s really unfortunate, but unless one stands up and counters, there is no real solution to it. 🙁

        • You are absolutely right about the solution Rakeshji! Violence shouldn’t be tolerated. I even stated a positive change of rebuttal at the end of the poem. But initially I wanted to project the agony of the other side, where someone is being tortured not only for being physically weak or frail but also for the sake of society.
          The lady, about whom I’ve talked, is educated and strong enough to take a stand, yet she kept on ignoring violence. Reason being the shame and disgust which she could face if she reveals her trauma. As you’ve said about the bullies, that they operate on soft targets, in such cases they take advantage of the weakness of victims and their social scenario. And it’s the people around who make Bengal tigers out of these cowards by creating a shameful atmosphere for the victims. We need to reweave the fabric of the society so that the victim gets a backup before she hits back.
          Thank you once again for your comment.

          • Rakesh Pandey

            That’s the most shameful fact that the strong always take side of the bullies, rather than the of the weak. The weak don’t have any other option than either hushing up or rising up. Rising up is much better choice, though it requires a lot of guts.

          • Well said ! Rising up is indeed the best choice, and all we need to ignore the frowns when a woman decides to revolt against violence. And it takes guts! Thank you so much for commenting back Rakeshji. I’m really grateful. 🙂

  • Patty Johnson

    You exquisitely portray the irony of the woman’s strength and beauty even as she is being treated in such an oppressive and hateful manner.

    You also stated it perfectly when you mentioned a hope for widespread intolerance for domestic violence. I agree. It continues to go on because people are tolerant and even accepting of this behavior.

    Thanks for your courage as well as all the people suffering from abuse. One of the people who commented said she wishes women were more courageous. I think women being abused are quite courageous and it is abusive men who are cowards.

    Further, it is very difficult to leave an abusive relationship and attempts to leave are usually the most dangerous times because they challenge the abuser’s insecurities and need for control.

    Thanks for your bravery in writing this heart-wrenching but necessary poem. Education and exposure will be the factors necessary to end domestic abuse. Blessings!

    • Hey Patty,
      First of all thank you so much for this detailed comment of yours, it’s indeed valuable for me. I’m so touched with your approach of looking into this problem. You very well understand the situation of domestic violence victims. There are certain strings attached with the problem called family and society. It’s really difficult to revolt against the former when the later is not ready to accept you when you are abandoned. You have said,
      ” I think women being abused are quite courageous and it is abusive men who are cowards” — this sums up the entire saga of torment and misery. Wish someday education makes men and women both able enough to say no to violence. Amen !
      Thank you once again Patty for giving this a read and I’m really sorry for this late reply !

  • Hard hitting and powerful poem Sangeeta – woman is known for her patience and tolerance but here you have picked up those virtues and pointed at the irony of it too. Who is she? Where is the real self hidden? Why does she take the pain to put on a ‘beautiful’ face in front of the society that hardly seems to care? So many questions that she doesn’t answer – ‘cold carcass’ is an extremely strong impression and gave me the chills.

    • Yes Sunaina! Patience and tolerance are indeed virtues until taken for granted by others. Why she chose to hide her pain behind her beauty, is the structure of the society we live in. It’s really difficult to speak up against such crimes because women find it disgraceful as they are not treated as victims but culprits. They are sympathized, discussed, rumored and stared but not empathized and helped. Others don’t want to interfere into family matters and relatives stop victims to seek help from outside in the name of prestige and honor. It’s really difficult to find solution peacefully as this violence ends up in destruction.

      Thanks for taking time for reading my post despite being so busy and inactive in blogging. Means a lot and sorry for the late reply.

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Very beautifully through words.
    You are really a very good poet(Poetess).

  • Touching but a very sad poem. Nice depiction of the domestic violence, though, I’d wish no one would ever have to write over such a topic.

    • Truly said Mr. Kishor ! It’s really difficult to write over such such issues. Thanks for dropping by !

  • Indrani

    Really sad! Wish women were more courageous!

  • Carefully chosen words to illustrate your points, Sangeeta Ji. It’s a trembling experience. A masterpiece indeed. Domestic violence is a serious threat for a healthy family and society. Liked the positive connotation of the word ‘intolerance.’

    • Yes Ravish, it’s indeed a blemish for the fabric of a healthy society and the most saddening thing is that many a women are compelled to hide this disgrace behind their faking smiles. Wish people (men, in most of the cases), would understand the aftermath of their frantic behavior, someday! Thank you so much !