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It’s been a journey full of shine, bling and razzmatazz ever since my association with Youshine, for the last 10 months. It’s a total déjà-vu kinda experience watching those shimmering trinkets and alluring accessories every week and being blown away with fascination.

So what I decided was to visit a Youshine store just to experience my virtual fantasy in real and to pick my favorites. ‘Twas an addictive shopping spree and what stopped me from over indulging myself was my value-driven Mom. She simply refused to pay after these beauties which she herself loved. Hope you’d also fall in love with these Eye Opener Owl Pendant, Serene Senorita Pink Studs and Cosmos Connoisseur Leggings.




Later, when I decided to do an outfit post with them and discussed it with the brand head, I was showered upon with a great surprise. Indeed, it was a handful of pure bliss when I held this Sheer Nostalgia black box clutch. I felt as if I’m ready to challenge the global trends with my share of luxury from Youshine.


So here are some dressing tips about how I incorporated Youshine in my looks from morning till evening to get that ‘wow’ factor.


LOOK 1: The Office Look with Youshine

Youshine has a great collection of gorgeous earrings ranging from chandeliers to hoops and from danglers to studs. But I simply fell in love with these Serene Senorita studs to revamp my office wear. A head to toe classic work-wear look gets glamorized with these cutesies and compliments my abtract print crinkled shirt too. Have a look!


Shirt: Paaneri, Andheri west

Pencil Skirt: Wills Lifestyle

Handbag: Lavie

Pumps: Catwalk

Genuine Leather Belt: Colaba Causeway

Serene Senorita Studs: Youshine




LOOK 2: Casual Funk Look with Youshine

Owl accessories are considered to add oomph factor to once casual attire and Youshine has abundance of owl accessories in their collection. I picked this Eye-opener Owl Pendant as I was drooling over it for months since I saw its pic online. It works wonders over my rompers-tee-jacket look. Watch out!


 Jacket: Koutons 

Rompers: Jealous 21

White Tee: X n Y

Loafers: Catwalk

Eye Opener Owl Pendant: Youshine



LOOK 3: Casual Chic Look with Youshine

If you are looking for some fun leg-wear you know where to rush. Yes! I’m talking about Youshine leggings. These loquacious leggings are the new ‘In’ thing and the lust among the lovelies. A plain tee gets enliven up with them and if they are teamed up with a sequin tee, they simply spell splendor. Peek-a-boo here!

leggings look

Sequinned Top: Reliance trends 

Sling Bag: The Vanca

Ring: TH Boxes

Kitten Heels: Caltwalk

Cosmos Connoisseur Leggings: Youshine



LOOK 4: The Party Look with Youshine

Last but not the least it’s about my new possession, that is, as transparent as true love and as grey as complicated relations. 😉 Yes, I’m talking about the Sheer Nostalgia Box Clutch with gold frame which comes with a gold sling along— the jewel in the crown of my Youshine collection. It strikes a bling when your cellphone rings and you become the talk-of-the-town! 😛


It stands out among the party crowd and jells-well with almost any kind of party wear because of its gold frame. Whether I catch it or sling it with my black sheer evening dress, I feel like finding a new flaunt factor in me. Get a glimpse here!


Maxi  Dress: Dressberry

Watch: Citizen

Bangle: Kim’s Jewellery

Gold Heels: From Mom’s old collection

Sheer Nostalgia Box clutch: Youshine 

box clutch closeup

Hope you liked these morning to evening dressing ideas bedazzled with Youshine. So, girls what are you waiting for? Just get your own share of shine here and shine on! 🙂

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  • You’re looking great in every outfits 🙂

  • Owl designs seem to be so in, right? I see I’ve found a few things for my little girl, with cute owls in them.

    • Yeah.. Owl accessories are very much in! I am glad you got something for your princess ^_^

  • Jyothi D’mello

    Excellent post Maitreni. There is no doubt that the Owl pendant is the show stealer (after you that is) 🙂

  • Nice accessories. Look great.

  • the ullu pendant is the cutest 🙂 love all ur looks sweets xoxo

  • The pendant is very eye-catching. The chic office look gets my top marks, Maitreni. You look lovely in all 🙂

  • very cool, agree with Vinay loved the owl pendant 🙂

  • Nice, I really like the owl pendent :). Looks super cool! 🙂