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~ Tanka ~                                                                ~ Tanka ~


Tiny star’s sparkle

Lost in the fabled isles

Of melancholy

In the quest of her true love

Perished amidst dejection


Love is the most beautiful, transcendent and mystical feeling one could ever have. But this beautiful emotion turns weird when someone fails in that and chooses to kill its beauty by opting for a suicide. Many girls have chosen that pathetic path. Recently, Pratyusha Banerjee (T.V. actor) and earlier Ziya Khan (Bollywood Star), Nafisa Joseph (Miss India & model), Divya Bharti (Bollywood star) and hundreds of such names, chose to die in the name of love.

Not only these celebs but also thousands of those anonymous girls who rather accept death over life after failed and futile love. It hurts me for being a mother of grown-up girls and I don’t think its love which destroys either life or the zest of living it. Love is all about rising towards spiritual heights, not at all about destruction, disgust, depression and death at the end. My Tanka, today, expresses the agony of that girl who chooses to fall rather than rising in love and I request her not to loose her shine and grandeur.

Sangeeta Mishra

Tanka is a form of Japanese poetry containing 31 syllables in 5 lines composed of 5-7-5-7-7 syllable count normally evoking human emotions.

  • Well conveyed in few lines!

    It is not love that destroys but restraint to one particular person. If one could love a stranger or a person met in short term, why not love the parents and live for the dear ones with whom one grows up. If one is really lovable he/she could exchange love with anybody.

    • Very well said Mr. Jeevan! Dying in love is kind of being too selfish to think of your loved ones. And true love neither makes you weak nor selfish. I can agree more to your thoughts. Thank you so much for liking the post and expressing your views in such beautiful words.

  • If it uplifts you that means it was true love, at least from your side. Kalidas was the example of rising in failed love. Hope our youngsters could realize it.

  • It breaks my heart to see young gals ending life for love…and you have portrayed their state so well maam !

    • Yes Roma! It’s a matter of concern for all of us. Being mature and responsible citizens, our hearts pain. Wish our words could be heard. Thank you for your kind words.

  • Saru

    Love must make us strong. It’s better to leave those who bring agony.

    You brought the message beautifully.

    • Truly said Saru. The zest of love is it’s strength. If it can’t survive in the struggle of life, it wasn’t true.
      Thank you.

  • Completely agree with your words. Love is never destructive. It’s all about patience. Morals are getting lost, faith and hope are being replaced by anger and dejection.

    • Well said Swati. If we could convey the message to those weak girls (or boys too), who even think of such cowardly act, we’ll be successful in our motive.

  • Giving up seems to be the trend in young people these days unfortunately. 🙁
    Great lines. Well written.

    • Well said Indrani ! It hurts so see them like that. Glad that you liked the lines.

  • Amit Agarwal

    Great tribute, and effort to dissuade, Sangeeta!

  • Beautiful but sad.

  • Rakesh Pandey

    It’s sad! Love, the eternal bliss and the creator of life is stigmatized and held responsible for tragedy! Don’t know what gave in! The childish concept of love, which is carnal or our own instant gyan, which considers a minute lost if it isn’t productive? The yardsticks have changed, so has the psyche. Love isn’t a bliss anymore. It’s physical and tangible. Thank God I’m a Benarasi and believe in Hardcore and raw emotions!

    I don’t believe in dying in love. If someone allows you to die in love, then they never loved you na! Love is a surrender. I’d suggest a crash course in Sufi and Anahad before falling in love. It will bring a bit of sanity and a larger perspective before jumping in the stupid well. 😀

    I just loved your tanka, ma’am! Wish I had a bit of brevity! My comment shows how brief am I! 😀

    • Great thoughts RakeshJi ! It hurts when we see youngsters destroying their lives. It’s great seeing people like you still believing in hardcore emotions, or else this wold is getting totally filled with plastic sensibilities, which is often misunderstood as true love by emotional kids.
      I’m so overwhelmed by your kind words, means a lot. And I value your being so expressive and evocative on my posts. Each and every word of yours, is an asset to TSS, and your comments show how rich I am ! 🙂

  • Purba Chakraborty

    You are so right. True love is enlightening that makes us a better person. However, in today’s world, attachment, obsession and deception often comes in the garb of true love, which many people fail to understand.

    Heartwrenching and poignant poem.

    • Well said Purba. The young generation must understand the real meaning and worth of love. It should be enlightening, not distressing.

      Thank you so much.

  • Melancholic!!