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[highlight]Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-short[/highlight]”— Charlie Chaplin said it right! The best way to deal with life’s problems is to get detached from them and watch them with a new outlook. This unfastening from realism is called comedy and is quite cathartic in its way. Comedy seems simple, funny but it amalgamates loads of wit and intellect, thus needs lots of brains and expertise to commemorate. That’s why, a ‘Shakespearean Fool’ is considered to be one of the most clever and intellectual person in literature.

In today’s mundane life, everyone needs a solace from their hectic schedules and catharsis from despair. And here comes the role of a platform where one could find “Stand up comedy” at its easiest mode, just a click away from your finger tips. is that very stage which provides the center stage to all the promising and budding comic talents. Their ‘Stand-up Comedy’ feature brings forth the A-Z of comedy with almost each and every detail needed for an upcoming comedian.

LIVE IN STYLE— Stand-up Comedy: Entertainment unlimited!

Right from the definition of stand-up comedy, you can find the information about various celeb stand-up comedians such as, [highlight]Veer Das, Tanmay Bhatt, Aditi Mittal, Ashish Shakya[/highlight] and many other top-notch comic stars who need no introduction. Live in Style is a place where you can make and mark your online presence if you have the power to tickle the funny bones of the masses and that too, from your very own comfort zone— your home. Just enact, shoot, upload and make the world laugh on your buff-stuff!

Live in Style’s stand-up comedy feature is not only a platform to showcase your talent to the world but also a place to learn new aspects of humor and comedy for you to shape-up your talent to the next level. Their “who’s and how-to” videos and detailed blogs on comedy inculcate wit in you and help you bring out the hilarious side of your persona.

Live in Style is a platform which provides you with solutions of all your lifestyle queries. If you belong to that genre of people who have a keen eye towards brews and liquors, its bar section is the best place for you to splurge in.  So, for all those people who love quality drinks and brews in style, ‘Live In Style’ also caters a section of grand bars where you can find classy ambiance for you to live in style.

So, if you are a comic pro, just showcase your prowess to the world through Live in Style and if you belong to genre of comedians-in-the-making— it’s your school to shoot you towards glory. You can even participate in their Youtube channel’s Comedy Hunt to win success and stardom by simply their T & C and uploading your stand-up comedy videos according to the current theme they provide weekly.

So, Symphonites, go and grab the glory and live in style! 🙂

  • Good write up Maitreni.Humour is the essential ingredient for all of us and these stand up comedy is surely a bless .:)

    Sriram & Krithiga

  • Chandresh Jain

    Hi, Your Post started with same quote as mine 🙂

    • What a coincidence it is. Just saw your post. When it was published, mine was under moderation with Blogmint & the brand. So it’s a mere coincidence. Well It’s good that apart from the great quote of Charlie Chaplin, our posts are entirely different. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  • Anjali Sengar

    Nice post sweetie.. I love to watch comedy shows 🙂

  • Interestingly presented with some deep thoughts. Good write-up Maitreni 🙂

  • Purba Chakraborty

    Nice article dear. A day is really wasted without smiles and laughter. I really respect stand-up comedians who fill our lives with so much laughter 🙂

    • Thank you dear, I so very agree with what you said. 🙂 Stand up comedians are truly respectable. 🙂

  • Tis an awesome app 🙂

  • Comedy is the essence of a happy life…. 🙂 well-written, dear…

  • Nice. .That sounds pretty interesting. It was about time that stand up comedy took the centre stage in India. It is nice to know that there is some sizeable progress happening in that front 🙂

    • Very true that Vinay. I’m sure stand up comedy would make their grip once again very soon. 🙂

  • I love to watch comedy but to perform something would be a nightmare for me. 😛 🙂

    • hahaha… well that isn’t my cup of tea too Indrani and that’s why I respect the job done by stand up comedians. 🙂