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lakme school of style

Gone are the days of royalties when the girls had to spend years in finishing schools and rigorous hours in grooming classes to get that suave style and sophisticated edge. Now, it’s the era of the modern woman who has multiple tasks to perform, million goals to achieve and even more ways to fulfill her dreams.

The generation ‘X’ (next) woman, whether riches or rags has no much time to spend on learning style while she knows it’s vital for her. The on-the-move all the way girl of today needs style tips that are handy yet appropriate. Here comes ‘[highlight]Lakme School of Style[/highlight]’ at her rescue.

lakme school of style


Yves Saint Laurent said it right;

“Fashion fades, style is eternal”…

And to adorn that style that neither fades nor diminishes your aura and teaches you to how to rules the fashion circuit, Lakme School of Style brings in these video tutorials that help you survive in this dark devil world of fashion. So, if you wanna master the art of looking good and good living, now you have your own personalized finishing school just a click away from your finger tips.

Though it was a difficult task to choose from the varied variety of video tutorials served at their best at Lakme School of Style, I picked my favorites according to my preferences.

  1. 5 must-have bags for a fashion girl by Lakme School of Style

My first favorite among these oh-so-fashionably-done videos is by [highlight]Sanjana Banaik[/highlight]. Being a baggista and owning more than hundreds of bags, this video took my heart away took my heart away at the very first glance. It’s really a survivor in distress for me as I normally get confused when it comes to bags.

She has explained the needs of a girl and the functionality of bags according to occasions and helped a fashionable girl to cater her choices of bags accordingly. Sanjana has very well explained us how owning a mere 5 types of bags i.e. tote, clutch, cross-body, structured and holdall are more than sufficient for a girl to quench her style thirst for bags.

  1. How to nail that selfie makeup by Lakme School of Style

My second favorite among these videos is surely gonna be the choicest of all the selfie-o-holic fashionistas out there. Here [highlight]Sukhneet Vadhwa[/highlight] discusses about the current global phenomenal of clicking selfies with filters among girls to look more beautiful.

She teaches us how to create a made-up look that is selfie compatible and cam-friendly with which you can click ‘wow’ selfies of yours without using any pre-installed filters in your smartphone. Here Sukhneet has showed us a step-by-step makeup tutorial with Lakme color cosmetics and makeup products for a 5-minutes selfie-friendly made-up look.


These two awesome videos are mere a curtain raiser for the entire ‘wow’some show. So, if you wanna enter the savoir faire of style, fashion, and hi-living, the Style Symphony suggests you to delve into sheer luxury of Lakme School of Style. 🙂

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