Sugarfree Khajoor: Savor the new version of Bihar Delicacy

sugar-free khajoor

Life is an amalgam of all the tastes—sour, salty, bitter, spicy. But the taste which rules our taste-buds, is indeed no other than the sweet one. A foodie is incomplete without savoring the ‘queen of all Rasas’— ‘The Madhurya Rasa’—‘The sweet flavour’. A meal is considered inadequate if it lacks a desert or sweet-dish. It’s the one taste which rules almost all kinds of cuisines and we cannot ignore that hidden sweet-tooth inside our mouths, no matter what kind of food we love.

But, like a thorn with a flower, sweets come with an alarming ingredient—that’s Sugar, the warehouse of all the ailments which come free with the taste. Calories, weight-gain, diabetes and what not, all these gigantic diseases/ problems have a simple solution – ‘Sugarfree Natura’, same taste without any heist. It’s a sweetner which substitutes our sweet-dishes with sheer sweet, no snag. With ‘Sugarfree Natura’, there lies only taste and goodness minus all those fears of looking fat or being ill.

Today, The Style Symphony shares the ‘Sugarfree version’ of an age old recipe of a rustic sweet from Bihar, which is easy to cook and delicious in taste with a longer shelf life of about a month (if kept in a cool and dry place in an airtight container).

Khajoor, the recipe belongs to Eastern India, especially Bihar. It’s a crispy, crusty sweet, quite close to cookies and biscuits, though fried and contains much calorie count. I’ve seen my mom preparing it as ‘Naivaidya’ (offerings) for Pujas on many of our festivals and it’s quite yummy for a person with a sweet tooth (I find it a bit harder than cookies to bite).


Here I’m sharing my mother’s recipe to prepare the good old Bihari dish with a new twist, i.e., by substituting sugar with ‘Sugarfree Natura’, for a less calorie version of Khajoor.

sugar-free khajoor


Whole wheat flour— 1kg

Pure ghee— 200 gms

Finely chopped dry coconut— 25 gms

Raisins (khishmish)— 25 gms

Finely chopped dry dates (chuhara)— 25 gms

Sugarfree Natura — 200 gms

Oil or pure ghee for frying

Method for preparation:

Add all chopped dry fruits (coconut, raisins, and dry-dates) to the flour and mix them well. Melt the ghee on mild flame and slowly add it to the flour. Mix it gently with very light hand movement. Remember, not to knead the atta with harsh hands. Sprinkle some water, if required, to turn all the ingredients into a dough quite similar to pasty-crust. Lastly, add sugar-free powder to the mixture and mix it well again lightly. Now your dough is ready to be cooked.

Prepare lemon sized dough balls with light fist. Press them over the wooden mould especially made to prepare khajoor (easily available in the market) or use any other pastry or biscuit moulds. Heat oil or pure ghee in a frying pan on low flame, deep-fry the pedas till golden brown (continuously on low flame). Turn them accordingly till done from both sides, strain them out, let them cool down and sprinkle some Sugarfree Natura over them.

sugar-free khajoor

Your deadly delicacy from Bihar is ready to serve! So, serve, savor and indulge like a true Symphonite for a svelte figure with Sugarfree Natura.  🙂

— Sangeeta Mishra

  • Meera

    I love khajoor. nice recipe shared. 🙂

  • I never thought there can be sugar-free dates also! But, wow, you gave me something to look forward to.

    • No no, Mr. Singhal. These aren’t dry dates but this deep fried recipe shares the same name, Quite funny but yummy. 🙂 Well, thanks a lot. 🙂

  • Great recipe for winters..Looks quiet healthy..
    Thank you for sharing.. 🙂

  • Loved the recipe Maitreni 🙂 They are good looking and a traditional method of preparation. I would like to view this on TV, so i wish you all the best for the contest.

    • Thank you so much Mr. Dasari. I’m glad that you liked the recipe, and thanks a lot for your good wishes. 🙂