Summer Fashion Trends for Women: Style Hacks 2017

Womens summer fashion trends 2017

Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”— Rightly said by Coco Chanel. We, at The Style Symphony are here to celebrate the true essence of fashion with our style hacks by Design Info that is timeless and has ruled the fashion circuit for long. And by the fashion forecast magazine subscription by Design Info, you can also get regular updates about fashion trends and stay stylish ahead of your time.

latest fashion trends style hacks 2017 the style symphonyLOOK 1: School Girl Look

The age-old vintage charm of the school-girl-look has always ruled the fashion scenario and is here to stay for long. This trend of classic, neatly-cut, well-fitted outfits with a touch of naughtiness and quirk along with timeless accessories suits almost all body types, hides flaws and accentuates ones assets very well. A sweet-sixteen, forever-young look, it is, meant for a girl-next-door who wants to look like a diva.

latest fashion trends style hacks 2017 the style symphonyLOOK 2: Peek-a-boo

The see-through PVC trend is a new innovation introduced by designers to cater the Hi-fashion needs of the modern woman and to satiate her urge to express and explore her true inner self. It is the portrayal of her intrinsic aura and her honesty. This look reflects the generation-next woman who shines with sheer glamour from outside yet raw and true to herself from inside.

latest fashion trends style hacks 2017 the style symphonyLOOK 3: Floral Summer Wear

Flower-power for summers is an era’s old idea! In fact, it’s the best trend for all seasons be it spring summer or fall winter. The big bold blooms add a dash of refreshing hues and warm tones to the deadly-chilling winds and dull-boring winters and not to mention suits the ambiance of spring summer season. I’d love to flirt with style by stealing away that oomph of sensuality and adding the scents and sensibility of my garden to my wardrobe.

latest fashion trends style hacks 2017 the style symphonyLOOK 4: Ultra-whites 

Serene, suave yet seductive! If black is classic, then white is definitely fantastic! A nice white outfit emits positive vibes, spells class, speaks sophistication and whispers subtle glamour. An everlasting, ever-whitening trend which is here for ages and will stay forever! Soft cottons, crisp linens, sheer chiffons, ivory toned silks and organzas portray the ‘best’est of whites adding to the fashion scenario.

latest fashion trends style hacks 2017 the style symphonyLOOK 5: Monochrome

Style, poise, posture and sophistication, that’s the ultimate mantra of a modern woman and the mobochrome/Achromatic trends fit in all those standards and cater my classic fashion needs. Well, this trend comes to my rescue in those ‘what-to-wear and what-not’ dilemmas. Best for an office brunch as well as a corporate lunch, this monochrome look not only works well on smart western wear but also a checkered Kanjivaram saree in black-n-white looks great in a formal-do.

latest fashion trends style hacks 2017 the style symphonyLOOK 6: Fit & Flair

Figure-hugging, well-cut and well-tailored, this trend celebrates femininity and speaks the modern sensibility of the new woman of substance. These well-fitted silhouettes and uniquely shaped accessories evoke the true spirit of the woman-of-today who loves her body as well as her mind, brain and soul.

These aforementioned fashion trends are classic yet contemporary and could be adopted by talented fashion designers worldwide. These trends would be apt for the upcoming fall winter season or for the next spring summer season and can be found in trend reports of fashion magazines supplied by Design Info.

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