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Happy Birthday to my Forever Little Baby!

happy birthday baby

Happy Birthday Glimmer!   In that deadly dark sky after that twilight, Then emerged a dimmed delicate light Amidst those congregated emotions,  I held a tiny star, after that endless night. ‘Twas an era of lost hopes As I lost all strength, all support of mine, And was thrown into a deep dead sea of despair And then I saw a feeble shine Yes, she was a little ray of hope A starlet, who was though, not bright She sprinkled ... Read More »

उपहार: A Birthday Gift for You!

Happy Birthday Maitreni Mishra

Happy Birthday Sunshine! 🙂 What could I gift you on this Birthday as all what belongs to me is yours. Apart from all the love, care, concern and time, I have a treasure of words for you. Here they go…  सर्द हवाओं में अपने सपनों की गर्मी भर दूँ, शुष्क मौसम को आंसुओं की नमी से तर दूँ | स्वयं करूँ अपना ही अस्तित्व तार-तार , कि पा सको तुम विलक्षण व्यक्तित्व बेशुमार | मुट्ठी में बंद कर लूँ अहम् ... Read More »

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