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I Didn’t listen To You Maa

godrej expert

I gazed into her seasoned eyes, She said, “A quick glance should suffice. But never-ever do this to anyone, Co’z your quietude isn’t meant to be gone. All you are deemed to behold down, So that you can ignore all frowns.” But I didn’t listen to my Maa I dared, stared all eyes and got stigma. She said, “You’re born to live for others, The one who only cares and mothers, Don’t dare ever think of yourself, But bend your ... Read More »

My Inspiration, my Mother & her Impact on my life!

Team The Style Symphony

Everyone needs an inspiration whose impact changes their life from ordinary to extraordinaire. In my life, there are many people to whom I owe my life. Teachers, friends, parents, relatives, siblings, all of them influence me less or more, but the person whose impact is the most on my life is definitely my Mom who has shaped me from rugged to fine and from rotten to ripe. All the mothers in this world create an impact on their kids, but ... Read More »



End is always saddening but it always leaves behind an enriching experience and hope for a new beginning. The year has come to an end but I am not left empty handed, I’m not sad as loads of wisdom is what I have obtained. Some questions are tough to be asked than answered Some dreams are meant to be shattered Some prayers are offered, listened But remain unanswered. Clouds— deadly and dark, do suffocate sometimes, But it never rains, The ... Read More »

Sands of Time

sands of time

This poem is my first ever English poem as an amateur poet, written about 30 years back when I was a teen and studying in class 12th. Time leaves all behind, Joy and sorrow of yesterday Are the things to be forgotten And never to mind! Friends meet and separate, If you don’t care you’ll be late. Things are made to be destroyed So, this life is to be enjoyed. Yet this enjoyment should be restrained Or else by time, ... Read More »

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