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A Fantastico Wardrobe for the Fashionable Man

fashionable men

No matter how fashionable a man is and how fantastico his dressing sense is, he always does fashion faux-pas which lead to a disastrous dressing. We, at The Style Symphony, often advice women with our fantastico fashion tips and sort their dressing dilemmas but men are left deprived. So, for a change this time, we have tried to come up with some classic, contemporary, adaptable and irresistible styling ideas that can add a wow fantastico look which could turn a clumsy ... Read More »

Peppy Dressing Tips for the Perky You!

peppy summer fashion

Get the style peppy and fairy to visit you this season with hot, Bohemian-style and feminine clothes. Fashion seem to be on one long holiday as peppy styles take a mix of Bohemian-feminine-retro, seen in floral print gypsy skirts and shrunken cropped jackets, embellished tops, tunics, kitschy bags, strappy sandals and free-flowing silhouettes in everything from cheer chiffons to crisp linen. And although not strikingly different from last year’s fashion lookbook, the main stress will be on comfort, wearability and ... Read More »

Color Pop V/S Color Block: Wear your attitude

attitude ootd the style symphony

Attitude is in the way you walk… Attitude is in the way you talk… Attitude is in the way you dress… Attitude is in the way you express… Attitude comes from within be it in the portrayal of your personality or in your intrinsic style sense! It is your aplomb with which you carry yourself that reflects your free spirited aura.  To manifest our thoughts, the Style Symphony is here with an OOTD post with an amalgam of both the ... Read More »

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