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The Eternal Retaliation: Haiku

the holy ganges gangotri

The picture of Gangotri (the origin of the holy Ganga) was clicked during my last Kedarnath (Uttarakhand) visit. ~ Haiku ~                                                              ~ Haiku ~ Swift waves, savage rocks Surf sways with cosmic glory Stones melt with fury — Sangeeta Mishra A Haiku is a Japanese poem traditionally comprising of seventeen syllables, in ... Read More »

The Cactus Flowers

cactus flowers

~ Haiku ~                                                                               ~ Haiku ~ Withstanding outrage, Tiny coral blooms traversed the furious thorns. Charles Darwin called it the ‘Survival of the fittest’. We, either Call it the ‘Fighter Spirit’ or ‘Never-Say-Die’ spirit, it’s all about standing against all odds. ... Read More »

A Haiku on Haiku!


What to write? My mind is completely drained out! My brain is cluttered with thoughts, but I have no time to transform them into black and white! We are running short of offers for sponsored posts! Social media, WhatsApp kill creativity! I have a very nice and detailed story framed in my mind but I’m losing track on the narration part! There are multiple reasons for a blogger for not to blog, and then a little one comes to the ... Read More »

Interlude: Haiku

River Ganges haiku

This picture was clicked by my sister from a bridge over River Ganges, a couple of days back. Though it’s just spring season and summers are yet to come, still Ganga is partially dry and a bit lifeless. Despite the river being deficient in water, boats were still sailing. That’s the ‘never say die’ spirit of life. ~ Haiku ~                                         ... Read More »

Hues of Holi: Haiku


The colors of Holi give me more reasons to be happy when painted on their joy-drenched faces! ~ Haiku ~                                                                         ~ Haiku ~ Vivid shades of joy With the paroxysm of love Cascading delight — Sangeeta Mishra A *Haiku* is a Japanese poem traditionally ... Read More »

Denounced : Haiku

haiku the style symphony

The poet, the free-bird in me wants to fly high in the sky of hopes and opportunities. But, responsibilities and criticism chop her wings. Haiku                                                                            Haiku Above the zenith Beyond the new horizon there is a quibble — Sangeeta Mishra A Haiku is a Japanese ... Read More »

Motherhood: Haiku

broken motherhood

A Haiku is a Japanese poem traditionally comprising of seventeen syllables, in three lines of ‘five’, ‘seven’, and ‘five’, which evokes natural images, now a days referred to as #micropoetry. But, my Haiku is a new adaptation of the traditional one as I have portrayed the complex human emotions instead of the beauty of nature.   Thee scratched my soul, pulled the umbilical cord harsh, Motherhood’s broken.  — Sangeeta Mishra  Read More »

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