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I Didn’t listen To You Maa

godrej expert

I gazed into her seasoned eyes, She said, “A quick glance should suffice. But never-ever do this to anyone, Co’z your quietude isn’t meant to be gone. All you are deemed to behold down, So that you can ignore all frowns.” But I didn’t listen to my Maa I dared, stared all eyes and got stigma. She said, “You’re born to live for others, The one who only cares and mothers, Don’t dare ever think of yourself, But bend your ... Read More »

ममता का आँचल

ममता का आँचल

ममता के आँचल से सींचा है किनारा, मृदुल जल के दर्पण में मिला है सहारा | उन्नति पर अग्रसर वो राह डगमगाती थी, डाँट से जब डरकर हर रूह काँप जाती थी, संध्या में दिया जलाकर किया जीवन जगमग सारा| पक्षियों के पर लगाकर दिया व्योम को स्वर्णिम तारा || कहता है सूरज से सागर का सवेरा, तुम हर क्षण ऊर्जा से साथ देना मेरा | टूटी-बिखरी किश्तों में ह्रास होती ज़िन्दगी, स्वप्न टूटे, ख्वाब छूटे, मरणासन्न पड़ी | आक्रोश ... Read More »

Every day is a Mother’s Day for Me and my Birthday for You!

mother's day

“Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life.”— Sophocles says it and so does my Mom who feels she was born again after me. Why should Mother’s day a worldwide celebration of motherhood just happen on a particular day? For those selfless sacrifices of Mom’s throughout our lives, don’t you feel everyday should be a mother’s day! 1st August, 1991, was the day I was born and so did my mom who claimed to get a new life ... Read More »

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