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Yoga Poses to Practice Everyday Part II


In our previous blog post about Yoga, we discussed some difficult yet effective yoga poses to maintain the equilibrium of body, mind and soul. But before we practice those tough yoga poses which need optimum flexibility, we require to practice some basic ones. Following are the next set of easy yoga asanas which you can yourself practice at home without the help of any experts! 🙂 1. PRASARITA PADOTTANASANA It helps in lengthening the spinal column and stretching the legs ... Read More »

Top 10 Yoga Poses to practice everyday!


They say, “Exercises are like prose, whereas yoga is the poetry of movements.” Yoga helps to maintain an adequate balance between the mind, body and soul. Yesterday, 21st June, being the International Yoga Day, we at, The Style Symphony thought of celebrating it in our distinct way. Following are the 10 unique yoga poses to boost your stamina and make you delve into a healthy lifestyle! 🙂 1. NATARAJASANA It helps in improving the balance of the body and concentration ... Read More »

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