#Talesof2015: An Year of Mistakes, Regrets and Lessons Learnt

Happy New Year 2016

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The sun rises and sets, 

A lamp lightens up and fades…

Moments arise and die, 

Year begins and ends…

But life always sustains…… 

Let the light of life shine over dark

and our spirits survive against all odds

with the newness and novelty on this New Year.

Talking about one’s achievements is quite an easy task, but accessing one’s failures is equally daunting. Today, when the whole world is talking about its achievements on the onset of New Year, I have decided to share my fears, my losses, my mistakes and further, my regrets, my remorse and those great lessons life has taught me.

Looking back to my gains in the year 2015, I feel as if I’m left bare handed with lots sacrificed and achieved nothing in return. But still, I would proudly say that 2015 has given me the greatest gift of my life before it bid adieu, and that was my conscience, the self realization, I acquired after making mistakes, followed by deep feelings of agony, anguish, regrets, self-disgust and ultimately lessons learnt after that sense of culpability.

Like every other year, my New Year 2015 too started with celebrations, aspirations, expectations and all the novelty I could add to and expect back from my surroundings. And there started the conflict of guilt! Here I’d share my teenage story of (guilt). When I was 14, I experienced my first ever saga of delinquency done by me on my friend. It happened when I refused helping her in the class crafts project as I wanted mine to be the best.

She wanted me to help her but I, despite offering help initially, refused at the last moment and chose the hell of guilt for a lifetime. It was the day when I lost that good friend of mine as I couldn’t correct that mistake in time by apologizing to her. Later, we were sent to different cities for our studies and I was left living with self-accusation and shame so never thought to face her.

Years after that unpleasant incident, I met her in 2015 and the ice melted. I confessed in front of her, shared my regret and remorse with her and learned a lifetime lesson to correct my mistakes without any delay. This incident has taught me a lot and I said sorry to so many people to whom I have hurt knowingly or unknowingly throughout 2015.

But my #TalesOf2015 wouldn’t be complete until I share the lessons I learnt, taught to me by destiny. It’s my story of mistakes, of being too emotional and trusting people without even knowing them properly. I even trusted on some who were ‘the proven wrong’ and just promised me a change in them which later on proved wrong.

I felt like disgusted and cheated enough when I was misled, misguided and drained out of the emotional connect. This too, was the important lesson 2015 has taught to me— not to trust someone just because you are emotionally inclined towards them. An extremely emotional and sensitive person like me learnt how to restrain her feelings and control her emotions for not to be fooled by others.

End is always saddening but it always leaves behind an enriching experience and hope for a new beginning. The year 2015 has already come to an end but I am not left empty handed, I’m not sad as loads of wisdom is what I have obtained. So, I would like to express my saga of failures and new beginnings in the form of my poem written on the eve of New Year…

#Talesof2015 with a Happy note for 2016…


Some questions are tough to be asked than answered
Some dreams are meant to be shattered
Some prayers are offered, listened
But remain unanswered.

Clouds— deadly and dark, do suffocate sometimes,
But it never rains,
The sun rises, yet refuses to shine
So, the fog sustains.

Life goes on and on…
But some moments need a pause,
No matter how beautiful life seems
Happiness comes with a condition or a clause.

Some tears remain stuck in eyes
And restrained to be shed
Ice of melancholy freezes smile
And the warmth of love is ceased to spread.

Some affinities are to be cherished forever.
Still are abandoned for trivial reasons.
Some souls— selfless, altruistic
Are sometimes being snaffled of their visions!

Life goes on and on…
And I go wiser seeing people changing with seasons.

So, my #TalesOf2015— are the lessons learnt out of my mistakes, wisdom obtained out of culpability, and maturity achieved out of regrets.

Happy New Year 2016 #Talesof2015

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Sangeeta Mishra

  • Happy New Year 2017
    Best wishes

  • Thank you. 🙂

  • Sorry you had to go through that. I guess we all do that sometimes, give too much of importance to people who don’t really deserve it. But all of it comes as a good learning in the end, not the most pleasant experience though, but no other way around it I guess.

    • Rightly said Vinay, we all face such unpleasant incidents in life at times, but such incidents give us lessons for life-time.
      Thank you so much for stopping by. 🙂

  • It is so brave to acknowledge experiences and mistakes….while we learn a lot let it not change who we really are 🙂

    • Thanks a lot Shweta. We are all humans and we do mistakes, but we should try and correct our mistakes in time. You said it so very well. 🙂

  • Its always about moving forward Sangeeta.May god bless you.

    • Thank you so much. Life all about moving forward and trying new options. Happy new year 2016 🙂

  • Yep, every day is about learning on what you did right and what you did wrong. Happy New Year!

    • Well said Ami, life is all about learning new things and experiencing changes. A very happy new year to you too ! 🙂

  • Nice poems. And, of course, each year brings us whole new experiences. We learn new things, we cherish fond memories and we try to forget many of them. It’s a cycle that would go on forever or as long as one lives

    • Thank you so much Mr. Kr. Well said. Life is a cycle……and we should always keep on moving ahead and exploring new ways to lake it a worth-while. 🙂

  • Life is a mix of all! 🙂
    Wish you the best in 2016!

  • good luck for 2016 🙂

  • Purba Chakraborty

    Such a beautiful post, Ma’am. You won’t believe but I could so much relate to the emotional crisis you mentioned in the post. Since I am a very emotional and a sensitive person who forgives people easily, I have also gone thorough a lot of emotional turbulence throughout the year. Finally, I learned to say NO and put a closure to where I should.
    I have read the poem earlier also and it’s so beautifully woven. I loved the line: Clouds deadly and dark…do suffocate at times…but it never rains.

    I don’t know why but I always feel so close to you and Maitreni. May be I can find a lot of similarity in our thoughts. Thanks for this wonderful post. It was a great read.

    Wish you a fabulous 2016 🙂 <3

    • Rightly said Purba. I too feel the same emotional connect with you and your writings dear. Don’t know why, but whenever I go through any poem, write-up or fiction, written by you I feel as if someone else has expressed my views, which I might not express that beautifully.
      Your appreciation always makes me emotionally weak and a privileged one. Thanks a lot dear for always being there to read my words and expressing your nice views on it.
      Love you and wish you a very happy 2016 once again. 🙂

  • Hi Maitreni, three points I would like to mention here on behalf of this golden post. (1) Acceptance, (2) Sincerity and (3) Genuineness.

    It’s hard to find a person like you who accepts the mistakes and invest all efforts to correct it. Though helping your friend is needed, it can be sidelined due to the competitive nature. It’s like ‘every man for himself’ situation. But still you’ve carried all the pain for years. It’s hard to find a person with such mentality in these days, am saying this with a sincere heart. Hats off to your attitude.

    Realisation, acceptance and more good qualities made you the person you are now.
    2015 may had placed lot of challenges in your path, it may let you to walk all alone when you experienced betrayals and cheating.

    As you said in the post life goes on, those all ‘sad’ is placed in your life for a reason, to make you a stronger person like ever before. They may all torment you for sometime or longer, but they are necessary to be aware of the future when you make some decisions.

    How genuine you are! You shared your darkest side and the brightest too. This will indeed helps many guys out there, across the globe.

    And that poem, simply the best lines to represent whole meaning of the year in your life.

    I wish you all the best for your brightest future. You will definitely use all the experience from those lessons taught by 2K15.
    Happy new year once again, all happies :))

    • Hi Mr. Dasari. Well since this post is written by me, I would like to accept your appreciations most humbly. Thank you so much for this so detailed and well written comment on my views.
      How beautifully you have visualized this post and added your valuable thoughts to it, makes it genuinely a great read and worth appreciation. This post was simply a natural overflow of emotions and you have given it a new meaning by adding your wise thoughts to it.
      Thank you so much and a very happy 2016 once again. 🙂