Tbook to Tendulkar, Excellence Needs No Bounds

Smartron Tbook Sachin Tendulkar

Smartron Tbook Sachin Tendulkar

Smartest of them all, Sachin is the God of cricket
Most functional device like him, Smartron tbook is excellence’s snippet

Like all great things come in small packages
Sachin, the stumpy powerhouse & tbook, the miniscule tech-baggage

He rules the cricket pitch with his power-packed performance
Likewise, with its uni-metal body, tbook proves its endurance

Moderate, humble, generous, Sachin never runs for big brands
With low power consumption, tbook’s battery hardly drains

The stalwart of cricket, Sachin played continuously for days
10,000 mAh battery of tbook is dependable like him, ‘never die’ it says!

He adds optimum style with his neat shots when he plays
Class calls for tbook with clear images on a 12.20’ IPS display

All fashion fade when 10-dullkar flaunts his jersey
Orange and Grey add to its beauty and tbook shines among all murky

The Jack of all trades, the all-rounder shines among his fan base
Tbook multitasks with kick-stand, detachable keyboard & a design that’s fan-less

Plays gentleman’s game like a tiger, thus he’s called Master-Blaster
With its 800 MHz dual Intel core processor, tbook works fast than faster

With its 5 MP back cam, wish someday I could shoot a playing Sachin
If I could win this, I’ll be elated clicking with its 2 MP front cam, being a selfie queen <3

With a flip-out stand, the flipping mode is a breeze, Ah! the convenient touchscreen
Tbook, a game-changing innovation as revolutionary and as #SmartLikeSachin 😀