The Little Hills of Despair…

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She left her childhood tantrums behind and entered in her teens of traumas! Her puberty brought in lots of pleasure as well as pressure and those sudden blisters were the thorns that came free with that bouquet of roses.

That was the first spring of her fifteens when she discovered what first love was. He used to stare at her when she used to study on her terrace and her cheeks turned warm red with each of his gaze. One day on her way to school, he stopped her on the streets. She blushed and looked into her toes but they came in between. Those were the little hills of despair standing with pride!

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She felt as if she was too ugly to face her prince charming. Her pretty face was filled with those petty plooks, but unlike her classmates, they didn’t vanish with time and treatment. The older she became, the larger they turned. Now she couldn’t blush, as, neither she tried to meet her prince charming nor her skin was that supple to be blushed.

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Times passed by, and now she was a matured girl, all 26, with several degrees to die for and an unmarried status to cry for. The more she tried to get rid of them, the more they were adamant to remain an integral part of hers. Parents’ pampered princess had then turned into a jinx and the reason behind their anguish. After so many rejections in marriage proposals and her dad’s premature death, she finally got married to a man who was keen towards her property more than her.

On that fateful day, she discovered that her husband’s favorite ‘punch line’ among his friends was to call her ‘Acne Aunt’. She cried and cried the whole night and took a pledge that she wouldn’t let her little daughter face them ever in her life. No matter how atrocious her skin was, her daughter’s baby-soft skin was a reason for her to smile.


It was her visit to a supermarket where a woman called her aloud— “Adhira”!

She was surprised but couldn’t recognize her.

“Don’t you remember me? Me— Ghazala”

“We were in the same class, same section.”

Ghazala was blabbering continuously and she was smiling silently.

“Still you don’t remember me? But I could at the very first glance.”

“You still look the same after 25 long years… same face, same smile & same ____!”


Ghazala stared at them and smiled. She felt as if those hills were aggravated a bit and were still standing with pride.

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Days and years passed by and that menopausal woman’s 40’s were turned into the tyranny of destiny! Her little Ahana of 14 too faced the same unfortunate fragile femininity when she broke out with them.

She was now determined to fetch the moon and snatch the stars for her daughter’s glory. Now she wanted her unanswered prayers to be showered upon her daughter as bliss. So, she decided to challenge them, not for her but for her daughter. And the ultimate solution was to visit a dermatologist.


“What have you been doing for them so far?”

Medicines, diet, procedures and precautions— explain every fine detail to me!” The Doctor said.

She smiled and said— “I’m here for my princess not for me. Mine are beyond cure.”

“Darling, what are you talking about? Even AIDS isn’t beyond-cure today.”—Doctor said.

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No matter how old a woman gets, her desire of looking good never fades, rather remains as a deep buried secret in her heart. That was a red-letter day when that secret came out of her heart and Adhira had a tête-à-tête with her pimples with a determination to challenge her fate.

She smiled silently and looked into her toes… Those little hills of despair were still standing in between but this time they seemed coy! :’)


Adhira is family and I’ve seen her trauma for years but her teenage daughter Ahana’s agonies have been blown away. Thanks to Garnier that the cure is available today! 🙂


When asked about her experiences with Pimples, Ahana expressed her feelings with ecstasy and the words flew with sheer rhyme.


Despised Pimple,

Along the journey to teenage from adolescence,
Pimples all over face, creating obsolescence!

Some in red and some in brown;
Zits all dead, both up and down .

Those deadly times when mirror was a disgrace,
Pimples burst upon my charming face.

Would howl and scream all day long,
Those painful nights, a dreadful thong.

One day you crushed out all my exuberance,
And today with Garnier, I thrash your confidence.

By setting myself free from your torture,
And letting my skin breathe even on a scorcher.

And so my dear little evil friend,
Without you I can now set my own trend.

Finally I bid adieu to your nonchalant smile,
With Garnier Pure Active Neem and without you
I can walk through aisles to miles and miles…….! :’)

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