When Pixie met Cupid, the monotony flung by #MaxFreshMove


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Ever since Pixie met Cupid, her life turned out to be full of complexities— mobile app launches, fashion shows, new trends, reviews, new assignments, meetings, office… ufff…! All was not well even at personal fronts— angry dad, nagging mom, brilliants and beautiful sis (quite a strong reason for her to get jealous), roadside romeos, not-to-be-considered boyfriends and unwanted marriage proposals. She was literally fed up of her life. Even had she lost her beauty sleep and stressed enough to be on the verge of depression.

She wanted all problems to get sorted but in vain as there was no one to provide her shoulders to cry upon. Even Cupid had left for his journey towards Paciific Ocean riding on his dolphins. An agitated pixie the decided to leave the blogging-vlogging world; she went offline, switched off all her devices, called off office duties, locked her room and jumped on her bed.

She slept and slept for days and nights…
As, nothing but monotony was left in her life!
Her mom begged her to visit the blog just for a while,
But she didn’t even listen to her and ignored her site!

Mom was angry as the blog was very close to her heart too, she requested her….

You’re sleeping the whole day,
Keeping family at bay!
Wake up from your week long sleep my “Sleeping Beauty”
It’s the time to take over those forgotten duties.
Don’t treat boredom as if it’s a boon,
C’mon, hurry up… get some [highlight]#MaxFreshMove[/highlight] soon!

But pixie didn’t even listen to her mom. Suddenly, an idea struck mom’s mind. She eventually remembered Cupid who had helped them to spread their fashion mantra. She immediately called Cupid and said—

Mom— “Hey Cupid! Can you please help me out in our darling pixie’s recovery from boredom, monotony and mundane life?”

Cupid— “What happened to my dear pixie? Isn’t she well? :-O ”

 Mom— “She has got irritated as her life has become quite humdrum because of ‘all work and no play’.”

Cupid— “Don’t worry! I’ll fling some [highlight]#MaxFreshMove[/highlight] arrows upon her and she’ll be energized with a new and refreshing breeze of fresh air.”

Cupid then propelled his love arrows towards pixie—“the sleeping beauty” and, those special arrows were tipped with numerous musical notes and beats. Then, the sleeping pixie was flanked with music and dance all over. She woke up to realize that two of the great performers were performing in front of her. Allu Arjun with his smashing and tap-tapping dance moves was creating thunders on Anushka Manchanda’s fascinating and enchanting voice.



The whole ambiance was filled with revitalizing and rejuvenating new lease of life for Pixie. She jumped up from her bed and joined the bandwagon of two awesome performers in their “[highlight]Bezubaan Fir Se[/highlight]” move. Her love for dance was erupted like never-before and her music knew no bounds. And, she was full of life once again! 🙂 She simply logged in and The Style Symphony was back with a bang (no, no! She was back with the band Allu, Anushka and Pixie— the face of TSS).


Mom thanked Cupid and said—

I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda.com. Are you?

  • creativity at its best.. 🙂

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    Beautiful composition… loved reading it

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    Nice story…and nice rhymes 🙂

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    all the best sweetie….its a super post and fingers crossed you win it 🙂

    • Thank you so much dear for your wishes. So glad you liked it! 🙂

  • That’s a great narration..loved it, dear… 🙂 All the best…

  • so cute Maitreni 🙂

  • Ravish Mani

    Hey, Maitrini, you are very talented. I like your style of narration. I’d love to read your short fictions or a complete novel. Are you working on it? If not then please. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Ravish. Well, I hadn’t been working lately on short fictions though, but your comment really inspires me to do so! 😀

  • Very well written.
    All the best.