The Transformation: A Journey from Fat to Fit!

the transfprmation from fat to fit

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A fitness fanatic has rightly said, “Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you”. It’s not about the competition you have with fellow fighters but rather a fight with your inner self to attain a physical state that delves you towards a healthy lifestyle every passing minute striving to unleash the fit soul in you.

In lieu of the very fitness funda, an innovative web series known as ‘The Transformation’ has been launched by Tetley Green Tea. Produced by and sponsored by Tetley Green Tea, this one of a kind reality show, The Transformation features the challenging journey of 19 contestants from numerous backgrounds from flab to fab. This thoughtful association will not only help them in achieving their fitness goals but also lead to a whole new health transformation in their lives from the inside out.

The Transformation

Conceptualized with 12 episodes, the show went live on 14th Oct and is deemed to happen for a period of 12 weeks at the Bangalore’s state of the art Fitness Fight Club, a martial arts gym and Circuit Force, a functional fitness training centre with Singaporean, ex-boxer and soldier, Austin Prakesh of the third generation as its owner.

The first season of The Transformation is having the viewers at the ringside seats watching 19 contestants in all driving themselves with the onset of a 12-week journey that will lead to the ultimate transformation of their lives. This has already embarked them towards grueling workouts at the Fitness Fight Club and Circuit Force. Under the consistent supervision of Austin Prakesh, the contestants are being rigorously trained under the martial arts expertise from around the globe in the schools of boxing, kickboxing and jiu jitsu.

Apart from attaining fabulous levels of fitness, nutrition levels of the contestants are also being maintained by thorough guidance on how to eat right. This will incorporate holistic changes into their well-being thereby resulting in the achievement of long term fitness goals.

The contestants are being evaluated on the basis of a multitude of exciting group activities and individual challenges. This would be followed by their elimination one by one according to competitive performances which will further extract one male and one female winner in the finale of the series.

The best thing about this extraordinary web series is that it’s brimming with a host of contestants that belong to varied work spheres ranging from restaurant critics to radio jockeys, makeup artists to musical maestros and what not. All the participants strive to compete with one goal in mind and that is to achieve athlete level fitness that leads to a significant change in their lifestyle with an ultimate victory towards the cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh cash.

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