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five sentence fiction fsf the style symphony

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five sentence fiction fsf the style symphony

The king and the queen were worried about their princess’ future as she was way too immature and innocent than her age and had an inclination towards evil and dreadful.

When she turned out to be marriageable, there came three princes in her life— a Prince Charming, a Frog Prince and a Seductive Charmer.

The prince charming though didn’t love her, was the most eligible bachelor of the kingdom— rich, handsome, brave and suave, what the princess liked a lot about him.

The frog prince— unattractive but benevolent, small pocketed but big hearted, loved her purely and earnestly, with his great aiding nature, became her best friend forever.

The seductive charmer wooed her with his fatal attraction, though his love for her was genuine,he had lots of evil about him— so she got infatuated towards him as per her nature.

???    ???    ???   ???   ???   ???   ???   ???   ???   ???   ???   ???  ???   ???   ???

I have left my story midway on a quizzing note; here I seek the precious advice from my readers, all wise, learned and mature people. My question is—  “Which prince should be chosen by the king and the queen for their daughter?”

  1. The perfect prince charming
  2. The great hearted frog prince
  3. The intense seductive charmer

Do help me in making my choice for the second part of this incomplete story…

Sangeeta Mishra

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  • Mature me would like say — The frog prince it should be.
    But then I see that the seductive charmer also ‘LOVEs’ her so maybe it should be him and we have a win-win situation. 😉

    • Truly said. It’s difficult to decide between the two. But still…. there is a twist. Wait for the next parts. You’ll surely like it. 🙂 Hope it would turn out to be a win-win situation at the end too. 🙂

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  • hmm… I would go with third one… kuch to punch hona chahiye… hai na Sangeetaji… 😉

    • Interesting Archana. Let’s see what happens. Whether the good wins or the bad looses. 😛 :D. Do visit here again for the part ll of the story. Punch to hoga… Zaroor. 🙂

  • Avinash Mishra

    Hello ma’am,

    I would suggest the seductive charmer.

    Attraction is not at all fatal. It gives pleasure to heart. It is something that we wish for.
    It is easy here for people to comment and helping in climax to story by supporting frog prince , though it is very very tough to implement and accept frog prince.
    His love is genuine and princess too love this seductive charmer so if there evil inside this charmer then her love will correct him. Though he is genuine lover then he can do anything for his lover. He will listen her.
    The reality is seductive charmer and princess will have great future ahead. Let princess live her life and give them chance to grow.
    In case of frog prince, it was one sided love so it was already danger for him. This frog prince is the prince of his well only. He has never seen world outside the well so he will die inside this well.


    • Hello Avinash,

      Firstly, let me clear the onset of this story. These characters are created on the basis of famous, classic fairy tales, where these Princes symbolize ‘Good, Bad & Evil’. So there is no question of the ‘Frog Prince’ dying in his well and so on. Good is never ever restricted and it never dies. Similarly ‘Evil’ never wins, be it in life or in a fiction. So, I can take your opinion as an answer to the quiz, but am not satisfied with your logic.

      And here we are talking about ‘love’, ‘virtues’ and compatibility in terms of marriages and relationships, so there is no question of dying of the Good and the Righteous. Even the poll has proved that. All the commenters’ views are more or less the same. Even the one, who have voted for the Evil, have also said that it’s for the sake of story, but goodness still wins.

      Thanks for your opinion. 🙂

      • Avinash Mishra

        Dying of frog prince in his well means his feelings will be limited to his frog kingdom, though he has one sided chemistry (chemistry- combination of two or more reaction, so no reaction (chemical reaction, relation reaction) can be done alone) in love that means it will never ever succeed.
        I do agree that good & right things never ever die, frog prince will get yeild of his goodness in different walks of life because life is journey of both sweet and sour.

        I became story teller after reading your story. 😀

        Note: My comment or thought does not coincide with any real or dead person. I just went into the life of story teller.

        I am excited for climax.

        • Stay tuned, you might like Part 2. May be your choice ( EVIL) wins ! Or the story takes some other interesting turn ! After all I am the creator. :D. 🙂

          • Avinash Mishra

            Seems you are more biased for frog prince. :-p 😀

            Let me try to suggest you happy climax:

            Princesses will go with seductive charmer because both of them love each other. In love we should accept pros and cons of each other coZ no body is perfect. Princess heart beats for seductive charmer so she won’t be happy with frog prince. At this end, princess and seductive charmer will have good life and they become very indulged in their life that she forgot frog prince (best friend). Overall they moved ahead in life and living happily.

            Now come to life of frog prince:
            It is very true that frog prince will have lots of pain, he will cry, he will feel like world has ended, he won’t be able to sleep, he will become half mad (Half mad is more dangerous), he will become completely lost, he will try to quit everything because he does not see any life further, at one moment he will try to quit life but sudden he thinks about king & queen of frog kingdom and he skips this idea as you told he is big hearted so he thinks the situation at his frog kingdom after he quits this world.

            After all there comes a ray of hope in his life. He sudden got some positive power. He understood his value, he re-discovered himself, God is also conspiring for betterment of frog prince. He arise again, he thinks to expand his frog kingdom by helping king & queen.
            He is now the magistrate of all the kingdoms on this earth. In his kingdom, injustice does not exists. He took lessons from his past life, implemented in his future and the day will come when frog prince met with another princess of his dream kingdom. She holds inner and outer beauty both. She values frog prince for not he is magistrate of all the kingdoms but for his benevolent nature and to spread justice among all.

            “First God checks our tolerance/capacity then teaches lessons and at the end after life lessons & all other disturbances he gives us more that we have lost in past meaning God returns us principal with interest. And God do this for his very own child to make him strong, God’s child always take birth for some special work and welfare of the society”

            Now frog prince is also settled in life and got true partner who cares and values his feelings.

            So all settled in life and everyone got their desired wish.

            This is the end of the story according to me. 🙂
            I tried to do justice in the story with each character.

          • No no, I am not at all biased Avinash. I’m actually in favor of Good rather than evil, and that is, was, and always will be IN.
            Well, let’s come to your frog fiction. It’s quite interesting and thought provoking. His story is indeed inspirational but it doesn’t fit in this fairy tale. Fairy tales are always beyond imagination with a happy ending.
            Let’s see what happens in my fiction, a happy ending with good or a sad bad ! Wait for this afternoon for the second part.
            Stay tuned, stay blessed. 🙂

          • Avinash Mishra

            For the sake of happy ending…suppose you say princesses go with frog prince on her parents suggestion then there would be injustice with seductive charmer because both of them love each other. Love can transform evil into good.

            In the case of frog prince it was blunder of frog prince who fell in shadow love of devil princesses who did not value & care frog prince, actually it’s one sided love.
            It is natural phenomena that person have to get punishment for his/her mistakes so pain is genuine in the life of frog prince, but that pain is transient just to remind his mistakes. Later lots of goods happened in the life of frog prince. Even frog prince got his dream princesses.

            Like this way I tried to do justice with characters and story ended happily. My climax is the mixture of real life and some fiction which makes story interesting if you portrait it on the mind of reader & I guess no body could imagine the climax like that way. It is the combination of love, fate, lessons, inspiration, motivation, marriage, understanding, relation, believe, coincidence, etc.

          • A correction Avinash ! I’ve never written that the princess ever loved the Charmer. She got ‘infatuated’ towards him, when he wooed her. Infatuation is not at all love. It’s a momentary attraction for someone. So her fate shouldn’t be decided by your conviction.
            And, while coming to your story, I must say, it’s interesting but quite obvious one. The characters are predictable and story becomes monotonous.
            Well, let’s see what happens in my fiction. I’m going to publish it in a short while. Do visit and post your valuable comment. 🙂

  • saket kalikar

    Well, well, well. I can’t help but join this discussion again given the waves this posts has created here.

    Sangeeta, sure you have charmed the people by your post into exercising their grey cells.

    Nothing is more powerful than the forces of nature . The princess’s infatuation towards the seducterer is backed by powerful forces of nature and nothing can overcome the forces of nature. Attributes like aiding nature etc play second fiddle in the game of mating.And the nature is telling her that by choosing to mate with the charmer, an alpha man, she is actually maximizing her chances of having off-springs who are most fit to survive in the actual world.

    Here is what I think will happen-

    i. The princess selects the seductive charmer, an alpha man. The forces of nature keep her attracted to him throughout the life. And most probably, his evils were for the others, and he would be good and protective towards his loved ones.

    ii. The frog represents a beta male here. The princess likes him but doesn’t see him as a mating choice. But he has some utility. She ‘friendzones’ him. The ‘friendzone’, that’s where the beta males belong to. Sure, he will be a good friend to her and lend her his shoulder to cry whenever she needs.

    iii. As far the prince charming goes, he too being a beta male, is a good choice for keeping in friendzone. However, from your description, it looks like that he is not impressed with the princess, most probably due to his having a higher SMV (Social / Sexual Market Value) than the princess. So in most probability, princess should not waste her energies into seducing him.


    • Quite an interesting point of view Mr. Saket ! Well, I must say you’ve got a spark in your grey cells. While talking about those ‘natural forces’, here I strongly disagree with you. If we are that prone to those forces, then no need to be civilized or rather say evolved. Then what is the difference between the animals, who are still animals and we, the evolved ones.
      I’ve clearly written that the ‘Charmer’ possesses evil factors, so he’s even not an animal (read– animals are driven more towards natural forces, still they are innocent), but we humans are not, if we are not virtuous and civilized.
      So, the man, be it Alpha or Beta, if possesses those “animal instincts” sans humanity, surely becomes hazardous to society, and surely can’t be the protagonist of any fiction. (according to me, of course).
      If he is being chosen by the Princess, then also can’t be justified.
      [After all I’m the creator of these characters of my Fiction. 😀 ].
      But. your view can give an interesting turn to the story as EVIL adds to charm in any story, we can’t add interest factor to it without amalgamating evil with Good.
      “GOOD becomes more appealing when it defeats the GLITTERING EVIL.”

      So, my point is to add this dose of evil to the princess’ life just to make the story alive and interesting. Or else, it’s the GOOD which ultimately wins.

      So, I might frame the part 2, according to you. Let the girl cry, repent and regret.
      Let the parents suffer for some time and wait for the Good to stand strong and “SAVE OUR SOULS”.
      Thank you so much for helping me with this new turn. Do visit here again to see what happens. 😀 🙂

      • saket kalikar

        Seems we are all in for an interesting part-II. Appreciate your inclination to reward the good.

        A word of caution though, about ‘The good always wins’. The laws of universe do not differentiate between the good and the evil. They just let the mightier win. Neanderthals weren’t evil but died, while the Homo sapiens aren’t that good (perhaps more evil than the Neanderthals) but survived. This is because Homo sapiens were mightier (in terms of intelligence) than the former. Point I am trying to make is – the mightier, and not the righteous wins at the end.

        Waiting for the curtain to be raised…….

        • Hmm… So you endorse the “Might is Right”, right?
          Ok, but if the Right is well played with brains, then it becomes mightier than might, as the “Pen becomes mightier than the sword” 🙂
          “Survival of the fittest” is true in the struggle of existence,and the apes survived over ‘Mammoths’ and ‘Dinosaurs’. So the ultimate winner is brains, neither right, nor wrong.
          But in our Hindu mythology, a fragile Rama (sans beard and mustache) won over ten headed mighty Ravana, and Pandavas (without any special powers) won over a 100 mighty Kauravas. So, good and brains win.
          Quite possible, our Prince Frog possess sharp brain cells along with his goodness. Let’s see what happens…..
          Thank you so much Mr. Kalikar for your time and patience. Wait for a few more hours. Wish may I not disappoint you. 🙂

    • Hello Mr. Kalikar,

      Please read the second part of this fiction here, Hope I have not disappointed you. 🙂


  • Well the frog seems to fit the bill for a long term relation, but there is a fear of things getting too boring with them. But on the other hand people seem to like an unattractive underdog which the frog in this case is.. so my vote goes to the frog if he can bring some charm.

    • Definitely he would Vinay. The Frog Prince is creating waves here, in the story as well as among the commenters too.
      Seems the Frog Prince is going to give a clean sweep to all the opponents. Most of the people are coming up to his rescue with different and interesting answers but the gist is the same, — Righteousness.
      Despite being clearly stated as the most understated person in the story, he has become almost everyone’s choice here. This is what we call the victory of good over all and evil.
      Thank you so much for helping me make my choice for the second part of the story. 🙂

    • Hi Vinay,

      Please read the second part of this fiction here, Hope I have not disappointed you. 🙂


  • Rajesh Asarpota

    I would go with Charming.. From the three he also happens to be brave and suave. I guess if the King has only one daughter, he would look at someone wanting to run his kingdom and whether it would be safe after him. Love never is built overnight, takes time. What is there to say, that Charming over a period of time, with maturity would not love the princess selflessly.

  • Manish Lalwani

    interesting one 🙂 and the unique views shared by readers have made it more interesting 🙂
    things get complex when we deviate from our natural being that is state of love & peace ,ego comes & ruins the things,a girl applying a layer of make up to become a centre of attraction in party when returns home ,the first thing she does is to remove that layer because it is not her natural state,she wants skin to breathe,same thing applies to relationship where purity of heart forms the natural state of being,outer beauty can attract ,a high class status can dazzle in your eyes but it’s the golden heart of that person which completes us ,beauty will fade away,status may vanish but that golden heart will always illuminate our life with its glory,so in my view the great hearted frog prince MUST be chosen 🙂

    • Thank you so much Manish for your detailed and wise opinion. The way you have proved your point with adequate reasoning and logic is indeed worth appreciation. Moreover, your out-pour of emotions prove your conviction and strong belief in your words. Believe on me, your opinion is surely going to help me frame my story further.
      Thanks a lot for your valuable point of view and your precious time. 🙂

  • Is it possible to leave this one to the voice of destiny? 😀

    • Hehe, the Vampire King is trying to be diplomatic! 😛
      I expect the Tenny, the wise to come up with a clear cast! Pick one please! 😀

      • Okay 🙂 That should be the Frog Prince as the right choice then – if I had to choose, I would go with a Frog Princess, Lizard Princess or anyone like that 😀 Cent percent not the Seductive Charmer, because evil will always finds a way! Attraction is temporary and it will fade, and looks matter the least for happy life; charmer won’t be good for her innocent self. Prince Charming can be given a chance, but the existence of such a person is doubtful – so, these qualities are to be checked and proven by time, and he has to feel the love somehow 😀

        • Hmmm… That’s what I expected from Teny, hidden inside the ”Vampire King’. What matters the most is the virtue hidden inside the person, no matter how he looks and what worldly traits he possesses. Got your message Teny. Thanks for making the air a bit more clear. This in what we can call that ‘Righteousness’ wins with a clear majority.
          Thank you so much for coming back for casting your vote. 🙂

        • Hi Teny,

          Please read the second part of this fiction here, Hope I have not disappointed you. 🙂


  • the seductive charmer – he loves her genuinely as you say, and she is attracted to her too… will grow, and true love shall do away with whatever evils there are….

    • Interesting Sunaina ! Your’s one is quite contrary to the popular opinions shared here. But still, it matters to conclude the story. Thanks for the great help. 🙂

      • waiting for the second part….:)….In my opinion, it would be unfair for the frog prince if the princess chose him since one-sided love would not go a long way…..he is benevolent and loves her but she does not…..

        • Thanks a lot for coming back Sunaina. But, what if the poor girl doesn’t know the meaning of true love, and is unknowingly heading towards evil, which might destroy her???
          How could her parents allow her to marry a man who posses evil, that too knowingly???

          • She is not a ‘poor’ girl as in the beginning you have mentioned that she has propensity towards ‘evil and ‘dreadful’. In that case, she will leave little in hands of her parents as far as choosing is concerned. And true to her character, she will choose the seductive charmer. At the same time, if love is ‘genuine’, what might ensue is a charming tale of both mind and heart at work.

          • Thanks for coming and commenting back Sunaina. Well, I said ‘poor’ because the girl is already mentioned “too innocent and immature than her age” and probably doesn’t know the dark side of the glittering things attached to the evil. Also she’s inclined towards evil, not evil herself. May be she’s being instigated by the seducer himself for his evil motives.
            And this one is an old school story, told through her parents’ perspective, where their concern for their daughter matters the most.
            Should they allow someone bad to demolish their daughter’s future (if they very well know that he possesses evil) ???
            I want your valuable comment on this too Sunaina. 🙂 Thanks once again. 🙂

          • If it is an old school story, it leaves little room for discussion. Parents will choose prince charming since he ‘apparently’ has all the qualities they are looking for, which includes physical appearance as well, a point frog prince loses on. When I chose the seductive charmer, I was inclined towards a more ‘playful’ narrative. Moreover, love is a complex feeling. It can drive one towards his/her doom or uplift one from depths of depravity. ‘Poor’ is also a matter of perspective – parents’ perspective.

          • Haha… Cool Sunaina ! So, your choice of the ‘Seductive Charmer’ is all about adding the drama and the dose of ‘playfulness’ to the fiction. If it was life it, your pick is ‘Prince Charming’. Well let me think the story this way too. But what’s your take on going for a right person in terms of heart and virtues??
            I would like your take on that too. 🙂

          • A correction Sangeeta -If it was life, it won’t be prince charming. If it is old school story, then it would be prince charming. I said it from parents’ perspective. As for me, I am all about big heart. So, it is frog prince for me….:D

          • So, Sunaina goes for
            ‘Seductive Charmer’ for the playfulness of the story.

            The ‘Prince Charming’ for parents perspective &
            The ‘Frog Prince’ is her personal choice, if it was life. 🙂
            Thanks Sunaina for giving so much time for my story, and your valuable opinion is surely going to give new twists and turns to my fiction. 🙂

    • Hi Sunaina,

      Please read the second part of this fiction here, Hope I have not disappointed you. 🙂


  • Nishika Manira

    The great hearted frog prince should be surely chosen by the queen and king for their princess. Good looks and handsomeness is not what matters, but truly loving her with let them last together. Money cannot buy happiness directly and feelings come from true hearts 🙂

    • Indeed good & popular choice Nishika. I loved the way you’ve proved your point with quite justified and logical answer. Thank your so much for opinion. Stay tuned. 🙂

  • Heer Jalundhwala

    I would like to go with the frog prince as appearances & money don’t last forever but true love & friendship does. A genuine friend is one in a million & definitely deserves to be the most loving, caring & trust worthy spouse 🙂

    • Thanks Heer for your justified and logical answer. Your choice would surely help me writing the second part of this story. Stay tuned for the next one, and thank again for stopping by. 🙂

  • Anjali Sengar

    If perfect prince charming exist in this world than my answer is Perfect prince charming 😉

    • Ah… that’s indeed an interesting, different and one of a kind answer. Quite smart ! 🙂 . Thanks for the help Anjali. 🙂

  • I am confused between 2 and 3 I will leave to the daughter. 😛 🙂

    • Thank for the comment Indrani. But it would be a great help if you could come up with one answer/ option. Your opinion really matters. 🙂

  • I could understand, choosing a bridegroom for one’s daughter is really a tough task with lots of confusion. 😀

    • Thank you for your comment Ravish. Please let us know your take too as to whom you would pick? 🙂

  • saket kalikar

    The seductive charmer. I know this won’t be the popular view here.

    Contrary to the popular, and politically correct view, the seductive charm forms the natural foundation of man-woman relationship lasts much longer than the the others- goodness, benevolence et al…. Infatuation is not such a bad thing at all. Its nature’s way of making you choose what is best for you…..

    • Hehe, quite smart choice Mr. Kalikar. Thank you so much for your opinion. While framing the second part of the story, I’ll surely keep this fact in mind. Do visit TSS to read the second part soon. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  • It’s about life of a princess. So she should choose a prince for herself.
    So as per FSF, PRINCE Charming and Frog PRINCE are perfect for her. Because they are PRINCE according to the story! 😛
    I don’t twist my mind much. But that seductive charmer is not meant for her. Seduction is not love.

    Hope it will help you in completing the story!

    • Yes Mr. Parashar, you are absolutely right. But here the situation is, that the Princess in too innocent to take life-changing decisions, and is attracted towards EVIL. So, it becomes the responsibility of her parents to bring good choices for her and ward off evil.
      Also, I’ve mentioned all the three boys as PRINCE initially (in the title as well as the second sentence), but the Charmer has lost his PRINCE’s tag because of his negativity (read EVIL).
      And yes, you are utterly right. ”Seduction is not Love”, Hope the Princess would come out if his spell and realizes the ill effects of evil.
      But sadly your answer wouldn’t help me framing the second part as you haven’t chosen one name. Do come up with one answer. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  • Purba Chakraborty

    The great hearted frog prince because he loves her truly and is also her best friend forever. I believe that the base of a long lasting relationship is friendship. Looks are very temporary. Friendship is love. So the king and the queen should choose him for their daughter, ignoring the fact that he is unattractive and small pocketed.

    • Thank you so much Purba. Your opinion is definitely going to influence the second part of this story. Your choice is indeed based on mature thoughts and quite logical point of view. Thanks for helping me in solving this situation of story. 🙂

  • For a good & strong relationship, sincere, honest and pure love is necessary. So my choice to complete this story is, the great hearted frog prince. The only reason is the true love he got for the princess. This is a lovely story Sageetha ji, thank you for sharing����

    • Thank you so much Mr. Dasari. Your clear point of view would surely help me framing the future of my Princess, and is going to influence me in developing the second part of my story. Indeed a good choice. 🙂