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In this fast pacing world, what’s on stake at the most is our health. No matter how hard our efforts are, our health concerns are always being sidelined less or more. So, the motto to step ahead towards a healthy life should be ‘Prevention, Protection & Care’. Thyrocare, the name is enough when it comes to preventive healthcare labs. Recently, we, at The Style Symphony availed their services when we needed regular diagnostic testing of blood. As they say, ‘Prevention is better than cure’, so it’s indeed a smart step to get our blood tested for the prevention of those diseases that could be unavoidable if not taken proper care of.

I had availed the services of thyrocare first time about 10 years back when I was suspected an imbalance in my thyroid levels. Since then, thyrocare was the synonym of the cure of thyroid problems for me. But later, I came to know that this was not true as they perform all kinds of blood tests possible for preventive healthcare. Luckily, that time my thyroid level was perfectly fine but I had come across other problems occurring in my body through that thorough preventive medi-care blood profile.


Recently I booked thyrocare Aarogyam package, an extensive and preventive blood test for my husband. This package includes 74 tests that comprise of:-

[highlight]Liver Profile (11)| Cholesterol Profile (8) | Homocysteine | Kidney Profile (5) | Thyroid Profile (3) | Iron Deficiency (3) | Diabetic Screen (2) | Complete Hemogram (28)| Vitamin Profile (2) | Toxic Elements (9)| Pancreatic Profile (2)[/highlight]

The best part of this package was that the blood sample was taken from the comfort of our home, according to our time and preferences. Unlike other previous experiences, it was a pleasant and comfortable experience done in our own zone. Blood sample collection never sounded this easy. Not only this, but also, there are many such benefits of Aarogyam package from thyrocare such as:-

  • Easy booking:

You can pre-book the services and fix the timings via. any mode— website, phone call, WhatsApp, email, etc. I made my booking through the website.

  • Rest is taken care by them:

After the booking you’re done, as they take the rest of care by calling you back and fixing the schedule.

  • Home services according to your terms:

You are the one who can dictate the terms and times unlike other hospitals or blood diagnosis centers which treat us like guinea pigs while taking the sample.

  • Punctuality:

Being on time was another feather in their cap as the lab technician and his assistant arrive at your doorstep on scheduled time.

  • You can reschedule your sample collection time:

In case of any emergency or any other unavoidable situation, you can simply call them and fix another time without any glitch.

  • Hygienic & trustworthy:

Samples are collected in the most hygienic manner. Thyrocare people are fully updated with the latest gadgets and other needed stuffs like good quality disposable syringes, needles, required medicines, etc, for your optimum care.

  • Fastest reach of the samples to the labs:

To avoid the samples from getting corrupted or destroyed, they take the fastest step ahead towards the thyrocare central processing laboratory for assessment.

  • Fastest delivery of your blood reports right in your mailbox:

We were amazed to see the diagnosis done in a mere 48 hours and I received my husband’s entire 74 blood profile reports through an auto-generated email in my inbox.

  • Accurate reports:

Normally, doctors suggest us to check and recheck our blood samples to find the accurate one. Whenever we have done it earlier with various labs, we had found a difference. So, this time too my husband did the rechecking of some of the important tests, such as, blood cholesterol, hemoglobin, etc, and found that the reports from thyrocare Aarogyam package were quite accurate.

  • Affordability:

The best part of thyrocare Aarogyam package is that it is cost efficient as compared to services offered by other labs and blood diagnosis centers. The Aarogyam package costs Rs. 3,000/- only for 74 preventive blood tests. But when I checked with another local blood test lab, there was a difference of a whopping Rs. 1,500/- for a similar package available with them which costs Rs. 4,500/-. Also, they did not provide us the home services rather keep us calling continuously till date for us to visit them.

My Experience with Thyrocare!

I am fully satisfied with the services of thyrocare as what they promised, they fulfilled. Since then, we even availed their services twice again though not Aarogyam package. My sister was going to the lab for getting her blood test done for suspecting thyroid problems. She was quite nervous and wanted me to accompany her. I simply reached to her home along with the thyrocare technician and she was so happy for this help. She said she was going to pay Rs. 400/- for that one, while I paid him only Rs. 300/- for the thyroid blood test. Again, I called them early in the morning at 5:30 AM in haste to take the blood sample of my school-going daughter who had to leave for school at 6:15 AM. And, surprisingly the thyrocare technician arrived at our home at 6 AM sharp and my daughter reached to her school in time that too, without crying. 🙂


In short, I can say my experience with thyrocare was quite satisfying in terms of care, concern, comfort and cost — the 4 C’s of preventive healthcare measures.

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