Together we did it on that fateful day…

together with pet dog

‘Twas a dark gloomy night and only the four ladies were together at home as the man of the house was on his trip to Singapore. We, the mom daughter trio along with our darling baby [highlight]Bambi[/highlight], the two years old ‘she’ German Shepherd, were though at our comfort zones yet feeling a bit scared as it was a complete blackout in our colony. It was even drizzling that day with a little lightening too.

Seemed, the news of ours being together yet alone was spread in the town, viral enough to hit the ears of those anti-social elements who used to hover over in our society in search of their prey. They were the talk-of-the-town those days, as even the local police was unable to trace their whereabouts.

The clock struck one at night when mom and I were busy on our laptops while my younger sis was studying. Bambi was running after a bat, barking loudly as if some intruder had invaded her territory. Nothing but the loony-tunes of the cricket whistling was echoing in the atmosphere along with those tap-tapping of raindrops.

Suddenly, we heard a loud noise; a group of goons were shouting together near our main gate. They were trying to break open the big iron-gate with rods and spades. It was a moment of utter shock and utmost scare for all of us. Mom immediately locked us in the room and started calling the police.

But while all the three of us were together shivering with fear, Bambi turned out to be our savior in disguise. She jumped towards the gate barking loudly! One of the thieves, by that time, had climbed at the top of the gate and was about to jump inside the lawn. Bambi jumped up and caught his leg in her jaws. She had torn a piece of cloth from his jeans along with a mouth full of flesh from his leg.

By that time, all of those dacoits had sensed the trouble together and started moving back. Three of them were able to escape except the one with wounded leg. Then the police arrived and caught him! That very fateful day I realized that despite being intelligent human beings, three of us together couldn’t even dare to step outside the house and didn’t even put an effort to save ourselves, while the little poor animal had put her life at stake for our sake.

She then got ill after that incident and became unconscious even, because of that human flesh bite of hers. Mom and I together took her to the Vet where she was being vaccinated and then declared fine. That was a moment of togetherness, selfless bond and innate love for all of us.

Her efforts to save her home was much above the limits of loyalty as what she did that day was beyond words can express. Only I can express my feelings of togetherness towards her as our family of four ladies and a man is incomplete without her. :’)


Honestly, for me, nothing could be as adorable as the priceless moments spent with my Bambi. Who says you need a person to pick you up when you’re down in the dumps? When there is a creature who can love you as selflessly as any of your loved ones would, you can proudly admit that animals are your best friends. 🙂 She’s truly our angel who has given us that optimum optimism to #LookUp even in the worst of situations with her ray of hope for us to #StartANewLife.
together with pet dogtogether with pet dog
Each day, I wholeheartedly thank my Bambi who has never given up on me even in my worst days of gloom. ^_^  Be it, she cutely rubbing her nose over mine, her gentle jumps and pushes on dad when he returns back home from office, or licking my sister’s cheeks early morning when even her alarm clock is pissed off her, Bambi’s innocent face and lovable gestures have always turned our agonies into smile and frown into giggles.

#Together, We Love you darling! :*